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I Don't Beg Well
Never have. But this is for my grandson. He is part of a tech club at his high school. They have made it to the national championship in Dallas for the Technology Student Association (TSA - ...
PsychoSavannah 05/12/2015 21 21 - -
Republican 2016 Polling
Because I can, and do, vote in the republican primaries here in South Carolina, I am on a call list for polling for the republicans. Got a call this morning (at church time on Jesus day, for fuck's ...
PsychoSavannah 10/19/2014 8 6 - -
Update: Dallas Hospital CEO was CCO
BIG edit: the person testifying at the Congressional hearing about Ebola today was Daniel Varga, the Chief CLINICAL Officer, not the CEO. Which is almost worse since he's in charge of the medical ...
PsychoSavannah 10/16/2014 282 202 1 -
If there was ever a question about the NRA.....
and the extremists they are in bed with, this ought to answer it. It's the latest email solicitation from the assholes. The actual email had a bunch of pictures in it of past speakers (Oliver ...
PsychoSavannah 02/28/2013 35 26 - -
Changing Ideas about Cars?
I've been posting the beginnings of an idea in some of the oil spill diaries, trying so hard to find ways to begin America down a path of alternative energy. I have no idea if this idea has any ...
PsychoSavannah 06/17/2010 89 12 - 107
Insurance and Credit Card Reform
I've waded into the "debate" about the Senate health insurance reform bill and have been going back and forth about its potential effectiveness. I won't fool myself into believing we can get ...
PsychoSavannah 12/17/2009 6 2 - 11
"At least we still have a job"
A refrain that is heard every single day, and uttered by more of the people I know more and more often. “At least I still have a job.”
PsychoSavannah 07/01/2009 25 38 - 236
A List for Distribution
I've been leaving versions of the following information all over my the grocery store carts, the produce section among the melons and Vidalia onions, at the Jiffy Lube, dentist and ...
PsychoSavannah 07/03/2007 6 6 4 13
An Open Letter to "Conservatives"
PsychoSavannah 09/03/2005 3 6 1 3
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