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Why do Republicans really oppose infrastructure spending?
As the Amtrak derailment showed (again), the refusal to spend on infrastructure literally kills . Also, infrastructure spending: (i) is necessary and unavoidable (failure to timely spend on ...
RETIII 05/15/2015 337 500 28 -
Starve the Beast: the AP provides a useful update and a perfect example
Thanks to everyone who liked my original diary on Starve the Beast. With perfect timing, the AP has a new article out,
RETIII 05/10/2015 26 6 1 -
Why Will No One - Democrats or Media - Acknowledge The Republican "Starve The Beast" Plan
I've tried a few times to write about pressing budget issues - from defense to SS/Medicare to unemployment benefits to infrastructure, etc. - but I stop because none of it makes any sense ...
RETIII 05/07/2015 110 154 6 -
A very interesting take on the history and politics behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Perhaps it is because of the complained-of secrecy surrounding the the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but I have had a hard time forming concrete arguments either pro or con regarding the TPP. ...
RETIII 05/07/2015 6 11 1 -
Why do libertarians believe in dumb things?
We all know libertarianism doesn't work. That has already been established on this site and everywhere. So, why do you see white males gravitate to this ideology? Eric Posner ...
RETIII 04/29/2015 72 3 - -
Are you a libertarian? More importantly,
did I figure out how to do this stupid poll function?? Whether you support Rand Paul or not, what ...
RETIII 04/29/2015 97 1 - -
I get the impression that a decent amount of DKOS readers are libertarians
Whether you support Rand Paul or not, what portion of you consider yourselves libertarians? Or lean ...
RETIII 04/29/2015 96 - - -
President Obama Legacy Items: Baltimore & "Broken Windows" Policing
Considering ...
RETIII 04/29/2015 6 3 - -
The Republican Bubble
Some interesting reads this morning about one of the more bizarre and persistent phenomena that continues to pose a real public policy threat to the country: the "Republican ...
RETIII 04/29/2015 5 4 - -
The Clinton Scandal Is Bogus; Now, For Pete's Sake, Put the Clinton Foundation In A Blind Trust
It's a family affair Following the press coverage of the purported Hillary Clinton-Clinton Foundation scandal, we can confidently say that there is no basis, whatsoever, for the hyperbolic ...
RETIII 04/27/2015 48 6 - -
Jeb Bush's Dark Money: "Nothing like this has been done before."
The quote above is taken from Steve Benen's piece highlighting the emerging threat ...
RETIII 04/23/2015 6 7 - -
Jeb Bush's new Super-PAC strategy poses a significant challenge to the press
Which one is Jeb? (Hint: he pretended to be in the center back then too.) While campaign finance laws have been rendered a joke in in the years following Citizens United , the recent announcement ...
RETIII 04/22/2015 13 3 - -
Why Does The U.S. Tax Corporate Profits From Overseas? (And A Modest Proposal)
An important, but wonky, policy question: why does the U.S. tax the profits of U.S. corporations earned overseas, outside the U.S.? Because repealing that "global" tax scheme is a huge priority ...
RETIII 04/20/2015 80 30 - -
"Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face"
"Why the f*@ck did you do that?" It is late night and I just couldn't resist posting this fantastic Tarantino scene. BTW: did anybody notice that Marvin's crime was not to have an opinion? ...
RETIII 04/15/2015 5 - - -
Hillary Clinton has my vote locked up, AND I don't fully trust her
Why Wall Street Loves Hillary "Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion." - Hillary Clinton in ...
RETIII 04/15/2015 59 9 1 -
The Democratic Economic Agenda Begins To Takes Shape?
Progressive Teddy Roosevelt helps points the way. For those interested, I had promised to organize and group the leading Democratic economic proposals ...
RETIII 04/09/2015 13 10 - -
When discussing "religious freedom" laws, the press needs to use Muslim examples
As useful background - and to dispel the idiocy that Republicans are only fighting for the rights of oppressed wedding cake bakers - note that Louisiana Republicans are proposing to pass a law ...
