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Even while the GOP and the billionaires that back them become more exposed in their strategies for manipulating American politics, they keep on pushing the envelope. The lies they propagate through Limbaugh, Hannity, Boehner, and McConnell are the spray epoxy on their house of cards. Even though they keep on painting themselves into corners on issues like women's reproductive rights and the demonizing of public workers, they have an effective strategy:  build more corners.

That's why every day there has to be a new crisis, a new outrage, and most importantly, a new reason why their base is made to feel that THEY are different from US. Using religion or veiled racism, these Republo-fascists in power feed Rush and his wanna-be's the exact terminology to make every issue completely black and white with no shades of gray possible. Pride and ego feed on absolutism, and that's just what billionaires like the Koch brothers with their superPACs and ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, need to keep power.

It's a simple equation. Spread hate and division and they can cut the social safety net with impunity. Give the poor a huge dose of disillusionment and despair, and they'll give up hope. There goes a growing chunk of the Democratic base.

The billionaires and the tea party religious extremists are unified in their goal:  create the Divided States of America. Of course religious zealots see this as an equal partnership where each party gets what the other needs without compromising the other. But as the polarization of wealth increases and more conservatives discover firsthand the shortcomings of a weakened safety net, they will get the short end of the stick and little more than a snicker from the monied elite.

They are the patsies. Their religious fervor was used as a means to an end, not an equal goal. The tea party will fade into oblivion when its economic infrastructure is pulled if the billionaires get what they want in 2014:  a Republican controlled House and Senate. With that they can completely emasculate President Obama and the Democratic Party and see the White House as a foregone conclusion for their chosen puppet.

They've already tipped the scales through Citizens United and have billions ready to shower on key states. With ALEC they've crimped the Democratic vote through key states' voter photo ID laws. The Republo-fascists are poised for the finish line this November.

Thereafter the Divided States of America can languish in their own folly, while more and more money moves to the top .1%. The third-worlding of America will be complete, and with that, corporate-led power and its ignoring of global climate change will light the fuse on civilization itself.


When Obamacare open enrollment ends March 31st, so does an opportunity for millions of Americans to save money, draw comfort from coverage, and shatter the right-wing mantra. The more people that sign up and save, the more that will understand how much their Limbaugh alliance has cost them every month.

They will come to realize that they've been played.

So what can each of us do individually to promote the questioning of the CORPservative GOP motives in dissuading millions from saving money?

Our inboxes are filled with requests for $5, $10, $50. What if instead they often held small-scale calls to action using our one perpetual connection to the outside world:  our cars?

It's time to start a campaign of Back Glass Activism, turning the main liabilities of bumper stickers into assets. With bumper stickers you are limited to a short message that you are stuck with that stays the same for months if not years.

But if you were to put three concise messages on little signs on the left, lower middle, and right of your rear window, you could say so much more. And you could change the messaging almost daily; if a Boehner or Limbaugh lie needs harpooning immediately, date it and skewer it on your back glass.

And since the need is so great right this minute, I propose a Back Glass Activism (BGA) campaign with this message or something similar:

Left:  How Many Hundreds Will Your Limbaugh Loyalty Cost You Every Month?
Lower center:  I'm Saving        a Month Through Obamacare
Right:  GOP Willing to Crimp Your Wallet Because If You Do Better Under Obama, They Lose

Of course, each person will fill in the blank in the center sign to the number that they have realized.

Yes, the individual impact of this is pretty much limited to how many times there is somebody behind you at a stop sign or light. But through email blasts, Twitter, Facebook, Occupy, and the collective range of progressive campaigns, there are dozens of folks in every community across the nation that could be willing to emblazon their back windows this way.

Picture this possibility for a moment. Donny Dittohead sees this unusual configuration of signs in the window in front of him at the stop, and reads part of it. He smirks. Later that day he sees another rear window that looks the same in another lane on the freeway. He doesn't need to read it, the message is already in him, now being reaffirmed.

In the next week he sees that configuration another dozen times. He likes saving money, so he goes online or calls somebody and signs up. After all, nobody will know. And when he gets the figures on what he'll save every month with his subsidy, he'll know we didn't lie to him but Rush did. Delaying his signup cost him over $1000 and that will tick him off. Donny will know he's been played, and the Rush infatuation will be over.

Add to that the whopper about global warming, and Donny may be a Dittohead no more.


