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Posting History for Preserve Social Security and Medicare

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Mitt Romney repeats Medicare cuts lie
Mitt Romney. Liar. (Jim Young/Reuters) Mitt Romney's latest line of attack against President Obama over Medicare and the Affordable Care Act is so full of contradictions and lies, it would be ...
Joan McCarter 04/27/2012 35 25 4 249
Santorum Compares Social Security & Medicare Beneficiaries to Drug Addicts Needing a Dime Bag
As we have said before, it’s long past time that primary voters start asking Presidential candidates very specific questions about their plans for Social Security and Medicare. So far, voters have ...
NCPSSM 02/24/2012 30 28 1 177
Our Message to the SuperCommittee: Hands Off-No Cuts
Cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in the name of deficit ...
NCPSSM 10/24/2011 2 1 - 25
National Committee Launches our Largest Grassroots Effort Ever to Stop the Super Committee
Today, we officially kicked off our fall "No Cuts" campaign to mobilize voters to speak out against the ...
NCPSSM 09/21/2011 3 5 - 31
President Obama Puts Social Security and Medicare On the Table Says Washington Post
Lori Montgomery, of the Washinton Post writes In debt talks, ...
HoundDog 09/21/2011 375 190 1 1347
Link: Preserve Social Security...
The National Society to Preserve Social Security and Medicare is a strong organization, and one that I support. My wife has been on Social Security Disability and Medicare for nearly a decade at ...
old mark 09/21/2011 6 2 - 19
"Ransom Paid," Says Robert Reich, Our Biggest Problems Are Still Lack of Jobs, Growth, and Strategy
Robert Reich, who is one of my favorite economic theorists, says Ransom Paid, in his column today. Every Democrat who wants to be able to discuss our economic ...
HoundDog 09/15/2011 13 15 1 131
Our Economy is in a Second Great Contraction, says Kenneth Rogoff -- We Must Reduce Debt Imbalance
In the Second Great Contraction, Kenneth Rogoff, an economist from Harvard University, writes that our national and global ...
HoundDog 09/15/2011 58 25 1 304
Will the Debt Committee Keep the Social Security Promise?
Esther Lenett has a very special message for the 12 members of the Debt Super Committee:
NCPSSM 09/07/2011 4 4 - 27
How to Contact the "Super Congress"
We're not going to allow the "Super Committee" to get away with dodging accountability to the American people. Check out our guide to contacting ...
NCPSSM 08/12/2011 4 5 1 48
Will Democrats Join GOP in Thelma and Louise Suicide Jump on Social Security Chained CPI Cuts?
Brian Beutler, of Talking Points Memo, presents the CHART OF THE DAY: ...
HoundDog 07/15/2011 55 35 - 211
Fighting Social Security and Medicare Cuts--A Cause for All Generations
Our 30-second television ad will begin running this weekend in the major ...
NCPSSM 07/15/2011 4 3 - 26
Isn't it Ironic? As We Celebrate Medicare's 46th Anniversary, GOP Wants to Dismantle It
NCPSSM 07/01/2011 1 - - 9
Coburn/Lieberman Medicare Plan: Make Seniors Wait Even Longer for Coverage and Then Charge Them More
The ongoing quest to balance the budget on the backs of America’s seniors continues with the ...
NCPSSM 06/29/2011 6 5 - 44
Trading Social Security for Business Tax Cuts
Bloomberg News is reporting that some White House advisers ...
NCPSSM 06/09/2011 11 12 - 70
Cutting Medicare Isn't Fiscal Responsibility
NCPSSM is airing six radio ads in six different Congressional districts where the Member voted for the GOP/Paul Ryan Medicare plan. Here is the audio from the radio ad along with a YouTube video ...
NCPSSM 06/06/2011 7 4 - 32
Defending Social Security and Medicare is Not "Generational Theft"
At the May 26 Special Senate Committee on Aging hearing, NCPSSM Executive Vice President and Acting CEO Max Richtman spoke supporting the Older Americans Act (OAA) Reauthorization. Senator Bob ...
NCPSSM 05/27/2011 6 5 - 70
Paul Ryan Preview
More Money for Insurers, Higher Costs for Seniors in Medicare and the Government…Sound Sensible to You? By NCPSSM | May ...
NCPSSM 05/24/2011 3 4 - 27
Sen. Barrasso Tells the Medicare "Whopper of the Week"
NCPSSM 05/11/2011 4 11 - 106
Washington Watch
NCPSSM 05/09/2011 1 - - 10
Eric Cantor Tells the Social Security Whopper of the Week
NCPSSM 05/04/2011 13 14 - 154
Obama: Lifting the payroll tax cap is a possible change for Social Security
President Obama at a town ...
Joan McCarter 04/20/2011 71 44 4 305
Jeb Hensarling Tells the Social Security "Whopper of the Week"
NCPSSM 04/20/2011 8 12 1 111
Washington Watch
NCPSSM 04/04/2011 1 - - 9
Gang of Six: How Much More "Shared Sacrifice" Do You Want?
The National Committee recently put together an E-Card which goes to the inboxes of the six Senators, a.k.a. "Gang of Six" who are working on a deficit reduction plan from the Bowles-Simpson ...
NCPSSM 03/31/2011 16 5 - 90
Orrin Hatch Tells the Medicare "Whopper of the Week"
NCPSSM 03/23/2011 4 2 - 70
Washington Watch
NCPSSM 03/21/2011 2 1 - 9
Boehner Tells the Social Security Whopper of the Week
NCPSSM 03/16/2011 7 8 - 111
Washington Watch
Here are some of this week's top Social Security and Medicare stories. Keep in mind we don't agree with all of the opinions expressed, but it is helpful to read what we have to respond to. ...
NCPSSM 03/14/2011 2 3 - 17
Rep. Bill Huzeinga Tells a Social Security "Whopper of the Week"
Did He Really Say That? Rep. Bill Huzeinga: "...certainly that conversation about raising the retirement age is something we can have. I had somebody at a town hall meeting sorta go after me about ...
NCPSSM 03/09/2011 2 2 - 48
Washington Watch
NCPSSM 03/07/2011 2 1 - 6
What Will a Billions Dollars Buy You?
What Will a Billion Dollars Buy You? … Redux By NCPSSM | March 3, 2011 We first asked this question just over a year ago about multi-billionaire and anti-Social Security scold, Pete Peterson. ...
NCPSSM 03/04/2011 2 4 - 23
John Boehner calls for cuts to Social Security, Medicare
John Boehner, Wednesday evening on Greta van Susteren's show:
Jed Lewison 03/03/2011 146 46 1 605
Social Security Administration Cuts on the Way...
Social ...
NCPSSM 03/02/2011 22 12 - 111
Whopper of the Week
Sen. John McCain wins NCPSSM's "Whopper of the Week" with his comments about Social Security as a ponzi scheme: "There’s a number of things you can do to that are pretty simple and are pretty ...
NCPSSM 03/02/2011 2 3 - 33
Lindsey Graham's delusional fight against Social Security
Sen. Lindsey Graham (Graham photo gallery) When ...
Joan McCarter 03/02/2011 50 15 - 194
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