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Why the Libyan tide turned again
There has been much talk in the last day or two about the resurgence of Gaddafi in Libya and the retreat of the rebels but precious little reason why this is the case. Why have the coalition ...
Priest Valon 03/31/2011 11 9 - 126
Its Fat Tuesday. Have some Gumbo
Mardi Gras 2011 falls on Tues, March 8th... today (although various cities throughout Lousianna have already had their Mardi Gras celebrations, what you think of as Mardi Gras happens today.) In ...
Priest Valon 03/08/2011 42 41 13 308
Sarah Palin's own personal (secret) Facebook sockpuppet
Some eagle eyed investigator noted and passed to Wonkette details about Sarah Palin's Secret Facebook ...
Priest Valon 02/22/2011 29 10 2 293
NYT (& as I predicted) Egypt Military fights back
A week ago, there was jubilation in Cairo, and across the globe at the resignation of Mubarak, and the success of the protesters in achieving a transition to a Democracy, not least on DKos. I was ...
Priest Valon 02/18/2011 12 11 1 177
Valentine Day origin: Whipping women
From Feb. 13 to 15, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. The men sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals they had just slain. The Roman ...
Priest Valon 02/15/2011 4 - - 42
Assange the Pootie Abuser
In the Jezebel article about Assange's extradition: Extradition to Sweden isn'
Priest Valon 02/13/2011 4 - - 70
Suleiman, Tantawi and the future Egyptian economy
Suleiman is the consummate operator, and has strong diplomatic ties to pretty much the entirety of the West, Israel, PA, Jordan, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. He is an important part of the military; ...
Priest Valon 02/11/2011 10 2 - 91
The Unstoppable Force meets the Immovable Object
Cairo is a BIG place. It has a LOT of people as you can see on television. Its modern, and part of a modern state, relying on imports, transport and a market economy. Farms don't dot the streets ...
Priest Valon 02/01/2011 7 - - 38
Stop making bagels, less schmears (upd)
I'd start by saying that, no, this isn't a meta diary about "bagels being troll ratings" and a plea towards ...
Priest Valon 01/27/2011 79 10 - 75
Site bias vs electoral probability (Meta)
For some months, the tone of Daily Kos has changed, as perception of the Obama administration is seen to diverge from an increasingly strict progressive community here. This new orthodoxy has ...
Priest Valon 01/22/2011 145 16 - 82
"Sarah Palin's Alaska" cancelled
Great news!! for John McCain!!! In a bad week for Sarah Palin, it ...
Priest Valon 01/09/2011 237 281 1 1511
Gazan's STILL want Israelis driven into the sea.  Israel, shockingly, refuses.
I'll start by noting that I don't think its great politics for the US to get involved directly with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There is no big payoff for the U.S. and we would get the ...
Priest Valon 06/01/2010 219 13 - 112
Huge Latino problem for GOP materializes in polling
In the aftermath of the 2008 general election, I opined that the best reform to move forward with, from a partisan viewpoint, could be immigration reform, since it would give a massive structural ...
Priest Valon 05/26/2010 44 36 - 49
My healthcare experiences both sides of the pond
I'm a British ex-pat, now living in Colorado. I've experienced health care on both sides of the Atlantic, in roughly equal measure. While I don't consider myself to be an expert, I would say I've ...
Priest Valon 08/11/2009 18 11 - 21
Proof of the Orly forgery
A simple glance at the top left of the offending document tells all. Forget the folds, the numbers, the names, the "republic" shit. "7s. 6d." stands for something: the cost of the registration. 7 ...
Priest Valon 08/04/2009 30 8 - 10
Reality is what the public sees.  Pelosi edition
Most people don't interact with politics the way you and I might. They don't even know about Politico, First Read, Swampland et al. They watch neither Keith O or Bill O. They get what politics ...
Priest Valon 05/20/2009 12 2 - 3
I don't care about torture.
