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Posting History for Practical Survivalism and Sustainable Living

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Cowspiracy & The Building Blocks of an Absolutist Position
Cowspiracy- the Sustainability Secret , a documentary ostensibly exploring the effects of livestock on the environment was released seven months ago. Somehow, perhaps due to being an expatriate, I ...
FinchJ 02/07/2015 11 5 - -
Taking applied ecology to the seas: Philip Hoare on Whales and Climate Change
In an article up today over at The Guardian (in their infamous "Comment is Free" section), entitled "Why whale poo could be the secret to reversing the effects of climate change," Philip Hoare ...
FinchJ 07/08/2014 7 9 2 -
Introduction to Agroecology: Soil Life Theory (Me on video!)
(Cross posted from Permaculture News' forums. I usually don't cross post things, but this time I want to... well save time. I hope you all understand. I'll still check out the comments of course. I'...
FinchJ 06/12/2014 12 17 - -
Agroecology: Ray Archuleta from NRCS: "The Soil is Naked, Hungry, Thirsty, and Running a Fever!"
Ray Archuleta, a conservation agronomist with the National Resource Conservation Service, spoke at the National Conference on Soil and Cover Crops in Omaha this year. Ray delivered an authoritative ...
FinchJ 04/09/2014 26 26 6 -
Agroecology: 1- Study Nature. 2- Facilitate Natural Functions. 3- Rediscover Abundance
What ties the threats of runaway climate change, biodiversity loss culminating in trophic collapse, increasing water scarcity, discrimination and intolerance, food insecurity leading to widespread ...
FinchJ 10/27/2013 8 19 2 -
Butterfly Woman: Heifer International and Food Justice---Looking Beyond the Cuddly Animals
This diary was written by Mrs, side pocket but published under side pocket's name. Comments will be by her.
side pocket 10/23/2013 89 149 7 -
Agroecology: "Wake up before it is too late"- UNCTAD's TER13 Report
This is going to be a short post this week because A) all weekend we have had a talkoot where I am interning and B) the content I am linking to is quite extensive. Talkoot does not exactly translate ...
FinchJ 10/06/2013 8 19 7 -
Agroecology: "...Outperform[s] the use of chemical fertilizers in boosting food production..."
With increasing frequency, the global scientific and development community is extolling the "win win win" benefits of shifting human relationships with the planet towards agroecology. While now two ...
FinchJ 09/29/2013 44 78 26 -
Agroecology: "Rehabilitation of degraded land has the potential to double [...] agricultural land"
A recent article by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, co founder of the Institute of Science in Society (I-SIS), Paradigm Shift Urgently Needed In Agriculture – UN Agencies Call for an End to Industrial Agriculture &
FinchJ 09/21/2013 33 75 13 -
Introduction to Agroecology: Is it Anthropogenic or Bovigenic Climate Change?
Is the changing climate we face today the result of human activity, or is it the result of cattle ( Bos primigenius )? Current environmentalist dogma declares that cattle, other livestock species (...
FinchJ 09/14/2013 30 11 2 -
Introduction to Agroecology: "A Serengeti on Our Doorsteps"- George Monbiot & Rewilding the Earth
"[...] rewilding offers a positive environmentalism. Environmentalists have long known what they are against; now we can explain what we are for. It introduces hope where hope seemed absent. It ...
FinchJ 08/29/2013 46 64 16 -
Introduction to Agroecology: Updated Additional Resources and Announcement
This is going to be a short diary. I wanted to tidy up the "Additional Resources" section that accompanies all of my diaries. This is also an opportunity to inform the community that my diary entry ...
FinchJ 05/02/2013 1 11 4 -
Introduction to Agroecology: Green Gold- "The Source of Wealth is [are] the Functional Ecosystems"
I have been promising a diary on John D. Liu's "Green Gold" documentary for months now. I even went so far as to include it as an embed before the main feature in "Introduction to Agroecology: ...
FinchJ 04/18/2013 47 71 19 -
Come on Baby, Shake it All Up!
Several earthquakes hit Oklahoma last night and today. Shallow ones that cause more damage than deeper ones of the same magnitude but these don't seem to have caused any perceptible damage.
Noddy 04/16/2013 9 19 - -
Surviving Hail and Tornadoes and Wind, Oh My!
