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In Wisconsin The Cronyism and Extremism Just Got Worse; No abortion for you.
No, he has no shame. Cronies, cronies everywhere is Scott Walkers modus operendi . It used to be confined to government jobs, agency and department heads, or appointments. No more. These ...
Puddytat 05/26/2015 29 55 1 -
Chaos Follows Right Wing Takeover of Wisconsin Supreme Court
If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture of newly RW anointed Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Patience Roggensack is ...
Puddytat 05/24/2015 216 382 7 -
You Know it's Bad When GOP Reps Vote Scott Walker Out as Head of Flagship Agency (Big Update)
Questions about WEDC are dogging Scott Walker Oh, yeah, the normally Scott Walker-subservient Republican Legislators who infest majorities in the Wisconsin State Legislature have told us all we ...
Puddytat 05/21/2015 62 181 4 -
Confessions of Scott Walkers Pale Blue Shirt: Volume 2, More Confessions
Pale blue shirt here. I'm back. Hello, there. I'm Scott Walkers pale blue campaigning shirt. You've met me before . I'm the shirt that'...
Puddytat 05/19/2015 17 35 - -
Top Comments: Early Risers vs. Night Owls Edition
Some of us just like to howl at the moon ...
Puddytat 05/17/2015 138 57 2 -
I'm Doing a Happy Dance Today at Russ Feingold's Announcement
Good news is hard to come by in Wisconsin these days so when there is some, I want to share the happiness. What can be more fabulous than Russ Feingold announcing he's going to take his Senate seat ...
Puddytat 05/14/2015 108 182 3 -
Wis State Supreme Court is So Bad that The New Yorker has Noticed
Says it all It takes a lot for non-national, local news to make it to The New Yorker , but this sad story has . ...
Puddytat 05/11/2015 96 233 5 -
Wis GOP Leader: Prayers and Luck Haven't Worked to Improve Economy (+ Friday News Dump update)
Wisconsin is falling apart and he's on the road campaigning Wisconsin Republicans have met reality and they don't like it. Their subsidies and tax cuts for the 1% and severe austerity for ...
Puddytat 05/08/2015 101 144 4 -
Top Comments: Non-Christian Christians
For decades now whenever I see intolerance, bigotry, hypocrisy, homophobia or the like it's almost certainly coming from someone who claims to be a "good, God fearing Christian". From the haters ...
Puddytat 05/04/2015 106 69 - -
Top Comments: Saying Good Bye to Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart's announcement that his last night on the Daily Show will be August 6 has started a mourning process. He's seemed so incredibly perfect for the show and engaged a young audience into ...
Puddytat 04/27/2015 51 55 3 -
Scott Walker Claims He Will Start Paying for His Own Security Costs During Campaign Visits
Running a non-stop Presidential ...
Puddytat 04/24/2015 42 44 2 -
Top Comments: Chester the Dog Gets New Home After Social Media Post Goes Viral
Thanks to a picture and post on social media, Chester finally has a new ...
Puddytat 04/18/2015 77 57 - -
Scott Walker and Ron Johnson Tanking in Wisconsin Polls; RoJo Taking Action; Walker - Meh
Latest poll isn't good for Rojo.
Puddytat 04/16/2015 163 181 5 -
Top Comments: Join the Fight for $15 on April 15
Puddytat 04/11/2015 62 43 2 -
Wisconsin Taxpayers are Subsidizing Scott Walkers Presidential Bid
This guy has no shame. I don't know why. It cost Wisconsin taxpayers $138,200 for Scott Walkers trip to England recently. Promoted ...
Puddytat 04/10/2015 63 92 4 -
Top Comments: F**k Cancer Edition
While watching the outstanding Ken Burns documentary, Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies on PBS, I was reminded of all the people we're lost to that horror. Most recently our dear friend Cedwyn ...
Puddytat 04/02/2015 89 57 - -
If Reince Priebus Wants to Talk About HRCs Private E-Mail Account, Let Him Start with Scott Walkers
Of course the former head of the Wisconsin Republican Party (current head of the national Republican Party) doesn't want to talk about Scott Walker's private email system since his emails were part ...
Puddytat 03/31/2015 27 45 2 -
Top Comments: Not All Spam is Bad Edition
No, this isn't the Spam I'm talking ...