I don't care about torture. There is a statistically infinitesimal chance that I, or anyone that I know OR EVER MET, was tortured. To equate this to other terrible situations, the holocaust, ...
Priest Valon 04/21/2009 199 3 - 30
The FIVE stages of Keith Olbermann
Stewart vs Cramer was liberal porn. Widely carried on AP and Reuters syndication, and plenty of coverage in any ...
Priest Valon 03/15/2009 144 5 1 57
(Politico:  Romney fund raising for Jindal) Is this a sign for 2012, or more?
Ben Smith writes: Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom confirms that the ...
Priest Valon 03/13/2009 29 3 - 11
The Nation: Soros idea tells Obama how to fix the mess
Bank bailouts are wealth distribution. About 30% of the American public own some form of financial stock. The majority of ideas being floated right now, involve the shareholders being made whole. ...
Priest Valon 03/09/2009 59 31 4 30
Greed + Fraud in Credit Rating = -$8 TRILLION.  Who's going to jail?
A primer: In the world of financials, not only you have a credit score. So do companies and their collateral assets. The Credit Ratings Agencies are the foundation of risk ...
Priest Valon 03/06/2009 17 6 1 6
When and why "Greed is Good" Failed.
I watched a film on September 14th 2008, because it "felt" appropriate. The film was Wall Street, by Oliver Stone, and the week was the unraveling of the world wide credit system. ...
Priest Valon 03/04/2009 8 4 - 2
Proof that Obama is an Arab -No25c
Hillarious snark on Noquarter I have PROOF Obama is an ARAB 1) Obama was a celebrity creation ...
Priest Valon 11/09/2008 17 - - 5
You break it, we own it.
pic--Robert Reich @ Lesley University Crisis for car makers ...
Priest Valon 11/07/2008 18 6 - 21
Rahm: Obama's Consigliere?
Obama's favorite films are the first two of the Godfather Trilogy. ...
Priest Valon 11/06/2008 46 17 1 11
Your battleground diary: Better than exit polls
KOS embodies people powered politics. When Barrack says "Yes We Can". He means Us (not just us, either, but we are also connected, which is powerful.) I know everyone, like me, is jonesing ...
Priest Valon 11/04/2008 4 2 - 2
DP: Colorado results may be delayed until Wednesday
I noticed this on the Rachel Maddow show ticker, and then immediately rushed to check it out. Colorado absolutely COULD be one of the crucial states. has it as the ...
Priest Valon 11/03/2008 12 11 - 7
AP- Judge hearing CO voter purge case Wednesday
First, a little background, by masondav2004's kos diary Election rights groups sue Colorado SoS Coffman over Illegal Voter ...
Priest Valon 10/27/2008 21 25 1 17
CO (Pres 10/21-23) Obama 52 McCain 40
In a poll conducted for Rocky Mountain News & CBS4 Sen. Barack Obama has ...
Priest Valon 10/25/2008 11 5 - 5
McCain and Fascism. Amusing parallels
I'll start by saying I do not believe that John McCain is Benito Mussolini. Benito, after all, could win elections.
Priest Valon 10/22/2008 24 - - -
We need YOU.  Volunteering for Obama.
Its an absolute possibility that Obama loses crucial states: This is not a done deal. Money is not enough, and I need to talk about something else. ...
Priest Valon 10/17/2008 74 15 - 18
McCain: "My friends, we’ve got them just where we want them."
In Virginia Beach, VA, a visibly worn John McCain speaks to a townhall with a visibly different message.
Priest Valon 10/13/2008 48 17 - -
Coleman (R-Minn) is pulling Negative Ads-Update(throws McCain under bus)
Norm Coleman, Al Franken's opponent has grown a conscience. On the WAPO "The Trail" Blog As ...
Priest Valon 10/10/2008 46 22 - 30
'08, '04 and '00 Pollster comparison. Time is short now.
A completely fascinating election year polling comparison is up at Pollster, written by Charles Franklin. The two maps ...
