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Can we have an honest discussion about ACA?
This diary - more of a question - was inspired by this comment: "The individual insurance market is still quite tiny. And in any given state, the number of people receiving subsidies is quite ...
RASalvatore 11/12/2014 22 12 - -
Sir Robin for Senate Minority Leader
Here's a short diary - probably doesn't even qualify as a diary. I don't care, I'm writing it anyway. Right after reading the liveblog covering President Obama's press conference today, where ...
RASalvatore 11/05/2014 11 8 - -
The (Al) Gorification of Neil deGrasse Tyson
I've seen this play before. It doesn't end well. The people over at The Federalist are on a mission from Go...err, Koch. They are out to destroy Neil deGrasse Tyson. Why? Well, The Federalist is ...
RASalvatore 09/28/2014 933 567 5 -
Screaming at Chris Hayes! (Updated with Link)
I haven't watched MSNBC in a while...or any political TV, for that matter. I just got to the point where so many things had become so obvious - we're talking a mountain of evidence here and not a ...
RASalvatore 03/26/2014 111 64 - -
Can we have an honest discussion
about insurance premiums, pre and post-ACA? I'm very interested in this and am trying to learn more about it. My pre-ACA premiums for a silver plan equivalent here in Massachusetts for myself and ...
RASalvatore 12/06/2013 44 23 1 -
I never see this discussed on the news, the pundit shows, or anywhere else. Want to know the dirty little secret about why the wealthy hate Obamacare? 3.8% We hear the right-wing screaming all ...
RASalvatore 12/04/2013 259 891 21 -
Nefarious letters about PPACA
Okay, I keep seeing people posting on Facebook and message boards and comments' sections of news stories, claiming that that they got a letter from their insurance company saying they're getting ...
RASalvatore 10/21/2013 22 21 1 -
My Hair Won't Ignite...
To be perfectly honest, for the most part, I feel a general blase about the NSA "revelations." I know that as a good liberal, I'm supposed to be up in arms about this intrusive Big Brother super-...
RASalvatore 06/13/2013 26 22 - -
Beautiful Boston
I put this up on my Facebook page, so I thought I'd share it here. I know this area of Boston quite well - I'm there 50 times a year. You can't help but feel like you're a part of something bigger ...
RASalvatore 04/16/2013 7 14 - -
The Great Shrinking GOP
We've seen all the stories about how the GOP must change, or what they must or must not say, and all the rest, but the truth is, the Republican Party has a bigger problem on its hands than a damaged ...
RASalvatore 11/13/2012 121 319 2 -
My closing argument
(for what it's worth) I believe that I've swung at least a dozen people this election cycle, at least from what they've told me. More importantly, there are at least two people who seem to have ...
RASalvatore 11/06/2012 10 14 - -
Nate at 538...WHOA!
Just clicking through and saw Nate putting Obama at 80.8 now with 303.2 EV's. Florida is down to 55.2 for Romney (bet it goes lower as some of the stronger, older polls drop off) and Virginia is up ...
RASalvatore 11/01/2012 354 333 3 -
Please Read - Warren v. Brown
Here comes the kitchen sink. Republicans are freaking out. They know they've lost the White House again, so all that money will come pouring down on close Senate/House races... Elizabeth Warren is ...
RASalvatore 09/24/2012 25 46 - 375
Medical Loss Rebate (MLR)
Okay, I am not kidding here - I just got a letter from the Chamber of Commerce (my local one, not the one that's always in the news), from whom I purchase my Tufts health insurance, as a small ...
RASalvatore 06/30/2012 76 137 3 679
A quick note about Romneycare/ACA
Many of you have heard about the fall of 38 Studios, a company with which I was quite involved for the last few years, working as a consultant (COW - Creator of Worlds...Moo). Well, with the sudden ...
RASalvatore 06/25/2012 15 19 - 118
Obama winning?
Anyone who doubts that President Obama has a solid lead, should simply watch This Week this morning. The media desperately wants a close election, don't you think? Well, if you had any doubts ...
RASalvatore 05/06/2012 156 161 1 1388
PPACA: A Game Company Could Fix This
I've got some doc friends who really hate the electronic file provisions in PPACA, and their complaints range from a simple aversion to something so new, to the prohibitive costs of this software, ...
RASalvatore 02/24/2012 23 9 1 101
"Obamacare" goes boom!