Puddytat 03/28/2015 97 37 - -
No, Fox (not) News, Just Plain NO on Your Wisconsin John Doe Propaganda
Kelly Rindfleisch, former top aide to current Wisconsin Apocalypse Bringer Scott Walker, has pretty much worn out the appeals process on her conviction for Misconduct in Office (campaign work done ...
Puddytat 03/24/2015 44 137 2 -
Ouch! Scott Walkers Very Bad Week (+ news dump)
Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. Things haven't been quite so rosy for Wisconsin absentee Dictator Governor Scott Walker (R-I ♥ Billionaires) this week. Bwahahahaha! Even better,
Puddytat 03/20/2015 113 208 3 -
Top Comments: Cluelessness Edition
We hear the word all the time. "Clueless". According to Merriam Webster : Full Definition of CLUELESS 1: having or providing no clue (a clueless case for the police to solve) ...
Puddytat 03/18/2015 66 45 - -
Top Comments: Manufacturing Poverty
It's been over 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty, committing Federal Government attention and resources to the longstanding problem of poverty in America. Last year,
Puddytat 03/14/2015 77 55 2 -
Scott Walker at 52% Disapproval (and news on John Doe Law, Russ Feingold, too)
Gov. Scott Walker (R-FitzWalkerStan) not so popular back home these days With Scott Walkers latest extremist moves, obvious lies, and flip flopping on long standing positions to align himself with ...
Puddytat 03/11/2015 120 220 2 -
A Sad Day: Right to "Work" (for even less) Now Law in Wisconsin
A smirking Scott Walker (R - Wisconsin Dictator) signed and then proudly held up the Right to Work Mooch Law that was rammed through the majority Republican ...
Puddytat 03/09/2015 61 29 1 -
Top Comments: A Second Chance for Scott Walkers Pale Blue Shirt
Those of us who write diaries know that some diaries "catch" and some just don't. Some that were just dashed together get noticed and find a wide audience. Others, written over days or even weeks ...
Puddytat 03/07/2015 77 46 - -
Confessions of Scott Walkers Pale Blue Shirt
Hello there. I'm Wisconsin Governor Scott Walkers long sleeved, pale blue shirt. I'm the shirt he puts on when he has to go out and pretend to be just a regular guy - like when he's campaigning or ...
Puddytat 03/06/2015 23 33 - -
I Haz the Vapors - Media Reporting Scott Walker Lies
Puddytat 03/03/2015 108 248 3 -
Top Comments: Better Late Than Never Edition
Stuff happens, like tonight. No diarist. Good thing I have a draft of possible future TC topics, including one partially written. But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
Puddytat 02/27/2015 52 39 - -
Wis Friday News Dump (Some Great News Finally) Update
No, it's not going to happen here! It's been a depressing time here in Wisconsin, but I have good news today at last. No Massive Strip Mining in Wisconsin Thank you, Environmental Protection ...
Puddytat 02/27/2015 51 140 2 -
Scott Walker "waiting for a sign from a higher power" Before He Runs for President
No, I doubt he's waiting for a sign from God although he repeatedly promotes his rah-rah flag-waving patriotic and fundamentalist religious bona fides . Here's the sign he's REALLY waiting for. ...
Puddytat 02/26/2015 94 87 1 -
Right to ("Work") Mooch Bill Advancing in Wis at the Speed of Light (Update)
UPDATE: This atrocious bill was just "passed" by the State Senate with the public shouting "shame, shame, shame....". The session was abruptly adjurned ny Sen. Lasich (R-TeaBagger) after a nearly ...
Puddytat 02/25/2015 112 130 5 -
Top Comments: We Got Played Edition
Considering how often we write Top Comments (someone does it every night 365 days a year), where do all the ideas come from? All over the place. Tonight mine came from here , a comment I ...
Puddytat 02/21/2015 63 46 - -
Scott Walker: Friday News Dump (UPDATE 2)
Wis Gov Scott Walker (R-Dark Side of the Force) So much dump, so little time.... Flippity Floppity ...
Puddytat 02/20/2015 119 159 2 -
Top Comments: Dark Side of the Moon Edition
No, not this Dark Side of the Moon.....
