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Progressive Who? My Two Cents On Disparate Impacts and Boycotts
Yeah, so I'm not one of your big, well-known Daily Kos diarists or anything. In Firefly speak, "I'm known by some." So I'm just one more voice, not the loudest, not the quietest, adding to the one-...
Progressive Witness 09/11/2011 8 22 - 133
Right Blogistan's Solution to Oslo: More Guns, Everywhere
I suppose when all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. And before the ever-increasing death toll from the horror unfolding in Oslo and on Utoya had worked its way up out of ...
Progressive Witness 07/23/2011 33 12 - 147
Tonight at NNSL: Mountain Top Removal, A Documentary by Michael O’Connell
Tonight at 4:00 pm PDT at Netroots Arena in the 3D virtual world of Second Life, Netroots Nation in Second Life is proud to ...
Progressive Witness 08/15/2009 7 18 - 53
"First They Ignore You": A Second Life Netroots Nation Panel on Iran
It began two months ago, ...
Progressive Witness 08/12/2009 6 16 - 24
A Soldier's Peace, A (Rescheduled) Documentary Premiere in Second Life
Netroots Nation in Second Life and Virtually Speaking had originally scheduled the "in-...
Progressive Witness 07/11/2009 13 16 - 113
A Soldier's Peace, A Documentary Premiere in Second Life
To date 4,311 men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces have perished in a 6-year war on foreign soil in Iraq.
Progressive Witness 06/18/2009 16 20 2 231
Remembering Hunter Thompson On This Nervous Night
Strange memories on this nervous night in South Dakota. (And a nervous night it still is, here. We're still hoping to gain a majority in the State Senate for the first time in decades.) Four ...
Progressive Witness 11/04/2008 16 16 1 4
SD-Pres:  If SD Starts To Look Close, Watch for Shannon County
With our mighty three (3), count 'em three (3) Electoral votes, we South Dakotans have grown accustomed to the constant hue and cry of pundits and voters alike this political season, "what, oh ...
Progressive Witness 11/03/2008 33 21 - 4
Big Dawg Gave Us Our To-Do List--What Are You Wating For?
Now, I'll be the first to admit that, having been fairly well Obamacized since 2004, I was one of those who two..._heated_ things to say regarding the Clinton primary campaign in the ...
Progressive Witness 10/31/2008 23 21 1 -
Come As You Aren't:  Netroots Nation in Second Life
Well, the erstwhile binary elves of Netroots Nation in Second Life have kicked it into overdrive to make sure that Netroots Island, home of most of the venues for the in-world component of Netroots ...
Progressive Witness 07/16/2008 43 27 1 30
Top Comments: Loneman School Book Drive
A nonpartisan (and, at least theoretically, apolitical) event, by request. My essay in ...
Progressive Witness 05/02/2008 56 55 1 121
Top Comments: Little Katrinas
We're so accustomed to brief frenzies of wall-to-wall national media coverage of all of the little Katrinas that happen around us from year to year--tornadoes, flash floods, bridge collapses, all ...
Progressive Witness 04/29/2008 78 55 - 193
Top Comments: My Life In the UCC
As recently as yesterday, I was still casting around for the right topic to write about tonight for TC. I had already explored my most recent online obsession,
Progressive Witness 03/29/2008 125 59 1 160
Top Comments: Second Life Ramblings Edition
How strange that my first diary here turns out to be a Top Comments diary, given the amount of writing I've been doing here in recent weeks. But I was fortunate enough to strike up conversations ...
Progressive Witness 03/18/2008 171 53 3 161
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