I live in Oklahoma. Land of the tornadoes. Land of straight line winds that do more damage overall than tornadoes. Land of hail, pounding holes in roofs and cars and people and pets. I know a lot ...
Noddy 04/16/2013 27 35 1 -
Broken Water Main
Coming home from work, I noticed the big water utility truck at the side of the road, yellow tape, a big WATER EMERGENCY sign. Damn. Got home, checked the tap - no water. It is not a secret that ...
la motocycliste 03/22/2013 21 14 - -
When the Media calls them Killer Bees
Every once in a while, we read tragic stories about people being severely stung, or even stung to death by honey bees. And almost every time the media has to hype it as Killer bees. Case in Point: ...
GreenMother 03/07/2013 231 115 - -
Introduction to Agroecology: Holistic Management- "There is No Other Alternative Left to Mankind"
Allan Savory gave his electrifying presentation on Holistic Management this past week TED's first big conference of 2013. Given the "one presentation per day" release schedule of TED, Mr. Savory's ...
FinchJ 03/05/2013 40 72 12 -
Wading Pool Gardening
If you're renting and don't want to go to the expense of putting in raised beds, consider a child's 3' wading pool as a potential gardening source. One child's wading pool costs about $8-$12 (...
Noddy 02/27/2013 65 99 14 -
Introduction to Agroecology: Permaculture ≠ Holistic Management ≠ Biodynamic ≠ Natural Farming
My aim in this diary is not to step on anyone's toes, but I do wish to make certain that when we communicate about agroecology and things in general , that we do not conflate ideologies and ...
FinchJ 02/21/2013 23 36 14 -
Introduction to Agroecology: Holistic Management- Compendious Edition
Last month I published a mammoth diary which reintroduced the concept of agroecology and presented the design framework known as Holistic Management. The premise? Livestock are not inherently ...
FinchJ 02/14/2013 25 32 7 -
Worms, Worms, Worms
How to compost vegetable scraps in your kitchen with a worm bucket. This is a video made around 1990 when my experience with worms was about 15 years deep. The same system still works in 2013 ...
gmoke 02/12/2013 17 15 4 -
Settling In To a New Neighborhood
Whether you are moving to a new location, heading off to college, traveling on holiday, or traveling for work, it is important to do a bit of research and exploration of the new neighborhood. The ...
Noddy 02/08/2013 36 46 6 -
Me, My Car and The Snow: That Is My Universe
Outside my windows is nothing but a broiling shroud of white. The snow is all there has ever been, and all there will ever be. Driving in white-out conditions can feel like that. And it can be ...
Hammerhand 02/07/2013 25 13 - -
Square Inch Gardening
Not everyone is a gardener. Not everyone has a green thumb. So this diary isn't going to be for everyone. But if you're feeling a pinch in your grocery budget and you'd like to try your hand at ...
Noddy 01/29/2013 29 62 13 -
Cooking Without Gas: Not by Bread Alone
In the USA, many things can affect a person's ability to eat nutritiously and affordably. Of course, there's the availability of food. Noddy has written two recent, excellent diaries on how to ...
BlackSheep1 01/24/2013 40 43 6 -
Old Fashioned Skills You Should Cultivate
Here are a few old fashioned skills you still need to know even though it is the 21st century. These will add to your enjoyment of life, help you build a community of people you know and can trust, ...
Noddy 01/24/2013 53 69 3 -
What is Sustainable Landscaping?
Let us step back for a while from the fiscal cliff follies and the debt ceiling debacles, and the supine stupidity of inaction from the elites at the highest levels of power and look at something ...
NoMoreLies 01/20/2013 127 167 22 -
The Art Of Backpacking Tips (My Gratuity To The DK Community)
So many of you have sent me your appreciative comments on all these outdoors oriented missives I’ve been tapping out on the keyboard (including a trilogy of same on the Colorado Plateau ...
richholtzin 01/14/2013 30 37 10 -
Introduction to Agroecology: Holistic Management- Cattle, Cause or Cure for Climate Crisis?
In the past decade, we have been told repeatedly by environmental campaigners, the UN, and scientists the world over that cows are a major contributor to climate change. The logic goes something ...