Puddytat 02/19/2015 103 47 - -
Scott Walker Loses Education Control Fight in Court
Still just as dumb as he looks. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-DonateBigMoneyToMeAndI'llDoYourBidding)
Puddytat 02/19/2015 218 297 4 -
Scott Walker: Shutting Down Future Investigations (of himself) and Even More Villiany
Still eliminating opposition by misusing the budgets Sigh. Now that ...
Puddytat 02/09/2015 51 52 3 -
Oops! Scott Walkers Lame "Drafting Error" Excuse Gets Pants on Fire Award
Poor Scott Walker. He thought he could use the state budget to slide in major changes to the 100 year old mission statement of the University of Wisconsin (full disclosure: I'm a graduate of UW-...
Puddytat 02/06/2015 75 144 1 -
Top Comments: Life Before Vaccines Edition
Thanks to the Republican Presidential Clown Car, the anti-vaccination crusade has risen like zombie and claimed a very public platform for their nonsense. Just like the John Birch Society lunatics ...
Puddytat 02/05/2015 117 64 1 -
Poor Scott Walker. He's Finding Out that National Media Isn't Like his Wisconsin Media Pals
National media isn't accepting his usual 'splainin' Being #1 in the ...
Puddytat 02/05/2015 194 365 3 -
Federal Judge Rules Wisconsin Campaign Finance Laws Can No Longer be Enforced
Buying elections seems legal now Big Money and Dark Money groups are now going to literally be able to buy elections in ...
Puddytat 02/02/2015 20 35 - -
Top Comments: Politicians and Others Have Molded God to Serve Their Own Interests
If you listen to Republican politicians, it seems that God has been ...
Puddytat 01/25/2015 106 52 1 -
Only 1 Thing Stopping Scott Walker from Presidential Bid: The John Doe Probe
Scott Walker, notorious Republican Governor of the formerly fine State of Wisconsin, has used each of his elected offices as a launching platform towards his next goal. He used his re-election ...
Puddytat 01/21/2015 96 130 3 -
Top Comments: Stop the Music + Automated Phone Menus
Anyone who has ever made a phone call to customer service, cable company, internet service provider, or utility within the last 2 decades has had the never ending horror show of automated phone ...
Puddytat 01/13/2015 103 45 - -
Chris Christie Tears Are Delicious (Update 2)
Orange sweater and personal appearance didn'...
Puddytat 01/11/2015 237 158 1 -
Scott Walkers Profit Making Inauguration Weekend
All your monies belong to Scott Walker If you are or have attended any of the events in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walkers inauguration (he was sworn in today), including a prayer gathering, you not ...
Puddytat 01/05/2015 16 31 3 -
Top Comments: 2015 Has to be Better Because 2014 Just Sucked
I know what you're thinking. 2015 will absolutely suck because the GOP now controls both houses of Congress. Yeah, that sucks, but as a whole, 2015 has to be better. In case you've forgotten what ...
Puddytat 01/04/2015 73 49 1 -
Scott Walker Facing Big Trouble ... From Republicans This Time
Yes, just as dumb as he looks except for political skill During his bid for re-election in 2014, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker denied he was planning to run for President. Naturally, the public ...
Puddytat 01/03/2015 180 197 4 -
Top Comments: Star Wars 7, The Waiting Game
I know some of you are barely mobile after your Christmas feast (or Chinese restaurant dinner), so I'll keep this short and sweet. Well, maybe not all that sweet since I'm still miserable after ...
Puddytat 12/25/2014 53 38 - -
Top Comments: "I Am Not A Scientist" Edition
There are few things I hate worse than catchphrases or memes - the oft repeated set of words that vested interests and Republicans insert into their spokesmodels or coin-operated politicians to ...
Puddytat 12/18/2014 65 39 - -
Scott Walker: Follow the Money and Misadventures
Unless you're a donor or billionaire, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-IWannaBePresident) has nothing for you except a growing mushroom cloud of disaster. It's grown even larger since his re-...
Puddytat 12/11/2014 9 36 1 -
Top Comments: Dumbest Person on the Planet Edition (and it isn't a politician) and Thanks
Tonight I'm again trying to give some relief from a lot of the terrible news we've been wading through. So, sit back, enjoy a beverage, and prepare to just take a break. After hitting a deer 3 ...
