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When is a police dog a canary in a coal mine?
When marijuana starts getting relegalized. Pot Legalization Casualties: Oregon Drug Dogs Get the Pink Slip As Oregon prepares for the advent of legal marijuana beginning July 1, there are already ...
xxdr zombiexx 05/22/2015 14
It actually is sort of a stupid question.
Boehner refuses to talk about GOP Amtrak cuts When a reporter asked Boehner to clarify whether Amtrak’s apparent infrastructure troubles are related to spending cuts, Boehner interrupts her and ...
xxdr zombiexx 05/14/2015 56
"We are glad he's white"
Hooo-boy..... The sheriff of Nelson County, Kentucky expressed relief that a 25-year-old man shot by one of his deputies was white during a press conference on Monday, suggesting that black ...
xxdr zombiexx 05/13/2015 5
Young cannabis oil patient dies, family says
This appears to have occurred on April 28th 2015. I just saw this this afternoon, searching for something totally different. FOX 5 Atlanta DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - We been following the story of 8-...
xxdr zombiexx 05/11/2015 162
Black Man calls cops to report home invasion. What happened?
Yep: The cops shot him. A white police officer in a small South Carolina town shot and gravely wounded a black homeowner who had called 911 during an attempted home invasion. The officers apparently ...
xxdr zombiexx 05/10/2015 136
Private School Principal's racist meltdown:"Look who's leaving: All the Black People".
Founder of TNT Academy Shocked Students & Parents With Racist Comments All hell broke loose when The founder of TNT Academy in Lilburn Georgia shocked students and parents alike when she made ...
xxdr zombiexx 05/09/2015 94
Prince releases Freddie Gray protest song: Baltimore.
Raw Story posting Prince on Saturday released “Baltimore,” the song he recorded in response to unrest in the city over the police custody death of Freddie Gray. The star shared the track, which ...
xxdr zombiexx 05/09/2015 10

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