Bruce held the ray gun in his left hand, hidden by the TV camera from his vantage point in the far corner. Press credentials proved easy to get with infidelity so rampant among Capitol staff. As Boehner blathered on at the podium, Bruce waited for the perfect question before giving the Speaker a large blast, good for a full two minutes of truth with zero recollection.

Finally it came from a blond Fox reporter, Erin B. Tweenthyiers. It was hard to call her an anchor when she was clearly such a lightweight.

"Why do you think President Obama lied when he said that everyone could keep their current healthcare plans?" she asked in a strident but bubbly voice.

Bruce found that the best truth bombs hit a few seconds after the targets start speaking, that way the premise they present is immediately undercut. Bruce let Boehner dangle plenty of rope over the tree limb before he pulled the trigger.

"When you try to sell a clunker, you say it's never been in a wreck whether that's right or not. Obama thought he could throw that one out there and nobody would call him on it," Boehner said with his look of superior indifference. Then an undetectable quick blast erased his practiced attitude.

"We couldn't be happier that Obamacare tripped coming out of the gate. Hell, we planned it that way," he continued. "When the Supreme Court ruled that some states could opt out of Obamacare, that was our ticket to crippling, forcing it to take on inquiries from half the nation rather than simply redirecting folks to each state's website. And Obama left the door open with his 'keep their existing healthcare' line because we knew that the cheap policies couldn't comply with the new laws to protect consumers. We knew he wasn't trying to lie; but he left us with lots of hairs we could split and make him look bad."

"Mr. Speaker, why is it important to you that Obamacare looked bad on the roll-out?" asked a woman near the back.

"We Republicans couldn't let Obamacare catch on, because people would realize how much money they'll save, and what's worse, that additional money will make the economy stronger. And everything Republicans have been doing for years is geared towards insuring that that can't happen. We can't let jobs come back from overseas. We can't fund infrastructure. A good economy is bad for Republicans. And it IS preventable; our strategy is foolproof."

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Fri Jan 03, 2014 at 09:15 PM PST

Truth died on my radio in SF

by ProgToddNorCal

Truth died on my radio Wednesday.

I thought I had one more day, but when I turned on my radio in the kitchen on New Years Day I realized within a few seconds that truth had died on what had been my favorite station. The choking of what started out as a beacon of hope, San Francisco's Green 960, was now complete. The last gasp of factual foundation was silenced, with the duck tape of CORPservative power stretched tight over a motionless mouth.

Instead, in those first few seconds I heard Sean Hannity saying, "I think this era will be remembered for the rise of radical Islam." I'm pretty sure that this was a phrase crafted by Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, or a Koch brothers proxy. It was a statement made to stand alone without substantiation, as are most propaganda salvos. I turned my trusty unit off, knowing that my need for AM access during the cooking and snacking processes had ended. A ritual that had delivered equal parts vital information and consternation into my world had been snipped.

It was the same every morning; after I put the toast into the toaster, Green 960 would always plug me into what would be important for the day. But Romney's minions changed that last summer. Since Bain Capital owns Clear Channel, and thus 960 AM, the station lost its "green." Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann lost their live spots to -- gulp -- Glenn Beck and a financial show. Miller and Hartmann were pushed out to 7 p.m. and 10 p.m., instead of airing locally at 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. They changed their hopeful station tagline, too, to the drab, "Opinions, finance, advice." My guess is that Romney wanted to limit the scope of his gaffs, like his "47%" comment as November closed in.

So I entered the kitchen with iHeart radio on my iPhone, drawing from progressive stations in Denver, Asheville, N.C., and Minneapolis. My kitchen radio stayed silent thereafter in the morning. It still was the first thing I reached for when it came time for a midnight snack.

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The leadership of the GOP is on the path of:


And for them:

GOP = Greedy One Percent

And they have created a world where

GOP = FFF:  Freedom From Facts

Those that follow them are:

Nero Cons

Who don't realize that their heroes are:

CORPservatives - pious with a corporate bias

Willing to ride as the:

1% Privilege Posse

Who promote:

Blue Blood Welfare

And are taking America on the:

Fast track to mediocrity

Why don't we:

Put all the dots so close together than even Donny Dittohead can't help but connect them

Through putting:

Truth Troops on the streets

With signs that immediately discredit the allegations of:

Pox News

And make those holding the key 17 vulnerable GOP House seats:

FTR's:  Final Term Republicans

As a cornerstone of the:

Blue Deal

Which promotes the:

Fair America Platform

For 2014 which, after taking back the House and securing a filibuster-proof Senate, will:

-implement the "1000 Families Top Tax Tier" set at 72% for those making $35 million a year or more
-make all elections for state and federal offices publicly funded, so no more dialing for dollars 60% of the time by our representatives
-mandate hand-counted paper ballots for all elections
-rip out the 14,000 pages of special interest exclusions in the tax codes, including offshore tax shelters
-investigate and prosecute CEOs, lobbyists, and politicians engaged in blatant quid pro quo

And as Practicing Patriots we'll turn the country around so radically that we will by the end of the decade declare Nov. 4, 2014 the original:

Re-Independence Day

Because that will have been the day that we voted out:

-corporate domination of policy and tax law
-religious intrusion into state and federal government
-barriers to aggressively fighting climate change
-barriers to same-sex marriages
-barriers to prosecuting Banksters
-our ongoing global military empire

And began our cultural and ecological evolution, moving forward mindful of choices required to preserve human life on our planet for more than just the next couple of generations. If you look at the entirety of mankind's history and parallel that to the life of a single man, we'll look back on the turnaround of the next few years as when the 28-year old lush hit rock bottom, pushed through denial and got sober. Thereafter he will take a wife that is our mother earth, and care for her lovingly into the golden years just before the sun burns out.


Fifty years ago Dr. Martin Luther King showed us something timeless:  although anger against racism is clearly justified, that anger is not part of the solution. Tomorrow hundreds of thousands will march in Washington DC, and this throng of all races will feel an immensely powerful solidarity, not fueled by anger but by the antithesis of that: love and acceptance.

There are tens of millions of us that would love to share directly in that elation. And I’m here to tell you that, to a lesser extent, we all can any time. Here’s how:

Stand on a street corner and hold a 20” x 30” sign at waist level saying "Honk Twice for Trayvon" and below that, in smaller text, "Honk Twice to Stand Against Racism."

The goal of Dr. King’s march was to attract media attention, to be heard. When we shift our goal from catching the media’s eye to connecting with as many eyes as possible, we strip away the barriers of time, cost, and travel. We can be on any street corner; close to home, close to work, or close to downtown commute traffic when the numbers of eyes are greatest.

I live close to San Francisco, so let’s use that city for an example. Between progressive groups and Occupy factions -- and their established infrastructure -- it’s not hard to put together a group of a thousand people. But instead of putting everyone all together in one geographic space, what if these groups take the “snowflake activism” approach and sprinkle folks randomly in all of the city’s districts? They can distribute them in groups of one to three people with the “Honk Twice for Trayvon” sign always the most prominent one. So downtown, the Mission, the Haight, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Avenues, the Tinderloin, Pacific Heights, the Marina, Chinatown; everywhere people drive, they will encounter a group with this sign. With those thousand people, there will be hundreds of unifying outposts that every person in every car will see. And if people choose not to honk, that hesitation or defiance will identify the dark spot on their souls.

The “Honk Twice for Trayvon” sign may be an exceedingly simple concept, but the reality is that every single sign encountered provides an opportunity for a tiny blast of tomorrow’s solidarity. Imagine getting in your car and hearing these little beep beeps everywhere and wondering why. Then you encounter your first sign and you know. And every time you hear that sound it will fill you with joy, knowing that the tidal wave of public opinion is eroding racism.

I hope this becomes a weekly occurrence, what I like to call Two Toot Tuesdays (although that’s a little hokey, Two Honk Tuesdays would probably be better received). In North Carolina they’ve established Moral Mondays as a weekday to stand against the oppressive tea party agenda aimed at disenfranchising voters, stomping on women’s rights, and hollowing out the middle class. I hope that the same folks there take to the streets on Tuesdays as well for Trayvon.

Why? Because racism is ingrained throughout the Republican agenda through voter suppression, anti-union actions, and by choking school and SNAP funding. The divisionism of racism is a cornerstone of how the GOP solidifies their power. If they could get away with it, there would be a Billionaires For Racism Alliance because billionaire dollars use racism to keep their taxes and corporate oversight low and their profits high.

And by us being on the streets with “Honk Twice for Trayvon” signs, we light the fuse on that source of billionaire power. Whether we hold the signs or provide the happy honks, we share a moment of solidarity that brightens our day, gives us hope for a less oppressive tomorrow, and reinforces the power that individuals have against the 1% whose greed is killing our planet and fostering hate for political gain.