Puddytat 12/10/2014 94 54 - -
Spending Bill Contains Hidden Language to Further Gut Campaign Finance Laws
You knew something odious would be attached to the must pass Spending Bill. That bill, if not passed, will shut down the government. And here's one of the smelly things that it contains right there ...
Puddytat 12/10/2014 7 12 - -
GOP Gears Up to Ram Thru Right to Work (for less) in Wi (but they'll exclude GOP friends)
Scott Fitzgerald (doing a mini face palm) ...
Puddytat 12/04/2014 50 39 2 -
Top Comments: BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) Edition
It used to be that when you ...
Puddytat 12/02/2014 82 46 - -
Top Comments: Sick of Christmas Already Edition
Last year was bad, but this year is worse. Not only did that hallowed and holy Christmas Shopping season begin just after Halloween last year, this year it started in early October. Bill Maher ...
Puddytat 11/29/2014 80 40 - -
Here's the Real Question: How Many Times Can You Shoot Someone Before it's Murder?
That's the real question, isn't it. Since Michael Brown was shot multiple times for the apparent crime of walking down the middle of the street, his body left lying on the street for hours, ...
Puddytat 11/24/2014 30 26 - -
Top Comments: Daddy, What's Erectile Dysfunction?
I was watching the Packers defeat the Vikings this afternoon and my jaw dropped after seeing an ad for Cialis air during the game which played in the early afternoon. I've seen those ads (and ...
Puddytat 11/23/2014 105 45 - -
Scott Walker: Proven Liar (again)
Still proving you can't trust him Lying is what Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-Minimum Wage Serves No Purpose) does best. He radiates sincerity as the greasy words ooze from his pie hole. ...
Puddytat 11/20/2014 33 40 - -
Top Comments: New Jaguar Cubs Edition
It's been brutal since the election, so I'm going to take your mind off how bad things have been and introduce my local zoos new Jaguar cubs. Oh, yeah, they're cute. But First, A Word From Our ...
Puddytat 11/16/2014 55 38 1 -
Power Crazed Wi GOP Leader Threatens Funding Because President Wasn't Disrespected
Real image of Robin Vos unavailable I'm not really sure how to title this gobsmacking piece of news. I'm ready for ...
Puddytat 11/14/2014 144 229 1 -
Scott Walker Aide One Step Closer to Prison in John Doe Case
Kelly Rindfleisch, former top aide to former Milwaukee County Executive (now Wisconsin Governor) Scott Walker (R-MoneyBuysElections), had the appeal of her felony conviction for misconduct in ...
Puddytat 11/12/2014 32 65 3 -
Top Comments: Thank You Edition
I grew up in a state where "Wisconsin nice" was not only taught by parents, but practiced at all times. As a child, if you weren't polite, there was hell to pay when you got back home. Gemü...
Puddytat 11/06/2014 88 53 - -
Wisconsin Polls Are Open and BUSY! (Update 4)
Get thee to thine polling place It's not the low turnout election of 2010 in Wisconsin this time. Polls are open and busy as soon as they opened. We all know that when we turn out in large numbers,
Puddytat 11/04/2014 180 199 4 -
Wi-Gov, Mary Burke Gets BIG Endorsement
2 large, corporate owned newspapers are available throughout Wisconsin, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and The Wisconsin State Journal. Both endorsed Scott Walker both in 2010 and during the recall. ...
Puddytat 11/02/2014 107 305 8 -
I Won't Be On Much for a Few Days
While enjoying my first ever front page post my computer was attacked with a virus. The technician at Dell was unable to remove it with 3 different software programs and even manually so I will ...
Puddytat 10/28/2014 26 35 - -
Scott Walker's Palinesque word salad meltdown on Medicaid
This has to be seen to be believed! Wow, the extreme Republican Wisconsin governor sounds just like ...
Puddytat 10/28/2014 80 161 4 -
This is Going to Hurt: Tax Exempt Status of Wi Club for Growth Challenged
After US Supreme Court rulings opened the floodgates for megabucks to be funneled into our elections and ...