FinchJ 01/11/2013 165 97 26 -
Conversation Hearts
Making your own candy Conversation Hearts and Necco Wafers is pretty easy. Plus, with the Conversation Hearts, you can write whatever you want on them. And, as an added bonus, you can make candy ...
Noddy 01/02/2013 8 10 3 -
Five Most Common Disasters
Here are five disasters that are most likely to happen to you. Please note that The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) isn't on the list. In fact, it didn't even crack the top twenty so ...
Noddy 12/17/2012 4 15 - -
I Am A Survivalist
I believe, fervently and passionately, that survival is important. If I didn't believe this, I wouldn't write for this group. Survivalism takes many forms. The most common form is the day-to-day ...
Noddy 12/16/2012 30 49 2 -
The art of thatching - Knaresborough, Yorkshire
There is a certain aesthetic appeal – and many practical advantages – to having a thatched roof on a building. You can apply this type of roof to anything from a replica of an Elizabethan ...
shortfinals 12/13/2012 111 104 7 -
Cooking for Kossacks Basic Templates for Hurry-up Meals: One-Skillet Suppers
...or: DINNER 911! The three big excuses for not cooking dinner are: 1. I don't have the equipment 2. I don't have anything to cook 3. I don't have anything planned We've dealt with the first two,
LynnS 12/07/2012 50 54 13 -
Cooking for Kossacks Part Two: Stocking Your Pantry
This is part two in a series on beginning cooking, emphasis on beginning . My purpose is to encourage reluctant cooks to rely more on their kitchens and less on prepared foods and take-out. Thus, I ...
LynnS 12/07/2012 39 32 7 -
Cooking for Kossacks Part One: Equipment
For the past 13-plus years, I've run the website The New Homemaker , a resource site for stay-at-home parents, caregivers and everyone else. I've taught many people there to cook from scratch--just ...
LynnS 12/07/2012 304 111 34 -
Provident Gourmet: Snack Cakes
With the bankruptcy of Hostess Cakes (again! this isn't the first time, it's the 4th - will they ever learn?), it's time to bring out the copycat recipes for making your own snack cakes. Not only ...
Noddy 11/16/2012 33 44 26 -
Backburner Soup
It's getting cold enough here in OK to start thinking of Backburner Soup again. Backburner Soup is soup that is set on a low back burner and kept simmering night and day, using a stock pot that ...
Noddy 11/12/2012 8 19 2 -
Making Sweeteners
With all the fuss about taxing sugar, reducing sugar availability, and so on, being able to make our own sweeteners may become a necessity, not for survival, but just for pleasure. Fortunately, ...
Noddy 11/02/2012 8 9 2 -
Walk-Away Bags
You have an emergency survival bag, and maybe a day bag for dealing with every day situations, but do you have a walk-away bag?
Noddy 10/22/2012 8 20 2 -
Why You Should DIY
So you have a few survival skills. Maybe you have a pressure cooker and a grain mill. Maybe even a rifle for hunting. You're well on your way to being able to care for yourself and yours in most ...
Noddy 10/20/2012 3 16 1 -
Acorn Mast
It's apparently a mast year for acorns in Texas.
Noddy 10/19/2012 7 7 - -
Provident Gourmet: Scottish Eggs
I make Scottish Eggs by the dozens when the OU Medieval Fair rolls around, because I pay all my minions in Scottish Eggs. Making them in huge batches like that, it's cheaper and easier to bake them ...
Noddy 10/18/2012 21 14 1 -
Prepping for Winter
The weather has turned cooler in most states. Winter is approaching. How are you prepared for it? Me, I’ve added more blankets to our store. Blankets are exceedingly useful to have. In winter, I ...
Noddy 10/17/2012 14 26 6 -
[CA Prop 37-Label GMOs] Genetic Roulette- The Gamble of Our Lives: FREE viewing until October 17th
Thought I would share that a new documentary about genetic modification is currently being broadcast on YouTube until October 17th- for free. California has a ballot initiative, Prop 37 , which will ...
FinchJ 10/15/2012 16 14 1 -
Ecological Gardening: URGENT CALL TO ACTION
This is a short break from some diaries I have in the pipeline: an urgent call to action for some fellow Permaculturalists who are doing groundbreaking (pun pun pun) work at the University of ...
