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Reagan Republican Bankrolls Rahmbo
The lead story in today's [NYT] business section baldly sets ...
RFK Lives 04/03/2015 6 21 - -
Torture does not stop at water's edge
Charles Pierce, as usual, gets it [here]: But this is what can happen if you normalize torture in the public mind ...
RFK Lives 02/24/2015 5 20 - -
US combat operations extended in Afghanistan
into 2015 as per the lead FP story in today's [NYT
RFK Lives 11/22/2014 98 64 - -
Why Doesn't President Remind Neocons Who Was Right on Iraq in 2002?
During the rush to war in 2002, an IL state senator said the following: I don't oppose all wars. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war. What I am opposed to is the ...
RFK Lives 06/22/2014 51 61 2 -
Pierce's Thanksgiving Post
[Charles Pierce], as usual, offers cogent commentary on Thanksgiving. On a holiday that seems to have morphed into a celebration of ...
RFK Lives 11/28/2013 2 11 - -
PBS, JFK, and why I'm a Dem
Like, I suspect, many of us here, I just finished watching the [American Experience] documentary on JFK. I have neither the time nor the ...
RFK Lives 11/12/2013 84 163 1 -
What would Founders say about black budgets?
Has anyone on either end of PA Ave ever bothered to read [Federalist #26]? Does anyone understand why [Article I, Sec. 8
RFK Lives 08/29/2013 7 10 - -
Was Anyone from NYT Detained Due to Pentagon Papers?
How about the WaPo? Those 2 outlets, after all, initially published the [Pentagon Papers] in 1971: The study comprised 3,000 pages of historical analysis ...
RFK Lives 08/19/2013 441 158 - -
NYT: "The Fed, Summers and Money"
The FP of today's NYT print edition contains a detailed [profile] of Larry Summers and his ...
RFK Lives 08/11/2013 15 25 - -
Visiting the Ghosts of Dems Past at Arlington
I was lucky enough to make a pilgrimage to the graves of the 3 Kennedy brothers at Arlington today. As is common knowledge, the [JFK gravesite
RFK Lives 04/21/2013 22 48 1 -
Our 2004 Nominee and Current SoS on Terrorism
Most of us recall the firestorm that circulated around our presidential nominee in the wake of his 10/04 [NYT Magazine] ...
RFK Lives 04/19/2013 3 9 - -
RFK Speaks to Us About Violence Today
On April 5, 1968, RFK only had one speaking engagement. He made no other public appearances on the day after the MLK assassination. He spoke to the Cleveland City Club on that dark day about [The ...
RFK Lives 04/16/2013 23 46 3 -
We Didn't LITERALLY elect Goldwater
Our president, however did become the first national political figure in 49 years to touch a 3d rail in American politics in the same budget where he is touching an even more visibly charged 3d rail.
RFK Lives 04/12/2013 25 17 1 -
Did we elect Barry Goldwater last year?
In all of the hue and cry about chained CPI in the president's proposed budget, one item has escaped scrutiny. The budget [considers selling part or all of TVA
RFK Lives 04/11/2013 429 175 2 -
RFK and the Drone Strike White Paper
As we all know, [NBC] released a leaked white paper ...
RFK Lives 02/07/2013 20 34 2 -
Farewell, Sen. Harkin
It was w/ heavy heart that I learned of Tom Harkin's impending retirement. As someone who actively participated in his ill-fated 1992 presidential campaign, I am sorry to learn that we will be ...
RFK Lives 01/26/2013 37 60 - -
Pierce, RFK, and Newtown
The always estimable [Charles Pierce] got to the heart of the matter about the Newtown Massacre today: Profit. That's why gun ...
RFK Lives 12/17/2012 5 19 1 -
RFK on Violence Rings True Today
It is not a time for political pontificating. 20 innocent children are dead, and 6 adults (including those who were trying to protect the kids) are dead, too. 2 days earlier, there was a mall ...