Let’s Stand Strong for Trayvon. It’s not so much the individual that we celebrate, it is his unintended martyrdom that we thank him for. Trayvon was a young African American who was killed only because of his race, a future taken by fear inflamed by right-wing media. He now personifies the dynamics of racism, and if that focus can be used to pierce the balloon and move our species forward, then 50 years from now we’ll still be thanking him.


When liberals argue with Limbaugh listeners, it often is like talking to a wall. Facts, logic, and the process of connecting the dots all have no power over these people because deep down it's like you're trying to take away their identity.

This perspective is part of a well-crafted mindset delivered by Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, the late Andrew Breitbart, the Koch brothers, and a host of other billionaires in the shadows. The operative words and phrases have been delivered by Rush and Beck with an intoxicating loathing. The key is to link an arrogant pride and Christianity to the messaging, which heightens the divisive nature necessary. In order for this mindset to work, there has to be lockstep uniformity, no breaks in the ranks. The sheer repetition is the antidote for deductive thought. That is the glue that keeps reason from leaking through. Talking points are enough. No work necessary.

Add to that the excessive ridicule that is blasted at the left. Rush and the rest have been doing it for so long, to right-leaning listeners it's like locker room talk, how you denigrate an opponent before you put on the pads and hit them. The funny thing is, the Rush/Rove method is not to butt heads on the playing field but only to make catcalls from the bench where it's safe.

Donny Dittohead doesn't want to go nose to nose. He's been trained to diminish opponents, laugh them off rather than face them. When you have no viable defense, mocking is your offense. And when a little truth does squeak through, you can always beat it back with self-righteous indignation. Complain like a little child, but do it with a deep, threatening voice. Boehner and McConnell are masters of this. Deflection over reflection; that's the GOP way.


Among the billions of stars in ours and surrounding galaxies, very few have the potential for intelligent life. When you think big picture, I mean really big picture on that kind of scale, we have to be so grateful that we have a planet that can support us. What lives here on earth is far more precious than we realize day to day, yet it's in human nature to take it for granted sometimes.

But what puts it all in peril is inhuman nature, the lust of greed so vast and resources so entrenched that a few individuals have the power to threaten our future for their own gain. And the Koch brothers, Charles and David, are at the top of that sociopathic pyramid.

The Koch brothers are not job creators, they are PLANET KILLERS. They are the essence of what the destruction of humanity will look like. They each have tens of billions in personal assets, yet they want to tip the scales further in their favor through lobbying in DC, in state legislation through ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council), and monopoly capitalism. They manipulate public opinion through support of right-wing think tanks and superPACs, issuing talking points to media talking heads, and through commandeering the tea party.

They are Republo-fascists, looking to reshape America to a land where giant corporations hold all the power, and the middle class withers into subservience and despair. And their newest weapons in the propaganda wars are to buy the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the rest of the holdings of the Tribune Company. In total there will be 15 newspapers and 24 terrestrial TV stations in play.

You can read up on some of the details at:

So back to the big, big picture. Just what can the Koch brothers do to imperil our lives, our species, our planet?

For starters, the Koch brothers are one of the largest cogs in a political machine that promotes the Republo-fascist agenda through disinformation, legislative control, religious inflexibility, and corporate power. Insanely deep pockets and a well-orchestrated long-term plan are what the Koch brothers bring to the mix, and that's why they are so pivotal in where this political machine turns.

The propaganda this machine pumps out refuting global climate change is forcing us past the point of no return by delaying an all-encompassing American response to the threat. On the political front, this machine stands for bulldozing individual rights for the benefit of corporate rights by limiting oversight and individual claims for damages, as well as silencing whistleblowers.

But what perhaps is scariest is how successful those at the controls of this machine are at presenting a patriotic facade to push Americans towards voting against their best interests. Buzz words crafted by Karl Rove and Frank Luntz have blinded these conservatives from the truth, tying this lemming-like behavior to personal pride. And even more devious is the messaging that tilts Christianity towards their goals and away from Live and Let Live.

Why is it that evangelical Christians in the public eye rally for the unborn but turn their backs on the newborn? This is because of the logic disconnect that the Koch brothers and their ilk have fostered in their underground effort to turn conservatism into CORPservatism. Wouldn't people that care so much for a fetus extend at least a portion of that devotion into the actual infant? Wouldn't making sure this new child has decent healthcare, good schools, and a solvent family be the best way to give it a fighting chance? If a life is precious, shouldn't it be treated as such outside the womb?

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The industrial revolution brought us our current model for capitalism, and it has served us relatively well for over a century. Yes, the system has had its flaws, yet somehow we have always managed to recover.