FinchJ 09/13/2012 12 13 - 91
Ecological Gardening pt. VIII: A Victory Garden's Second Year in 7 Slide Shows PHOTO HEAVY
This is the eighth diary in a series on ecological gardening that I am writing here on Daily Kos. This is also the last slide show diary for "A Victory Garden." Later diaries will be more "...
FinchJ 09/10/2012 17 35 9 271
Ecological Gardening Part VII: A Victory Garden's First Year in 6 Slide Shows PHOTO HEAVY
This is the seventh diary in a series on ecological gardening that I am writing here on Daily Kos. The purpose of this diary series is to share my limited knowledge about a revolutionary mindset ...
FinchJ 08/27/2012 21 17 5 90
What's for Dinner? How we Cook
This is not so much a recipe post as it is one about how different cooking methods work, and why some are better than others for specific items. Before we continue, let us stipulate that the ...
Translator 08/11/2012 142 31 3 286
Helping Your Car Survive the Heat
In the summer, the heat is your car's worst enemy. The extreme heat we've been having can leave you stranded. There are some things you can do to keep your car in running condition even in this heat.
Noddy 08/02/2012 27 20 - 134
Back to School Survival
Around here, school starts on Wednesday. Since this is a practical survivalist group, let's talk about what parents of schoolchildren can do.
Noddy 07/30/2012 8 13 1 78
How to Host a Small Chili Cook-Off
Survival is about much more than existing. Part of survival is having fun, and I don’t know about you, but I love cooking, I love cooking for other people, and I love sampling other people’s ...
Noddy 07/23/2012 16 15 4 87
Helping Your Baby Survive Hot Cars
Very few people realize just how cool the outside temperature can be for a child to die in a hot car. If the baby is warmly dressed, they can still die of hyperthermia at 50ºF. At 75ºF, it only ...
Noddy 07/20/2012 12 26 - 157
5 Heirloom Tomatoes, Five Stories (Part 1)
Brandywine. Cherokee Purple. Arkansas Traveler. Anna Russian. Mortgage Lifter. Those are the five heirlooms I will delve into here. If you have a favorite that isn't among them, take heart, my ...
Keith930 07/08/2012 137 140 18 613
Working in the heat
DC's a bit of a ghost-town right now, I know that lots of people are on vacation, but beyond that there's a significant majority that's choosing to be outside as little as possible. It is pretty ...
erratic 07/06/2012 89 125 2 636
The Daily Bucket: Cattails
The Daily Bucket is a place where we post and exchange our observations about what is happening in the natural world in our neighborhood. Each note about the bugs, buds, and birds around us is a ...
Melanie in IA 07/05/2012 89 46 1 238
Travel in a Desert
I've driven through the western desert portion of the US several times. Even on "well trafficked" roads, you might not see another car for half the day. I've also driven through rural portions of ...
Noddy 07/05/2012 18 22 4 134
Artisanal vs Commercial
Locavore. Domevore. Heirloom. Organic. Artisanal. Wholegrain. Homemade. Grass-fed. Heinz. Pepperidge Farms. Hellman's. Kraft. Fritos. Peter Pan. Oreos. Premium. Cheerios. Those seem so ...
Noddy 07/03/2012 18 16 1 123
Before Disaster Strikes: Inventory Your Stuff!
*Wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods...* every part of the country is susceptible to disaster; every one of us is vulnerable to natural (and human-instigated) phenomena. Plenty of ...
Melanie in IA 06/27/2012 35 27 2 148
Surviving Evacuation
There are seasonal disasters that sometimes require evacuation. They generally provide some advance warning. Hours, at least, and sometimes days. If you know you live in an area where evacuation ...
Noddy 06/27/2012 21 35 2 137
Surviving a Toothache
or other dental emergency. I have fairly decent teeth and I take decent care of them. I did make a serious mistake when I was younger by allowing a dentist to drill and put fillings in my teeth. ...
Noddy 06/25/2012 23 16 5 177
Stay Cool - Save Energy - Hot Days = Save Money
I do hard physical labor out in the sun and I like to be cool in my house. Lately the highs have been topping 100 and at a mile above sea level the sun is vicious. Below are some ideas on staying ...
ban nock 06/24/2012 202 141 4 1065
Jumping In
Or not. Things happen all around you. The larger the city you live in, the more likely you are to encounter a variety of situations where you must decide, sometimes within a split second, whether ...