RFK Lives 12/15/2012 12 16 - -
Pierce's Context on Costas Comments
There's not much to be added to the mountain of commentary that has followed Bob Costas' fundamentally [common sense comments
RFK Lives 12/04/2012 15 18 - -
A Status Quo Election
After 3 straight wave elections in which the party holding the WH was mercilessly pummelled, it was interesting to see an election in which the existing balance of power was essentially maintained. ...
RFK Lives 11/07/2012 6 5 - -
Sandy First, Campaigning Second
As Sandy approaches the Mid-Atlantic coast, my thoughts and my prayers are with those who are w/in its path. I have experienced 3 hurricanes and a series of T.S. in the past 20 years, and there are ...
RFK Lives 10/28/2012 7 17 - -
Biden, Ryan, and Vatican II turns 50
There's fascinating timing tonight--2 Catholic candidates for the vice presidency are debating on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the [Second Vatican Council
RFK Lives 10/11/2012 2 4 - -
Pierce Hits Key Points of Debate
As usual, [Charles Pierce] understood the essence of last night's Mile High Madness. His commentary should be read in ...
RFK Lives 10/04/2012 8 16 - 122
As per Krugman, GOP, not Romney, is issue
Today, [Krugman] exceeds his usual high standards in his analysis of Romney's Boca Raton video. While this video will ...
RFK Lives 09/21/2012 10 23 - 116
Dole was Last Qualified GOP Nominee
Romney's Libya gaffe reminded me of Lincoln's famous line about keeping your mouth shut and being thought of as a fool instead of opening it and removing all doubt. It was increasingly apparent ...
RFK Lives 09/12/2012 9 10 - 84
If You Liked W, Vote Romney
George W. Bush has chosen to visit [Columbus, GA] instead of speaking at this year's GOP Convention in Tampa. ...
RFK Lives 08/28/2012 2 6 - 38
They're "earned benefits" not "entitlements"
One of this site's favorite topics is the framing of political issues. We've all seen countless diaries here by and about George Lakoff, about Overton Windows. The over-riding theme in these ...
RFK Lives 08/12/2012 165 309 6 1238
Pierce Distills Essence of Romneyism
Those of us who loved H.S. Thompson especially appreciated that he understood Nixon and all he stood for better than any other journalist of that time. [Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '...
RFK Lives 07/31/2012 16 20 1 199
Scalia, B v. G and Argument that Wasn't Made
As per the always estimable [Charles Pierce], Antonin Scalia is still publicly defending the Bush v. Gore decision in which he played such a [vital rolehttp://...
RFK Lives 07/19/2012 8 15 - 183
GOP--The Party of the 44%
This little factoid in yesterday's [LA Times,0,1588749.story] sums up an essential ...
RFK Lives 07/08/2012 21 15 - 180
Roberts Keeps His Powder Dry
As a preliminary matter, I confess that I erred in my forecast as to the final SCOTUS decision to ultimately be entered on the ACA. While the vote on the constitutionality of the mandate under the ...
RFK Lives 06/28/2012 3 8 - 126
What to do WHEN 5 Supremes strike ACA
Today's Per Curiam (PC) decision striking down MT's campaign finance law removes the last lingering doubts about what the same 5 Supremes will officially do tomorrow. The ACA is as dead as Newt's ...
RFK Lives 06/25/2012 27 27 1 321
Recalling Rev. Niemoller's Words Tonight
In the wake of the WI-Gov results, I keep thinking of [Martin Niemoller's famous quote] about the lack of German resistance to the Nazis: ...
RFK Lives 06/05/2012 10 11 - 98
Pierce Addresses Point that Really Matters in 2012
In his usual style, [Charles Pierce] addressed today's highly disconcerting [BLS figures
RFK Lives 06/01/2012 5 14 - 106
Pierce Sees Gingrich's Ghost in WI Recall
As noted by the eminently quotable [Charles Pierce], the DNC seems to be repeating one of its worst mistakes of ...
RFK Lives 05/16/2012 17 31 - 183
Have people noted KO's link to a "Bring KO Back" Facebook page?
I've seen God knows how many diaries here since his termination. I've yet to see one, however, that notes [this Facebook page link of KO's].
