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Why are we even discussing the ACA with these crazy @*#holes ???????
According to the latest (May 17, 2013) CNN.ORC survey of all Americans, 43 percent approve of ACA as is. 15% want it to do MORE, i.e. it doesn't go FAR ENOUGH. So about 60% like it or want it to ...
PrescottPatriot 09/28/2013 17 5 - -
uncontained fire near Prescott
Late report is over 5000 acres and zero containment. Fire started south of Iron Springs, spread quickly in 25mph winds. Hundreds of homes NW of Prescott are under mandatory evac. High winds (35+)
PrescottPatriot 06/18/2013 14 17 - -
If you care about privacy, even a little bit, YOU GOTTA SEE THIS
I am astounded, flabbergasted, words cannot describe. I will apologize right up front. Haven't done much editing, or organizing. So don't throw stones, just keep scrollin' on..... I started by ...
PrescottPatriot 06/16/2013 43 35 5 -
Domestic spying details
just released on the Guardian's site slides from a PPT presentation to companies who link in to PRISM, which is one of NSA's new tools.....
PrescottPatriot 06/09/2013 4 2 - -
so let me get this straight….
Senate Intelligence Chairman Dianne Feinstein (D, Calif.) said the program is lawful and that it must be renewed by Congress every three months. She said the revelation about Verizon, reported by ...
PrescottPatriot 06/07/2013 13 11 2 -
I took on J P Morgan Chase
Many out there in Kos Kountry may be in the same shape I am. Just a few short years ago I was courted by every big bank in the country. Most every day I got elegant love letters begging me to take ...
PrescottPatriot 10/31/2009 24 45 6 278
The lost memo from January 21, 2009....
SUBJECT: The first 6 months TO: President Barack H. Obama FROM America Mr. President, I know you and the Missus were up late last night, drinkin' and dancin' and I don't blame you one damn bit ...
PrescottPatriot 08/03/2009 13 - - 37
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