Puddytat 10/27/2014 116 328 6 -
Scott Walker Whines as 16,000 John Doe Emails Released (and Karl Rove Dives in, too)
Scott Walker, still trying to mansplain it all away Republican panties are in a bunch ...
Puddytat 10/21/2014 141 264 6 -
Friday Wis News Dump: How RW Federal Judge Randa Got Campaign Coordination Case (It's Disgusting)
In my recent diary on the shocking ruling that it's just fine for dark money groups with anonymous donors to coordinate directly with campaigns, there were a lot of questions about how notorious RW ...
Puddytat 10/17/2014 41 128 4 -
Top Comments: Average Voter Edition
I had been doing a lot of GOTV. With that in the very front of my mind, I've written a lot about voting - particularly about all the barriers that the GOP has ...
Puddytat 10/16/2014 33 41 - -
Judge Randa Strikes Again. Approves Campaign Coordination with Dark Money Groups
Buying elections just got easier Eric O'Keefe, likely John Doe Probe subject and head of the dark money group, Wisconsin Club for Growth, got his undies in a bunch after RW Federal Judge Randa's ...
Puddytat 10/14/2014 40 66 2 -
Barricading the Ballot Box
If you plan on doing this ...
Puddytat 10/14/2014 43 76 4 -
Wis Republicans Will Still Try to Enforce Voter ID in Spite of Supreme Court Decision
Republicans just don't take NO for an answer. The Voter ID Law in Wisconsin was blocked late last night by the US Supreme Court , but JB Van Hollen, Wisconsins Republican Attorney General is ...
Puddytat 10/10/2014 243 263 3 -
Top Comments: Seeing Eye Cats Edition
Kossack llbear sent me a Kosmail with a link to a lovely story about a seeing eye cat. The remarkable tale of friendship focuses ...
Puddytat 10/09/2014 62 47 - -
Hyperbole Much? Wis. John Doe Target Whines That Subpoena is "Death Warrant"
Are the black helicopters next? No, not from The Onion. Not. Making. This. Up.
Puddytat 10/07/2014 81 155 3 -
Top Comments: Holding Cities Hostage Edition
Puddytat 10/03/2014 53 36 1 -
Wis News - A Big News Day (Voter ID and John Doe Probe)
Lots of news! First up: A request for an emergency halt to block Wisconsin Voter ID Law has been officially brought to the US Supreme Court . A 3 judge panel (all ...
Puddytat 10/02/2014 59 128 3 -
Wi John Doe Probe - Now the Targets Demand the Investigators be Investigated
The forces of darkness keep trying to block all paths Wisconsin's current John Doe Probe, looking at possible likely (+ illegal) coordination between campaigns and dark money groups, has more ...
Puddytat 09/30/2014 62 103 3 -
Top Comments: Gift Subscriptions Edition
Nothing says "I love DK" and "I love your writing" at the same time like a Gift Subscription. Enabling your favorite Kossack to use the site without the slow loading and distraction of ads is a ...
Puddytat 09/24/2014 83 46 - -
No money for Unemployment Comp or Food Stamps, but Plenty for Bombs and War
No, you can't have more. We need the money for bombs. Too bad, hungry kids. This country, according to the GOP, can't afford to give you any more food stamps than your monthly allotment. Keep ...
Puddytat 09/23/2014 306 269 3 -
Scott Walker-Even More Cronyism. Keeping it All in the Family. (+ Good News)
Late on Friday Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-Screw You if You're Not Rich) decided to reward the brother of his campaign attorney (Steven Biscupic) with a nice judgeship. Gov. Scott Walker has ...
Puddytat 09/21/2014 63 127 5 -
Scott Walker: Jobs Promise "Broken" per PolitiFact (even they can't prop up the BS anymore)
What people see when they read PolitiFact Long after the rest of us have long given up, Wisconsin PolitiFact finally declares Scott Walkers one and only campaign promise, creating 250,000 "good ...
Puddytat 09/18/2014 84 155 4 -
Plutocrat Predicts: The Pitchforks Are Coming
You know things have gotten bad when a self-proclaimed plutocrat sees the future and doesn't like what he sees.