But the parameters have changed for the 21st century. From Reagonomics through to the Bush era we’ve received a near lethal dose of the worst aspects of capitalism. The current level of corporate power would make even robber barons jealous. And finally America has woken up to this. Between the Occupy movement and the recent elections, the rumblings towards fixing a broken model have grown louder and gone more mainstream.

The problem with capitalism as it now stands is that large multinationals have a disproportionate influence on politics, media, the economy, the environment, and the middle class. These corporations have slanted the tax, anti-trust, and environmental laws further in their favor with lobbyists. Corporate profits are through the roof, yet CEO’s salaries have gone even more stratospheric because taxpayers have had to shoulder the external costs of these behemoths. We pay the healthcare costs for those stricken by their pollution, or in the case of oil companies, the cost of our military’s protection of American tankers in the Middle East.

Add to this picture the fact that many board members receive most of their compensation as stock options, which under current law are only taxed at 15% as capital gains rather than 39.6% as regular earnings. The end result is that we’ve created a class of super-rich where the top 1% in America hold 65% of all wealth.

Throughout time, massive income disparity between the haves and have-nots has been at the core of how civilizations collapse. Our current corporatist tendencies push us towards that brink; it’s a downward spiral that is hard to break.

This is how runaway capitalism can be our downfall, and it’s a hard rut to crawl out of. Since a corporation’s key goal is to maximize profits, CEOs and board members have a fiduciary responsibility to game the system via these aforementioned lobbyists. Wolves in multiple henhouses are part of the multinational business model.

But what if we find a way to use the forces of each CEO’s own greed to help benefit society rather than leech from it? What if tax rates vary dramatically dependent on how well a corporation treats its employees, its physical neighbors, the environment, and society as a whole through the quality of its products or services?

Sounds good, you may be thinking. But how do we get there?

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As the end of the year approaches and the fiscal cliff looms, there is a rare bipartisan opportunity to do the right thing in this lame duck session. And while the concept of bipartisan outreach within the Republican ranks lasted about a day or two after the election, the quick return to GOP absolutism is more about pride and keeping the base happy than good, long-term political sense.

The congressional Republicans (and indirectly their corporate masters) have had the American people smack them upside the head with a clear message:  the ideology of perpetual gridlock is ruining our country and the GOP is largely to blame for it. Despite all their messaging through Fox News, and the less obvious corporate tilting of other mainstream news sources, the GOP can’t spin their way out of the stain they’ve left on Congress.

The GOP stand against allowing more tax revenue, cemented in place by Grover Norquist, can kill the Republican Party for a generation if it remains unyielding. Although it’s not in his nature, Grover Norquist will just have to accept that the pledge he demanded of congressional Republicans can no longer trump the will of the people. And politicians that intend to survive the downward spiral that the GOP is experiencing must break ranks on this issue or be pulled down the drain as well.

President Obama and the Democrats have already floated a bill to extend the Bush tax cuts to those making under $250,000 but that was held hostage by Republicans, demanding that the wealthy get the same deal despite the fiscal cost - and their debt reduction hot air.

But now, the GOP has lost its leverage in this battle. Despite that, the Democrats can be the adults in the room and do actual negotiating, taking the lead and the credit for what Americans will come to see as the right course of action in fending off the financial austerity triggers that kick in at the first of the year if nothing is done.

Although there are loads of other fiscal factors such as war and education spending, I’m going to focus on altering tax law including a new “1000 Families” top tax tier and another notch at the 100 Families level. These tiers are based around the minimum that a lower middle class family of four can survive on:  about $35,000. See what you think of these ideas and how they might play on both sides of the aisle:

-the Bush tax cuts remain for those making up to $350,000, not $250,000
-from $350,000 to $3.5 million per year, the tax rate will be at 38%, still lower than the 39.6% of the top tier during the Clinton era
-from $3.5 million to $35 million, the 100 Families rate will apply:  43%
-from $35 million on up, the 1000 Families rate will be 72%
-liquid asset capital gains will remain at 15% up to $800,000, but thereafter will be taxed at the regular income rate. For hard assets the transition happens at double that, $1.6 million, and beyond that the rate will be 24%
-the baseline for all corporate tax rates will go down to 28%
-ALL OFFSHORE CORPORATE TAX HAVENS used to shield companies from paying US taxes will be discontinued. If any business has more than 60% of its employees and/or 60% of its gross revenue within the US, there can be no more tax dodging
-the shielding of personal taxable income in offshore accounts will also end

When you put all these factors together, this could be the endpoint of a successful negotiation. Now I’m not looking to start negotiations by giving up 80% of what we want, like what Obama did by tossing out single-payer even before the Obamacare battle began. But there are ideas in these proposals that DON’T lump the “pretty rich” in with the “super rich.” And regarding the “small business owner” mantra that the GOP always throws around, these numbers prove that Democrats are at least listening even if we don’t agree on where the threshold of wealthy is. We’ve kept the status quo or even done better for small businesses and many millionaires, as well as medium-level players on Wall St.