Noddy 06/22/2012 13 23 2 102
Provident Gourmet: Stone Fruits
Stone fruits are ripening now, and will continue to do so for the next 2 - 3 months. If you're lucky enough to have a stone fruit tree in your yard, you should be harvesting more than you can eat ...
Noddy 06/21/2012 10 19 5 109
When and When NOT To Help
Helping is the American Way. OK, it is in my book of How to Be the Perfect American . I fall short a lot, but hey, I try. There are times, though, when I need to learn to butt out . I can't ...
Noddy 06/20/2012 6 24 1 155
How to Survive Boycotting
Boycotting was once an easy way to move a company to improve its product, treat its employees better, make more ethical decisions in purchasing the raw materials for its products, and to alter its ...
Noddy 06/19/2012 4 18 1 101
Gifting Fellow Survivalists
Gifting is, in my family and among my Numenist co-religionists, a year round event. We gift when we feel like instead of saving it all up for one big blow-out event a year and oh, yeah, birthdays. ...
Noddy 06/18/2012 13 12 1 83
Surviving Social Events
Sometimes, you have to attend social events, whether you want to or not. The office party (which is a dying event - finally!), a convention (for work or hobby), cocktail parties, Grand Openings or ...
Noddy 06/13/2012 37 23 1 150
I know Heinlein advocated being a generalist. A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, ...
Noddy 06/12/2012 7 10 - 85
Daily Carry Bag
Not everyone wants (or probably needs) to carry a Bug Out Bag (BOB) everywhere they go, but a Daily Carry Bag is something else. I think everyone should have one. A Daily Carry Bag contains all ...
Noddy 06/11/2012 23 9 - 121
Prepping By and For Seniors
If you're near retirement age, retired, or help those in that age bracket (generally age 70 and up), the preparations you may need will be different from the preparations for a minor or a younger ...
Noddy 06/08/2012 11 20 5 99
Why People Own and Carry
Because this was originally planned as a 2-parter and I will not be influenced or dissuaded by one troll, I will go ahead and post both halves. I posted the first half yesterday and was rather ...
Noddy 06/07/2012 160 41 4 577
When and Why to Not Own a Gun
I know, right? This is a survival group diary and most people associate guns with survivalism. You'd think it was counter-intuitive to talk about not owning a gun in a survival diary. Truth is, ...
Noddy 06/06/2012 428 48 3 823
New City
America is a mobile country and people move frequently. When companies relocate employees (a deplorable habit of theirs), or when people move to a new state, or city, or even just a new neighborhood,
Noddy 06/05/2012 1 11 - 94
Even if you've never seen the show, you probably know the name: MacGyver. I haven't seen the series, personally, but because the name has entered by social circle as a verb, I studied up on it, ...
Noddy 06/04/2012 17 21 2 146
Societal Poverty
I know, we've become accustomed, both in the business world and in the charity world, of always having a funding source, some kind of bail-out or philanthropist who will step in to save the day at ...
Noddy 06/01/2012 14 17 2 103
Summer Prep Checklist
If you own a home, there are always things you have to do to keep it up. Even if you rent a house or apartment,t here are still things that need to happen seasonally. Over decades, I've developed ...
Noddy 05/31/2012 12 13 4 64
No Excuses
I know, I'm guilty of it, too, making excuses for not doing something I should be doing or even that I want to do, placing imaginary obstacles in my path so I can "justify" not doing whatever. I've ...
Noddy 05/30/2012 6 17 1 99
Staying Connected
I do almost everything online. Since my family is farflung and my friends scattered across the globe, the fastest, least expensive, and most reliable way to stay connected with them is via internet.
Noddy 05/29/2012 8 18 1 94
My Must Read Magazines
I glean information from everywhere, and magazines are one source I enjoy. I subscribe to only a few of the ones I read. The rest I read at the library. They've been the inspiration for new ...
Noddy 05/25/2012 10 7 1 102
Food Sources
Becoming a locavore, a domevore (eating domestically – y’all already know what a locavore is), is becoming more and more important as each day passes. Melamine contaminated feed, E. coli ...
