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Throwback Thursday: That Time "Fiscal Hero" Jim Himes Went on Fox News to Defend the Bush Tax
(Cross-posted from Primary Colors ) One of the worst groups operating in Washington today is Fix the Debt. As Matt Yglesias has pointed out repeatedly, Fix the Debt is a fraudulent organization ...
PrimaryBlog 05/29/2014 2 1 - -
PA-Gov: Obamacare Frenemy Allyson Schwartz Running on Obamacare Now
We like that Allyson Schwartz isn't backing down from Obamacare just because of the rocky roll-out  like some other Democrats are, but many of ...
PrimaryBlog 04/22/2014 7 6 - -
Throwback Thursday: That Time Dan Maffei Voted for the GOP Shutdown
The Internet loves it some Throwback Thursday, and Primary Colors is no different. So every Thursday we'll be digging through the recent past to reacquaint you with some of the stupid votes that ...
PrimaryBlog 04/10/2014 1 1 - -
GRAPH: Democratic Congresswomen Are More Progressive Than Men
[ Crossed-posted from Primary Colors .] Back in 2011 Matthew Yglesias observed that DW-Nominate scores showed Democratic women were more liberal than Democratic men, but then updated the post with ...
PrimaryBlog 03/25/2014 6 4 - -
#IL13: Color Us Ann Callis Supporters
(Cross-posted from Primary Colors ) The second primary of the 2014 election season is set for tomorrow, Tuesday March 18th, and one of the most important federal races in the country this ...
PrimaryBlog 03/17/2014 2 3 - -
Proof the Republican Party Can't Be Moderate, in One Graph
The Primary Colors algorithm was created primarily to identify low-value Democrats in safe districts for primary challenges — but it can show us other things as well. When we assign each member ...
PrimaryBlog 03/17/2014 2 8 - -
How to Use Primary Colors to Hold Conservative Democrats Accountable
The Primary Colors scoring system is useful for identifying which Democrats to challenge in a primary, but it’s also useful for holding members of Congress accountable in seats too risky to ...
PrimaryBlog 03/14/2014 7 3 - -
Karl Rove, Get Out of Our Brains!
Chris Cillizza makes an important point about Primary Colors in his write-up that I want to amplify and elaborate on: It's hard not to see ...
PrimaryBlog 03/14/2014 3 - - -
New Interactive Map Shows You the Worst Democrats in Congress
Every election season touches off a debate between more risk-averse Democratic Party operatives and campaign professionals and less risk-averse progressive activists over the wisdom of launching ...
PrimaryBlog 03/10/2014 14 11 - -
Meet the 48 Democrats Too Conservative for Their Districts
Last week, we launched the teaser version of our new website. In short, our intention is to 'bring a Moneyball approach to [primary challenges], and help progressive activists target their ...
PrimaryBlog 08/05/2013 37 12 1 -
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