Priest Valon 10/06/2008 10 18 - 21
Sorry for the non-election diary, but Fed hypocrits are trampling on the 1st Amendment as we speak
Sorry its not about Palin, McCain, more polls or Sunday talk shows. My working title was: "Federal Hypocrisy: Max Hardcore, George Bush and what it means to you."
Priest Valon 10/05/2008 17 6 2 1
"It won't affect me" itis.  Thoughts.
People are rightfully angry. We are going to borrow more and direct the money into institutions we don't understand, who've been irresponsible. Voting "No" is a "no-brainer" for the hard-working ...
Priest Valon 09/30/2008 59 10 - -
WSJ - McCain team goes with Plan B in debate prep
"Game Plan for Palin Is Retooled Ahead of Debate" McCain campaign manager Rick Davis and senior adviser Steve Schmidt are planning to coach the candidate ahead of the ...
Priest Valon 09/28/2008 158 40 2 59
Florida might be Chad, but IMO Hillary is like a bunch of Sunni Nationalists in Iraq
If you think about it, you can draw a lot of parallels between Hillary and the Sunni Nationalist movement in Iraq. Connsider Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was a losing proposition for the Sunni ...
Priest Valon 06/04/2008 6 - - -
What's your 2118 celebration drink?
Harold Ickes be damned, we're going to have a candidate reach 2118 this week. And yes, while it probably will be Obama, it could be Hillary, and I propose, after a long campaign season, the "We" ...
Priest Valon 06/02/2008 66 3 1 38
No25c haxxored! - updated.. now with image
Page currently (11:52pm mst) It works! and... Nope.. wasn't me. [updated] now saved the hack for posterity. Image link over the jump.
Priest Valon 05/31/2008 32 1 - -
I got your tide, right here, lady.
Clinton said "the tide is turning". Talking heads such as Buchanan talk about "momentum". What non-reality based planet do these people live in?
Priest Valon 04/25/2008 1 1 - -
Obama decimates McCain in female fundraising
While its a known fact that Hillary handily beats Obama in the female vote, this is also borne out in the fundraising. An interesting fact that was unknown to me until now, is that McCain gets ...
Priest Valon 04/14/2008 17 1 - -
Penn quits as Clinton strategist. Will soldier on (Updated)
per CNN Now with my actual thoughts!
Priest Valon 04/07/2008 22 3 - -
Clinton's mistatement and the larger issue
Frankly I don't think the Clinton's had malicious motive in their latest "untruth" if you wish to call it that. Here's the larger issue, and it really does matter: We need ALL of our ...
Priest Valon 04/06/2008 16 2 - -
Clinton and Bush definitely have one thing in common
While I believe that the current President includes in his administration, people with true malice or self-interested ignorance, its also true that he includes loyal but incompetent people too... ...
Priest Valon 04/01/2008 9 2 - -
Okaying Florida encourages Primary chaos
The DNC, with Hillary's input, made the rule. The Florida legislature including the Democratic members, decided to ignore this rule. The candidates both take a soft position on this when the ...
Priest Valon 03/31/2008 50 2 - 1
Why we fight: Hillary and Obama edition (updated)
I've always been struck by the strength and depth of binary choices. Frankly, discussion forums on the internet, with their world-shrinking, illusion of privacy and instant gratification make this ...
Priest Valon 03/23/2008 8 5 - 20
Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a single agenda... a hard-line Cuban-American agenda
Many people have their ONE ISSUE in life, that seemingly overrides all other concerns... like the McCain-Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney war or Tom Tancredo on immigration, say. After reading the Miami Herald ...
Priest Valon 03/20/2008 22 5 1 15
It REALLY is the Economy, Stupid.
I should note that I'm not a professional nor an expert in economics. However, experts and professionals haven't been doing so hot lately.. so here are my layman's 2 cents anyway...
Priest Valon 03/18/2008 16 3 - 3
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