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Posting History for RaceTalk

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The Executive Editor's Articles
Hello my name is Jamaal Bell. I am the executive editor for Race-Talk and a Huffington Post blogger. From time to time I like to write articles talking about race, equality, ethnicity, justice and ...
RaceTalk 05/24/2010 1 2 - 67
Is the Obama Administration Marginalizing the Black Political Agenda?: An Interview with Cornel West
Kathleen Wells, political correspondent for, interviewed Dr. Cornel West. West, self-professed “bluesman in the life of the mind” and “jazzman in the world of ideas,&...
RaceTalk 02/23/2010 107 12 2 99
Transforming Race Special Edition | Crisis and Opportunity in the Age of Obama
I like to share our Transforming Race Special Edition | Race-Talk articles with the Daily Kos diary readers. ...
RaceTalk 02/15/2010 5 3 - 28
Talking About Race
Our goal is to revolutionize thought, communication and activism related to race and equality. Race-Talk has recruited more than 30 extraordinary authors, advocates, social justice leaders, ...
RaceTalk 12/29/2009 22 17 1 115
Race-Talk Health Articles
This diary will introduce our health articles found on Race-Talk .
RaceTalk 12/14/2009 5 3 2 215
Race-Talk Special Edition - A Precious Reaction
Today on all of today's entries feature a discussion about the movie Precious by Lee Daniels, produced by Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. On Daily Kos you will view the first three ...
RaceTalk 12/04/2009 1 4 - 110
Race-Talk articles for Dec. 3, 2009
A New Lesson from the Old "Tuskegee" Study - Dr. Susan M. Reverby White Man's Burden Redux: The Movie! - Mike Barber CDC says African ...
RaceTalk 12/03/2009 11 5 1 217
Race-Talk Articles for Dec. 2, 2009
Understanding the unconscious side of racism - By john a. powell Something precious is missing - By Kira Hudson Banks, Ph.D. Will the ...
RaceTalk 12/02/2009 2 6 - 238
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