RFK Lives 01/22/2011 55 31 1 64
Individual Mandates Still Political Poison w/ WH Target Group
The latest [CNN poll] shows that independents still hate Individual Mandates. While Dems ...
RFK Lives 12/27/2010 53 22 - 60
Who's Being the PUMA on W's tax cuts?
If party unity is a key issue, then why is the Biden/McConnell deal now dead in the water in the House Dem Caucus? If you're actually seeking unity, don't you make a deal that the bulk of your ...
RFK Lives 12/09/2010 49 27 - 53
WH Jumps Shark on Simpson
Others here have already more than adequately addressed Alan Simpson's comments and the obvious contrast between the kid glove treatment he has received compared to the combat boots routine that ...
RFK Lives 08/26/2010 45 23 - 55
WH loses KO, at least for today
KO's opening segment featured Michael Moore followed by a Special Comment. KO may've previously done a Special Comment in his opening segment before, but I can't recall one. Usually, they're ...
RFK Lives 08/10/2010 95 34 - 42
Dems Hold Hammer in Tax Fight--Will They Use It?
The FP of today's [NYT] has an article about the looming expiration of the W/Cheney [2001
RFK Lives 07/25/2010 34 21 - 35
FDR was right, Reagan was wrong--More Obvious than Ever Now
As a thus far unstoppable toxic sludge continues to ooze its way across the Gulf, and as the toxic financial sludge of the aughts continues to ooze its way across our economy, it's an appropriate ...
RFK Lives 05/12/2010 73 54 2 180
John Basilone, Iwo Jima, and the disgrace of "bring it on"
I just watched episode 8 of "The Pacific" on HBO. That episode focused on the exploits of [John Basilone], a Marine who received the Medal of Honor for his ...
RFK Lives 05/02/2010 19 16 - 325
Did Anyone Read Bob Herbert about Joblessness Today?
I'm trying to minimize my typing b/c of a wrist injury. I'm astounded, however, that today's Herbert [NYT] column got no play here today ...
RFK Lives 03/09/2010 366 378 10 50
DOJ OPR Says Nixon was Right All Along
There have been several diaries in the past few days about the Dep't of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility report whitewashing the actions of Prof. John Yoo and Judge Jay Bybee while they ...
RFK Lives 02/21/2010 17 16 - 353
WJC Lost Law Licenses But Bybee and Yoo Aren't Punished
As today's diary from [jimstaro!] notes, there are many disturbing aspects to the DOJ Office of ...
RFK Lives 02/19/2010 35 27 - 37
If Only Dems Would Read Research 2000 Poll Results
Most everyone here has read the Research 2000 poll of GOP voters. There's no need to belabor the point that 3:1 majorities think that Obama is a socialist and that Palin is more qualified to be ...
RFK Lives 02/03/2010 15 15 - 32
Time to Retire "Bipartisanship", Mr. President
During the course of your 1st year in office, Mr. President, you have been subject to a series of attacks that boggle the imagination. First, there were the "birthers" who denied the legitimacy of ...
RFK Lives 01/21/2010 40 57 - 186
How Stupid Does Bayh Think We Are?
Today's [NYT] has a FP story about MA-Sen featuring the following gem by Evan Bayh: Senator Evan Bayh, ...
RFK Lives 01/17/2010 71 33 - 35
Uncle Sam as Humana's Collection Agent--enforcing individual mandates (Updated)
I'm largely indifferent to the debates on the constitutionality of individual mandates. My expectation is that the issue would end up before the SCOTUS. Once it got there, Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, ...
RFK Lives 01/04/2010 102 26 - 28
Today's NYT: "Obama Plays by DC's Rules"
The front page of the [NYT] national section has an article today that reiterates key points about the basic direction of ...
RFK Lives 12/26/2009 52 21 1 57
Why Isn't Gates Blocks Torture Photos Bigger News?
Buried inside today's [NYT], I saw this little AP nugget: Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has blocked the release of ...
