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Progressive Milestones in History (and delays in progress)
A retrospective on macroscale progressive events in history and delays imposed by resistance to progress. Feel free to add your own historical progressive events in comments. Here'
ProgressiveConservator 08/26/2010 6 7 - 11
When human beings are placed in positions of responsibility with life and death consequences of failures of omission or commission, there has been a clear demonstration of better outcomes when ...
ProgressiveConservator 06/07/2010 4 - - 23
Call for Cultural Evolution Paul Ehrlich points out our ethical obligation to try to change our culture to improve life on earth for all concerned.
ProgressiveConservator 11/07/2009 5 3 - 87
Space debris collisions - orbital billiards
A high stakes game is in play in near-earth orbit with hundreds of players, all in high-speed motion. minor pun alert I know this ...
ProgressiveConservator 11/04/2009 27 3 - 65
Reflections on a victorious campaign
David Plouffe has a new book...
ProgressiveConservator 11/03/2009 3 - 1 102
Sorry to be a buzz kill
I organized and campaigned for Obama with all my heart - a blue marble in the red sea of eastern Oregon, but I'm with Ralph Nader on this one.
ProgressiveConservator 09/09/2009 66 22 - 27
Mercury test requirement to vote.
It may be time to consider changing election law to reflect local mercury contamination levels -- voters in states where the neurotoxin level exceeds EPA standards in water and fish will have to ...
ProgressiveConservator 08/20/2009 18 1 - 3
Health care reform options nearing solidification - but wrong ingredients make a bad cake.
Health care reform options being finalized by Congress have been skewed to keep real reform off the table.
ProgressiveConservator 07/22/2009 43 2 - 4
New Rant re Obama 2nd quarter grades
See: Huffpost link To the President, an open letter: The post by Robert Scheer today is about the ...
ProgressiveConservator 07/01/2009 22 5 - 20
The Herndon phenomenon - a Naval Academy tradition and model for a presidential election
At our U.S. Naval Academy there is a tall stone obelisk named for Captain Herndon, a Naval hero who elected to go down with his ship and the men left aboard in a storm in 1857 rather than save ...
ProgressiveConservator 10/29/2008 11 10 3 219
Bush / McCain legacy
It has been mentioned in recent articles and multiple comments by John McCain that due to recent events in Iraq that the 2008 troop Surge has worked and that history may show that Bush and ...
ProgressiveConservator 10/10/2008 - 1 1 55
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