Noddy 05/21/2012 4 17 1 82
Surviving Bad Neighbors
We all know what I’m talking about – the nosy neighbor who feels compelled to report every single thing she (it’s usually a woman) finds offensive to the condo association, the home owner’s ...
Noddy 05/18/2012 35 17 1 297
Surviving Burnout
One thing that can easily afflict anyone who is intense about a subject is burnout. This is particularly true of those who are deeply concerned about the environment, their work, survivalism, or are ...
Noddy 05/15/2012 5 17 1 95
Beeing Friendly
One of the first things that people tell me, when the subject of bees come up, is how afraid they are of bees, and wasps. Some of them justify this extreme fear with a couple of encounters, or stings.
GreenMother 05/11/2012 100 57 - 354
A cache (theoretically pronounced “cash”, but I always pronounce it “caysh” because that’s how I did it when I learned English – and it helps distinguish the word slightly from “cash”
Noddy 05/11/2012 4 12 3 127
When in Doubt, Care
We need to ask ourselves some seriously hard questions about where society as a whole is heading. We've seen that banning doesn't stop the killing. Banning is the least effective method we have to ...
Noddy 05/10/2012 4 13 - 97
Surviving a Media Blitz
Most of us don’t have this problem. Most of us will probably never have this problem. It’s one of those low-frequency high impact events we can prep for and forget for most of the year. On the ...
Noddy 05/09/2012 3 9 - 71
Simple Survival
Too many people think of survival along the OMG! We’re all gonna DIE! variety, but really, survival is about getting through each day as comfortably and well as you can.
Noddy 05/08/2012 1 28 - 87
Provident Gourmet: Sous Vide
Most people will assume this is a cooking technique available only in high-tech, cutting edge restaurant kitchens, but that’s not true. We who cook at home can take advantage of this technique as ...
Noddy 05/07/2012 4 10 1 113
Slower by a Heartbeat
In our hurried world, where we scurry to get from one place to another, and we feel stressed because we have such looming deadlines, we actually benefit from slowing down. When we get rushed, we ...
Noddy 05/04/2012 7 21 2 85
After air, the most important thing we need to survive is potable water. Water filtration devices can be bought at practically any camping or outdoor supply store, but if you live in the city, you ...
Noddy 05/03/2012 29 63 5 307
Provident Gourmet: Frugalizing recipes
This may take some experimentation on your part, but the end results will be better than you expect. In many cases, your frugalized recipe will be pretty and tasty, and often indistinguishable in ...
Noddy 05/02/2012 36 28 2 144
In the Darkness Find It
I have no idea why, but many emergencies happen in the dark when you’re half asleep. Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, thunderstorms, blizzards…we aren’t talking apocalyptic disaster here, we’...
Noddy 05/01/2012 14 21 - 108
Local Survival
You survive best on the land that you know. That’s why my focus here has been on “bugging in”: creating a safe and secure place right where you currently live. For me, that’s in a dense ...
Noddy 04/27/2012 19 16 1 148
How To Make Butter
An entry in The Household Economy I love butter. I grew up eating margarine, but those were dark days indeed and I try not to think about them now. Instead, I think about butter, and I eat it. I ...
aimlessmind 04/26/2012 144 165 31 739
Surviving Potato Blight
Something a lot of home-growers don’t realize they have to look for is potato blight, the same blight that caused the Irish Potato Famine. There’s a resurgence of the fungus along the eastern ...
Noddy 04/26/2012 10 18 3 121
Provident Gourmet
Not all survival is subsistence living and just barely scraping by. To prove it, I will post a occasional “Provident Gourmet” diary – a dishes that can be made from mostly home grown produce ...
Noddy 04/25/2012 24 59 6 303
Staying Cool
When summer arrives and the temperatures soar, we may be experiencing rolling brown-outs in a recession or depression. Staying cool when the air conditioning shuts off may seem difficult – and you ...
Noddy 04/24/2012 20 28 1 145
Suburban Knowledge
If you live close to other people – in a city, an apartment complex (sprawling, hi-rise, condo), or in dense suburban neighborhoods, as a matter of survival, you need to be familiar with the area ...
Noddy 04/23/2012 11 35 2 325
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