RFK Lives 11/15/2009 207 69 - 149
Grayson HCR Town Hall tonight
I was in Orlando today, and I saw on an electronic message board downtown that Grayson is holding a [Town Hall Meeting
RFK Lives 10/12/2009 25 17 - 26
Bob Herbert Utters Some Awful Truths
Bob Herbert has an excellent column in today's [NYT] that appeared to have escaped notice at the time I started drafting this diary. ...
RFK Lives 09/08/2009 81 72 1 62
Michael Tomasky Notes Death of Last Dem Senate Lion
We will, obviously, see countless analyses of Ted Kennedy's legacy in the coming days. We may see almost as many for him as we saw for Michael Jackson, which is a good thing in and of itself. One ...
RFK Lives 08/26/2009 12 20 1 166
Should Nate Silver and NYT STFU on Public Option?
The FP already has the link to [Nate's piece], which, sadly, makes plenty of sense on the political side of the equation.
RFK Lives 08/17/2009 95 18 - 37
After Tampa, F*** "Bipartisanship"--Updated 2X
Something snapped for me tonight as a result of the abortive town hall meeting of Kathy Castor's that's the subject of the diary that was at the top of the Recc list when this diary was written. It ...
RFK Lives 08/06/2009 701 915 10 90
Pat Toomey wants Sestak to challenge Specter
Hi. I've blogged here several years now using an anonymous handle taken from my political hero. I've never disclosed my actual name--until now. My father, my son, and I all share a name w/ a ...
RFK Lives 05/28/2009 19 10 - 10
Axelrod Thanks Randall Terry for Obama PR triumph at ND
Okay, my headline was slightly inaccurate. What I really meant to say was that Axelrod should be thanking Terry, Keyes, and all of the others who allowed Obama to score a major PR triumph w/
RFK Lives 05/18/2009 37 34 1 25
The Joke's on anti-Obama ND Protesters
One aspect of today's speech by Obama at my alma mater that the opponents of that speech clearly seem to not realize is that 3 decades of support for the GOP by far too many in the Church hasn't ...
RFK Lives 05/17/2009 33 22 2 31
Obama's Notre Dame Opportunity to Push for Tolerance
As some here may've heard, President Obama will be speaking at my alma mater's commencement on Sunday. As some may've also heard, there are those who [oppose] his ...
RFK Lives 05/15/2009 20 15 - 21
Impeach Judge Bybee Now
While I disagree w/ the WH's decision to immunize CIA agents who carried out interrogation techniques authorized by Bush DOJ memos, I (relucantly) understand why the decision was made. I cannot, ...
RFK Lives 04/17/2009 25 33 - 20
E Pluribus Unum--A Notre Dame Theme for Obama
As some here may have heard, President Obama will be the commencement speaker at my alma mater on 5/17. Rumor has it that there are those in the Church hierarchy, including the local bishop and ...
RFK Lives 04/15/2009 9 7 - 1
The Reagan/Obama Double Standard on Speaking at Notre Dame
As some here may've noticed, I am a proud alumnus of the University of Notre Dame du Lac. My father, a subway alum, took me to many ND games while I was growing up in Chicagoland. I served as a ...
RFK Lives 04/03/2009 66 16 1 16
Did KO read DKos today?
As some here may've noticed, there are those who questioned the apparent [double standard,-Obama-forces-Wagoner-Out..Contracts-only-matter-...
RFK Lives 03/30/2009 54 23 - 19
Wall Street is winning, and we are losing
While TomP wrote an excellent [diary] today addressing Wall Street's threatened de facto capital strike, that diary only addressed part of the ...
RFK Lives 03/24/2009 56 28 1 16
Keith knocks it out of the park one more time--Updated
I'm still in a state of shock. KO is channeling William Jennings Bryan tonight. I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything like this from a cable news anchor. I sure as hell would never dream of ...
RFK Lives 03/19/2009 103 50 2 29
"Bipartisanship" Never Started--How Can it End?
While I understand the point of the "End of Bipartianship" diary, I consider the title to be a little misleading. As the Dustin Hoffman replied to an aging soap opera actor who called himself "an ...