But this election was clearly a referendum on the huge disparity in wealth that Republicans have been pushing for in their legislation and rhetoric. And by presenting these new top tax tiers in a tangible frame of reference, labeling wealth in terms of 100 and 1000 families, most rational people could see that increased taxation at these levels is reasonable.

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First, on this Wednesday after election day filled with relief and triumph, thanks to all who added to President Obama's reelection effort, either in spirit or by deed. Your efforts bare out the President's mantra of Forward. Because of you we may get a chance to further the cultural evolution of our species and save our planet. A Romney presidency would have brought us past two critical breaking points:  taking global corporate power beyond any healthy variant of capitalism, and leading us past the point of no return in global climate change.

Now, there appears to be a healthy mandate to rectify both of these critical challenges. And the current Republican Party, the worst incarnation in history, is in position to add exactly nothing to this process. But for once, the drive to impede cannot be a goal unto itself. Actual work must be done, or the GOP will be doomed for a generation.

And if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid makes good on his goal of ending the abuse of the filibuster rules, then the House will be the only source of power the GOP has left. But Speaker Boehner won’t be able to strut around knowing that “my way or the highway” is an effective strategy. He’ll have to face facts on several levels:

1)  The tea party tide has turned as an effective unified front.
2)  If he and the GOP maintain their stonewalling and unyielding policies on the fiscal cliff, women's issues, impeding oversight, global climate change, and denying increases in revenue, then the midterms in two years will see their complete loss of political power when they lose the House.
3)  The Republican Party will have to reinvent itself to survive, and Boehner won't be the face of it as a pillar of the old guard.
4)  The GOP/Rove strategy of going "all in" with every virulent form of extremism can no longer work. He and the GOP will have to show some temperance and not allow the whacko voices to be the loudest.
5)  Actual negotiation will be necessary; because without that the blame for what happens in the economy will rest firmly on the GOP's head like a tombstone

I don't believe Boehner has the character to make these adjustments. I don't see his denial filter shifting one inch. His rhetorical barbs based on lies have been his biggest weapon, and now the rottweiler may have to wear a muzzle. If he is to retain any further political significance, he will have to truly negotiate. He will have to be prepared to give things up. He will have to violate his Norquist pledge. And I don't see the Boehner ego caving on any of that.

So expect that the Boehner era will soon go by way of the dodo, and an unknown face will lead the party forward. Good riddance, John. But take solace in this: there's always another glass of merlot.


No matter how miffed you are at President Obama, YOU MUST VOTE FOR HIM as well as ALL OTHER DEM CANDIDATES down to dog catcher. Staying home because of valid disappointments in Obama is JUST PLAIN SELFISH, putting one's ego and an insistence on philosophical purity AHEAD OF YOUR DUTY to your town, your neighbors, your state, and your country.

It takes a village to vote in an incumbent Democrat into the White House. I know, I know, there are dozens of ways that Obama has let us down. He gave up on single payer healthcare even before it had a chance to get onto the table. His AG hasn't pursued Bush-era crimes and treason, as any self-respecting democracy should be prepared to do to maintain the strong foundation of integrity it was founded on. Beyond that there are the new offshore oil leases and continuing drone strikes in Pakistan and Afghanistan. These beefs need to be brought back into the public's eye from Nov. 7 onwards, but for the sake of putting ourselves into the position to make ANY changes that progressives and Occupy seek, step one is to prevent the GOP blockade. That means a second term for Obama, and Democratic control of the House and Senate.

So those of you who are aware of, and disturbed by, these sad flaws in the Obama presidency, we call on you to vote all-Democratic and hold you nose if necessary. Think about it; Romney/Ryan = at least two Supreme Court judges chosen to overturn Roe v. Wade. Romney/Ryan = NO OVERSIGHT on polluters, frackers, Wall St. kingpins, corporate tax avoiders, and in the process of elections.

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