RETIII 04/07/2015 78 19 - -
Excellent WashPo article discusses the Iraqi/Baathist nature of ISIS
Although this has been known for some time, this WashPo article does a good job of explaining how what we now call ISIS consists ...
RETIII 04/05/2015 6 7 - -
Republicans Must Explain How Their Approach To Iran Would Be Different From Their Iraq Disaster
Republicans considered Reagan to be Chamberlain too. Republicans opposing President Obama's proposed nuclear deal with Iran must explain explain how their proposed approach would not repeat their ...
RETIII 04/03/2015 25 9 - -
Hey! What Was Boehner Doing In Israel?
"How contrived of you to just stop by." Huh . . . here is John Boehner standing in Israel yesterday with Bibi Netanyahu. Boehner was just sorta there - not much reason was given for the trip and ...
RETIII 04/01/2015 27 23 - -
What DKos readers think Obama could have done better
"What did I forget to do?" A follow up with a "nicer" title than the first post's title because it might have been off-putting. As I said, President Obama has been my favorite president,
RETIII 04/01/2015 34 4 - -
What Are Obama's Biggest Failures?
I really like President Obama. He is my favorite, "non-historical" president. In my short (or depressingly long to some) life span, I can plainly remember presidents from Jimmy Carter (1976) to ...
RETIII 03/31/2015 63 - - -
Mike Pence's This Week Appearance Was Doubly Dishonest (w/ video & transcript)
Indiana's Republican Governor Mike Pence (maybe, maybe not, a 2016 presidential candidate) appeared on This Week to defend his state against charges that the recent passage of a ...
RETIII 03/29/2015 11 12 1 -
The Future of Medicare Is . . . Obamacare?
To the surprise of many, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner quietly agreed to a ...
RETIII 03/27/2015 27 13 1 -
Did You Know That Almost Every Penny Of Your Income Taxes Goes To Defense Spending?
Every penny - maybe more, maybe a little less. This was a pretty amazing revelation to me. Now, the amount of defense spending is fairly always misrepresented. Many sources ...
RETIII 03/27/2015 37 19 1 -
What The Supreme Really May Be Determining In The Obamacare Case
Revisiting the pending Supreme Court Obamacare challenge has been interesting, and it is important to do so generally because -
RETIII 03/26/2015 115 145 5 -
Excellent Article Regarding Obamacare Lawsuit
Sam Stein over at HuffPost has an excellent piece of reporting regarding the latest Obamacare challenge before the U.S. Supreme Court (King v. Burwell). Having filed public record requests with ...
RETIII 03/26/2015 19 19 - -
Planning the Democratic Economic Agenda (cont'd)
As we hopefully start hashing out a Democratic economic agenda in advance of the next elections, I focused previously on a Congressional Progressive Caucus ("CPC") budget proposal. Just in ...
RETIII 03/25/2015 7 4 1 -
Any Andrew Sullivan news?
RETIII 03/24/2015 19 3 - -
What Should Be the Democrat's Economic Agenda? (continued)
Looking to jump start an effort to focus on what the Democratic economic agenda should consist of, I initially wrote about the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget ...
RETIII 03/22/2015 6 5 - -
What Should Be The Democratic Economic Platform?
Progress? A few days ago I asked Kos readers to begin formulating concrete ideas for what the Democratic economic agenda should ...
RETIII 03/20/2015 42 9 - -
Is This The Missing Economic Agenda For The Democratic Party?
One of my biggest despairs is the lack of a large, coherent economic policy program from the Democratic party. I think it is very important to raise the federal minimum wage . . . or to fight for ...
RETIII 03/16/2015 9 12 1 -
Dem. Sen. Tim Kaine Misrepresents The Iran Sanctions Law On Meet the Press
During his appearance on Meet the Press today, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) misrepresented the law on the Iranian sanctions, incorrectly arguing that President Obama is required to get additional ...