RFK Lives 02/06/2009 14 10 - -
Powell v. McCormack Precedent Seems Pretty Clear for Burris
Amidst all of the debate about the propriety of Blago appointing Roland Burris for Obama's Senate seat, there appears to be little discussion of the ability of the Senate to refuse to seat Burris. ...
RFK Lives 12/30/2008 151 18 - 22
How Will "Bipartisanship" Actually be Achieved in Practice?
There are those who currently expect that, when Congress returns in a week, a new era of bipartisanship will come into being. The nasty ideological battles of recent years will end, and pragmatic ...
RFK Lives 12/29/2008 24 12 - 19
What would more Senate Dems really mean?
In 3 weeks time, Senate Dems will, at worst, have the largest majority enjoyed by either party [in 28 years]. If truth, ...
RFK Lives 12/15/2008 38 10 - 19
NYT FP: Schumer Hearts Wall Street
There's a fascinating above the fold story about Schumer and the Street on the FP of today's [NYT
RFK Lives 12/14/2008 23 22 - 20
Nate Silver shows historic magnitude of Obama's Mandate
I just read Nate's post [The Population and the Popular Vote]. It genuinely surprised me about the true extent of the mandate that Obama just received. In terms of ...
RFK Lives 11/30/2008 18 13 2 32
Bipartisanship in practice means no Obama visit to GA
Today's [NYT] shows how the theory of bipartisanship is being carried out in practice in GA-Sen: Mr. ...
RFK Lives 11/24/2008 77 5 - 46
GOP to "bipartisanship": Drop Dead
The front of today's [NYT] business section conclusively demonstrates that, while "reaching across the aisle" may sound great ...
RFK Lives 11/20/2008 25 28 3 172
Will you call your Dem senator about JoeMentum?
Tomorrow at 9 am, I will call Bill Nelson's office to urge that he vote to strip JM of his Homeland Security (HS) chairmanship. I will do so knowing that Nelson has already publicly advocated ...
RFK Lives 11/17/2008 48 8 1 11
Bayh: Don't Punish Joe, and no one gets hurt
While Evan Bayh often manages to embarrass himself, he's achieving new lows on Rachel Maddow's show tonight. His obsequious plea for JoeMentum is utterly nauseating. Bayh's argument is as follows:
RFK Lives 11/12/2008 68 23 - 28
Andrew Goodman's brother sums up Obama's victory
[Bob Herbert] is a must-read today for many reasons. One part of it, however, really stands out: I got a ...
RFK Lives 11/08/2008 9 19 - 85
Why Have Quotas for Goopers in Cabinet Picks?
I had originally considered entitling this piece "Why 'Bipartisanship'?" The more I thought about it, however, the more that I realized that the quota angle was the one to use. There is already ...
RFK Lives 11/06/2008 50 9 - 18
GOP Electioneering at my local Catholic parish
We have belonged to a Catholic parish outside Miami for many years. The pastor is a basically decent man whom I asked [a few weeks ago] ...
RFK Lives 11/03/2008 30 10 2 -
My racist GOP cousin is voting Obama
I learned last night at a gathering of my mother's family that a cousin of mine in Chicagoland is voting Obama. An uncle of mine told me that he received an e-mail from the cousin, and my uncle is ...
RFK Lives 11/02/2008 22 25 - 31
Brooks, Greenspan, Fukayama, and the Obama presidency
Francis Fukayama's endorsement of Obama yesterday in [The American Conservative] and David Brooks' endorsement of Keynesian public works spending ...
RFK Lives 10/31/2008 17 27 - 16
The Palin 2012 sticker I saw on an atty's laptop today
I had an all-day deposition today in a multiparty case. One of the attys present had a bright red "Palin 2012" sticker on the top of the laptop he had at the depo. It totally blew my mind for the ...
RFK Lives 10/28/2008 128 37 - 17
I Guess Ike was a Marxist-Leninist--Nixon/F​ord came close
I've always had a mixed view of our 35th prez. I admired his leadership dealing w/ a fractious coalition in WW II. I could never have balanced Monty and Patton, not to mention the oft-conflicting ...