Yes, I can call it that now. President Obama embraced the name today - good for him. (Edit: after writing this, I realized that the most excellent "citizen K" had already done a diary of it, kind of,
RASalvatore 12/06/2011 283 588 20 3469
For the Joe Walshes of the world
Don't they just make your blood boil? If you saw the rec'd diary about Walsh's tantrum, you know what I mean. Anyway, come with me over the fold to gather some succinct and to-the-point rebuttals ...
RASalvatore 11/09/2011 14 15 2 112
President Obama saving Medicare
Yeah, I thought I'd inject a little quiet and unspoken (amazingly so!) reality into our current "debates." There are important stories and FACTS slipping past the conventional wisdom, or at least, ...
RASalvatore 08/15/2011 370 250 4 1663
This is a trial balloon...we're near a deal. Well, the deal is awful for anyone who believes in progressive politics. Those who know me here know that I am a staunch defender of the President. I ...
RASalvatore 07/31/2011 7 10 - 92
So I made a little statement on my Facebook Page
"I stand with the protesters in Wisconsin." And started a firestorm...
RASalvatore 02/27/2011 298 540 12 3968
You're falling for it again
The list is full of "So-and-so NAILS it!" or "So-and-so DESTROYS Obama!" and on and on. You're falling for it again. It's a meaningless dance. "Pelosi says No DEAL!" Wanna bet? President Obama ...
RASalvatore 12/10/2010 749 317 1 143
Is Cenk Uygur Stupid?
Got up this morning and asked myself, "So, really, is it worth the time to continue the meta pie fights?" It's actually an important fight, maybe the most important one of all when we're trying to ...
RASalvatore 12/05/2010 95 27 - 70
A Message to Cenk Uygur
I don't believe you. I've watched you for years and I've never believed you. You want the same 5 million+/year deals you see the other purveyors of outrage making. You're a one-note pony. You ...
RASalvatore 11/21/2010 1005 761 30 359
I'm Clapping Louder - here's why...(Updated)
Demoralized? Don't want to hear about it. Sure, the economy sucks and things are tough...the numbers are bleak...the Empire Star Destroyer is coming into range... When all else fails, send in the ...
RASalvatore 09/16/2010 546 524 9 116
BREAKING: Eliot Engel to vote YES (Updated)
On MSNBC just a minute ago, Rep. Eliot Engel of NY announced he would vote yes on HCR. Not much to say here...but his reasons for hesitating were valid and were pointed out to me in a comment ...
RASalvatore 03/19/2010 224 120 1 64
My Brithday Hangover
So last year, for my 50th birthday, my best present was watching Barack Obama become President of the United States. Heady times. Now, 51, not so much... I watched this election first-hand with a ...
RASalvatore 01/20/2010 11 12 - 11
Coakley...something you should know
So I got to see Bill Clinton last night at WPI in Worcester. He was exhausted (Haiti work) but it took me about 5 minutes in the room with him to understand how he became President. he was ...
RASalvatore 01/16/2010 479 753 6 78
Do-Nothing Dems Strike Again
"They're all the same!" "They've sold us out again!" No they're not. No they haven't.
RASalvatore 12/19/2009 14 12 - 38
Going Sullivan – from the other direction
For years, Andrew Sullivan has been my favorite blogger. I’ve always thought him intelligent, even when...umm, wrong, but even in his earliest days (I just saw a Book TV interview with him as ...
RASalvatore 12/12/2009 77 30 - 88
NOT BREAKING: Chomsky holding anti-Bush rallies at West Point!
Seriously...actually happened...well, he didn't hold an anti-Bush rally, per se, but he was invited there to speak, and he did go on and on about the concept of "just war," which would seem a pretty ...
RASalvatore 11/24/2009 81 111 1 92
Another Tweetie Epic Fail
Short...typing on the fly... Watching Hardball right now. Matthews has a couple of teapartiers on. The first guy just rambled about their size, using absurd numbers, including "that's why 2,000,...
RASalvatore 10/14/2009 19 4 - 49
I just did it
I've been supporting Barack Obama for a long time - didn't start out with him, but he won me over with his calm, cool and class. I expect him to be one of the greatest Presidents of my lifetime. I ...
RASalvatore 09/04/2008 28 45 - 15
Franklin Roosevelt owes me an apology
So does John Kennedy (many, in fact). So does Martin Luther King. So does Bill Clinton. So does Richard Nixon. So does George H.W. Bush.
RASalvatore 08/08/2008 17 13 - -
I support Obama, the man, not the messiah
This is my first diary here at DailyKos....well, let me clarify that: I did a couple of diaries anonymously some time ago, but this is my first as, well, me. I'm a writer of fantasy sword and ...
RASalvatore 06/22/2008 102 34 3 29
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