Puddytat 09/15/2014 324 401 17 -
Scott Walker Defends Voter ID Decision; Now Wants to Drug Test Anyone on Public Aid
Wisconsin Emperor Governor Scott Walker (R - The Kochs Are My Sugar Daddies) is out ...
Puddytat 09/14/2014 78 92 2 -
Top Comments: Updates Suck
I was going to write about something entirely different today, but last night Windows decided it had to download and install updates. Just before 3 AM, I shut down the computer after a long day, ...
Puddytat 09/12/2014 156 46 - -
Breaking News: Appeals Court Reinstates Wisconsin Voter ID Law for Nov 4 Election (Update 2)
All that's missing now is a barricade with a sign saying "No Democrats Allowed" Republicans in Wisconsin will be overjoyed with the news that they'll ...
Puddytat 09/12/2014 187 247 3 -
Scott Walker Just Stabbed Irony in the Back (+ More John Doe News - UPDATE)
All the signs and mansplaining in the world aren'...
Puddytat 09/11/2014 73 208 4 -
Judge Randa Orders Wi Elections Board to Ignore Campaign Donation Limits (+ More)
Money, money money Oh, goodie, just what we need 2 months ahead of the mid-term elections. Even MORE money buying elections in Wisconsin. If you're not familiar with Federal Judge Rudolph Randa, ...
Puddytat 09/09/2014 63 129 6 -
Top Comments: 77 Cents
Women make 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. It's better than the 59 cents women made per dollar earned by a man during the fight for the Equal Rights Amendment back in the 70s, but ...
Puddytat 09/04/2014 74 50 - -
Congresswoman Gwen Moore, 26 Others Arrested at Fast Food Protest in Milwaukee
Congressional Representative Gwen Moore (D Wi-04) being arrested along with 26 others at a rally at McDonalds. Today was the day that fast food workers rallied across the country to demand a raise ...
Puddytat 09/04/2014 30 43 1 -
President Obama in Milwaukee Today for Labor Fest (Video)
Union members gathered for Labor Fest for the first time in 2 years (the event was cancelled last year). The President Obama gave a speech which you can see here (sorry - not embeddable) (I was ...
Puddytat 09/01/2014 34 38 1 -
Bad News Keeps Rolling in for Scott Walker
Nothing to smile about this week.
Puddytat 08/29/2014 118 215 4 -
And the Bad News Keeps Rolling in for Scott Walker (Update)
The Scottenfreuden continues! And now Scott Walkers election year "big budget surplus" has now become a deficit. I'm enjoying the image of him being chased around by a bunch of red ink that he's ...
Puddytat 08/28/2014 123 250 3 -
Top Comments: Happy Hump Day
Guess what day it is? Guess. What. Day. It. Is. For those who work what are called "Bankers Hours" - Monday through Friday, no day is harder than Monday when you have to get out of bed and off ...
Puddytat 08/27/2014 37 39 - -
Scott Walkers Week Keeps Getting Worse + New Poll Results
He has more "splaining to do.
Puddytat 08/27/2014 131 273 4 -
Top Comments: A Brand New Doctor Who is Coming
If you have no idea who Doctor Who is, please jump below the orangedoodlethingy where I do a very brief introduction. The rest of us are rocking on in drooling anticipation (along with a fair ...
Puddytat 08/21/2014 135 43 - -
Scott Walkers Wisconsin; His Cronies Come in First and We Come in Dead Last (+ John Doe News/more)
I'm never going to get tired of this image For the first time an outside group has ...
Puddytat 08/21/2014 74 115 4 -
Rep. Paul Ryan Telling GOP to "Stop Preaching to the Choir; The Choir is Shrinking"
Looks like Wi-01 Congresscritter Paul Ryan (R-AynRandRocks!) is trying to reinvent himself with a brand new shiny book released today . That reinvention means one ...
Puddytat 08/19/2014 82 73 2 -
Scott Walker Brazenly Hiding Identities of "Workers" in New Ad
Yes, his nose is growing again. We of the "professional left" have done such a great job debunking all those Republican ads involving the "personal stories" of people who appear in their ads ...
Puddytat 08/13/2014 28 45 1 -
Top Comments: Bacon Jerky?
I love bacon, but what I read is more than a little nuts. But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
Puddytat 08/10/2014 127 42 - -
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