RETIII 03/15/2015 27 11 - -
The Supreme Court And Echoes Of Reconstruction
“[The ACA is] a statute that was written three years ago, not by dead white men but by living white women and minorities.” - - Michael Carvin, plaintiffs' lawyer in King v. Burwell . http://...
RETIII 03/08/2015 6 10 - -
Republicans are incompetent, but do Democrats have any messaging competence?
Will Roger's jokes aside, what the heck is wrong with the Democratic party? Do the Dems have minimal competence to shape the larger public debate? Take one example: visit Steve Benen's Rachel ...
RETIII 03/07/2015 37 12 - -
The Unbearable Whiteness of Chuck Todd and David Brooks
With the release of the Justice Department report on the systemic atrocities committed by the racist Ferguson police force and Ferguson local government, it is important to look back at how the ...
RETIII 03/07/2015 18 15 - -
Corporate Privilege
I wrote a diary not too long ago, explaining how U.S. corporations artificially hide U.S. profits as "foreign profits." It is nothing more complicated than accounting tricks. http://www.dailykos....
RETIII 09/06/2014 14 6 1 -
The Simple Sham Behind Corporate Tax Evasion
As someone who works ...
RETIII 07/22/2014 8 9 1 -
Who Is On The Democratic Bench?
Without meaning to inflame anyone, let's assume that Hillary Clinton will be the next Democratic presidential nominee. Who are the current or emerging ...
RETIII 07/21/2014 29 - - -
Republicans Want To "Save the Kids"
By current standards, Chris Wallace at Fox is not a complete hack. And because Fox's conservative bona fides are rock solid, they often have tougher Sunday morning show questions to Republicans ...
RETIII 07/20/2014 11 4 - -
Boehner's Lawsuit Assumes One Tiny Thing: Obamacare Hurts Everyone
Jed Lewison's excellent piece today focuses on the apparent lack of standing of Boehner and his Republican House colleagues to sue Obama for his delay of the employer mandate. http://www.dailykos....
RETIII 07/18/2014 4 4 - -
Republican Outrage re Bergdahl Is As Phony As Debt Ceiling Outrage
Press coverage of Republican claims that Obama broke the law by failing to give Congress the required 30 days notice before transferring Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl ignores one key fact. In December ...
RETIII 06/05/2014 14 6 1 -
"Fact Checking" Craziness
Is there anything more fascinating and disturbing than the Republicans' deliberate break with reality in all of their public statements? Well, I would say it is the general reporting of such brazen ...
RETIII 05/28/2014 11 5 - -
Obama Needs a Hillary Presidency
Not just Obama, but all of us. I voted for Obama over Hillary in the primaries. I was a reasonably big Obama fan. I still am. But just a few months into Obama's second term, it is clear that ...
RETIII 04/03/2013 86 17 - -
Why is the left suddenly ignoring the "guest worker" debate?
Countless news stories talk about a possible immigration reform bill, but for some very odd reason -- particularly on the left - - no one talks about what is really being debated: whether we ...
RETIII 03/24/2013 30 6 - -
How To Talk About US Budget As A Family Budget
The next time a Republican goes on TV and talks about the balancing the US budget like a family budget, the Democratic counterpart should just say: Republicans like to talk about the budget as if ...
RETIII 03/23/2013 4 1 - -
Do Latino Americans Want A Guest Worker Program?
I am not a Latino, and so I don't pretend to speak for them. For that reason, I ask: would Latino Americans prefer a "guest worker" program vs. no immigration reform bill (with a path to citizenship)
RETIII 03/15/2013 4 - - -
What If There Is No Deficit Problem?
Jonathan Bernstein has a great piece noting that recent economic data indicates that Medicare might not be facing the type of long-term fiscal challenges as repeatedly advertised. As Bernstein ...
RETIII 03/15/2013 12 9 - -
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