RFK Lives 10/27/2008 27 11 1 24
Greenspan admits that Bernie Sanders was right
The most important news, by far, yesterday was Alan Greenspan's testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Govt Reform. Sadly, this testimony really didn't get the attention it deserved.
RFK Lives 10/24/2008 19 43 4 34
"I'd never vote for Obama, he's evil"
My son and I were out canvassing today. Our list was comprised of registered D's, so we had little contact w/ Goopers. One incidental contact we had, however, took me aback. We walked away from ...
RFK Lives 10/18/2008 40 9 1 -
Sen. Obama Must Avoid both Rubin and Rubinism
Today's [NYT] has a lengthy critique of the critical role ...
RFK Lives 10/09/2008 20 22 1 11
Shades of 1964 in 2008 Election?
The [1964 presidential election,_1964] remains the high-water mark for Democrats since FDR's death. It is the only post-FDR election in which ...
RFK Lives 10/07/2008 15 8 - 24
Some Bishops Setting Catholic Church up for serious fall
As many of us already know, the bishop of Scranton, PA, Biden's original home town, is essentially acting as a McCain/Palin surrogate today. As the [NYT
RFK Lives 10/05/2008 54 29 1 20
Our Cognitive Dissonance w/ Obama and Dems on Bailout
A few hours from now, the Senate will pass the Paulson Plan by a landslide margin. Our nominee [campaigned for its passage today
RFK Lives 10/01/2008 43 14 - 3
Kristol's and Krugman's Reactions to Paulson Plan Speak Volumes
A rare event occurred today--in their respective NYT columns, [Krugman] and [Kristol
RFK Lives 09/22/2008 17 17 - 11
Economic events are in the saddle--how will Dems be ridden
[Emerson's famous aphorism] about events being in the saddle and riding humankind was never more true than it has been this week. The ...
RFK Lives 09/19/2008 6 20 1 9
Why NOT do Town Halls w/ McCain?
At the start of the GE campaign, Team Obama (TO) declined the suggestion from Team McCain (TM) to have the candidates engage in a series of "town hall" style debates. Subsequent developments ...
RFK Lives 09/16/2008 43 2 - -
Either hit McCain on SS Privatization in FL or bail out
As the folks at [FiveThirtyEight.com] (538) set forth in detail, the Sunshine State has become a problem area for Team Obama (TO). There are 4 legitimate post-Palin ...
RFK Lives 09/15/2008 29 29 2 28
NYT front page proves key Krugman point about GOP lies
As a diary that soared to the top of the recommended list [addresses in detail], Krugman's [column
RFK Lives 09/12/2008 19 20 1 12
Nate Silver Nails the Palin Phenomenon
Today's projections on [fivethirtyeight.com] (538) are not for the faint of heart. EVs are essentially a dead heat, and McCain has a slight edge in both the projected ...
RFK Lives 09/11/2008 45 24 - 17
KO Does it Again on McCain and OBL
He threw down the gauntlet one more time-this time on McCain's BS about having a plan to catch OBL. Now that I think about it, McCain's "plan" sounds suspiciously like Nixon's "secret plan" to end ...
RFK Lives 09/10/2008 78 26 - 15
Spiro Agnew, Tracy Flick, and Sarah Palin
[As I noted last night], Sarah Palin can best be described as "Spiro Agnew in heels." Her speech attacking Obama and the TM comes ...
RFK Lives 09/04/2008 19 9 - 24
Palin May Ruin FL for McCain
Sarah Palin, the gift that keeps on giving, may've handed 27 EVs to Team Obama (TO). At the very least, she has made it much harder for Team McCain (TM) in a must-have state. The importance of ...
RFK Lives 09/02/2008 36 40 1 21
The Looming Dem Landslide
My first memories of an election year date back to 1968--I was in elementary school then. The first election I really followed closely is 1972. I'm too young to recall much of anything from the '...
RFK Lives 08/29/2008 4 8 - 9
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