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UPDATED Chicago Mayor Live Blog: We Haz Runoff!
UPDATE: Cook County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia has forced incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a runoff election on April 7. With 1,732 of Chicago’s 2,069 precincts reporting (83.7 percent),
Railfan 02/24/2015 167 109 - -
Updated: IL-GOV Republicans Eating Their Own
Screw popcorn, this requires a good Chicago-style deep dish pizza: State Treasurer Dan Rutherford "contended Friday that his opponent, millionaire businessman Bruce Rauner, paid an attorney who ...
Railfan 01/31/2014 12 13 - -
IL-Gov: Rauner Has Some Explaining To Do
A diary here that starts off like this Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner pledges to run Illinois government “like a business.” In light of some disturbing facts which have come to ...
Railfan 01/22/2014 18 9 1 -
Symbol Truth: Union kepi trumps 'Stars & Bars'
Given the increasing appearance of posts like Clear Eyes' from today and MinistryofTruth's from Oct. 10 , I've about had it with the bloviating, neo-Confederate racist jackass wastes of oxygen who ...
Railfan 10/14/2013 11 9 - -
Why is Jim Messina Helping the Tories?
The BBC reports that the U.K.'s Conservative Party has hired Jim Messina as a campaign strategy adviser for the next general election campaign, which will be sometime in or around 2015. Quoth the ...
Railfan 08/02/2013 12 2 - -
Marriage Equality: Watch IL Today
Per Rich Miller at The Capitol Fax Blog, the marriage equality bill (SB10) may be called today in the IL House of Representatives. The General Assembly is also trying to hash out pension reform and ...
Railfan 05/30/2013 4 5 - -
Dear Rep. Schakowsky & Sen. Durbin,
I live in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood, making me one of your constituents. If you vote to cut Social Security or Medicare, including "chained CPI," I will vote for someone else in your next ...
Railfan 04/05/2013 9 7 - -
So, What Song DOES Represent Romney-Ryan?
Late Thursday night, HoundDog's post noted with considerable amusement that Silversun Pickups sent a "Knock it off, Asshat" order to the Romney-Ryan campaign, telling it to stop using their song "...
Railfan 08/17/2012 49 7 - 128
Facepalm du Jour: Louisiana school to teach dragons were real?
Hat tip to Susie Madrak over at Crooks & Liars, who wrote earlier today about the Crazy*ss 'Facts' to be Taught in Louisiana's Voucher Schools . She caught this story at Mother Jones , chronicling ...
Railfan 08/08/2012 24 16 - 207
Chicago Alderman to Chic-fil-A: Go east til your hat floats
It's rare when a Chicago alderman makes news for something other than a federal indictment, much less when one does something, well, rather spectacular. But the Chicago Tribune reports today that ...
Railfan 07/25/2012 42 27 - 229
Scott Walker to Try and Plow Prairie State
The Always Indispensable Rich Miller is reporting at the Capitol Fax Blog that Scott Walker is coming to Springfield next month. He's been invited by -- natch -- the Illinois Chamber of Commerce to ...
Railfan 03/22/2012 31 18 1 194
Springsteen's Land of Hope and Dreams
With just five days left until "Wrecking Ball" is released, and given the news that Andrew Breitbart has returned to the land of fire and brimstone from which he was vomited, we need a reminder of ...
Railfan 03/01/2012 2 3 - 40
Found: Island of Sanity in a Sea of Stupid
A quick observation on a warm (!) Friday afternoon here in Chicago: Kudos to New Hampshire restaurant owner Jeremy Colby, who ...
Railfan 01/06/2012 10 5 - 141
Oh, Joy: T-Clown Show Coming to Suburban Chicago
So I check the home page of our Chicago Tribune a coupletwo-tree seconds ago, and find amongst the "Breaking News" links this item:
Railfan 09/19/2011 10 4 - 74
The Lost Amendment?
Happy birthday to us! For all our country's faults, for all our shortcomings as a people, nation, and society, there is much good here. Our values -- the ones to which we aspire -- are noble, if ...
Railfan 07/04/2011 10 3 - 91
Bands to Rock for Trains? All aboard!
Most of us here are aware (some, to judge by their screen names, obsessively so) that supporting passenger rail and the ultimate goal of a national high-speed rail network are very progressive values,
Railfan 03/08/2011 16 10 - 99
Thank you, "Jobs Killer" Walker! Love, Illinois
Elections do have some pesky consequences. The latest news from Wisconsin Governor-elect Scott "Jobs Killer" Walker's vendetta against any transportation system that doesn't involve roads, Roads, ...
Railfan 11/11/2010 36 22 - 103
UPDATED IL GOTV: Alexi drops a T-bomb; Shrub coming in '11, let's keep him lonely
UPDATE: Per my comment below, Alexi Giannoulias today ...
Railfan 10/21/2010 12 1 - 85
Ringtone Rod: He's Bleepin' Golden
Worried and stressed out by all the tsoris in the nation and world these days? Is the wailing and gnashing of teeth giving you a headache? Sickened by epidemic asshattery? Fret no more, for just as ...
Railfan 07/16/2010 10 3 - 13
Senate GOP gives Dems great ad opportunity for Valentine's Day
Will the DNC or somebody be smart enough to accept? So the Republicans are once again telegraphing their punch : Filibuster anything and ...
Railfan 02/13/2010 9 12 - 63
Cafferty: Should Dems go it alone? Nation: Hellyeah!
I can't tell the players, conspiracy theories, educated guesses about the Obama administration's health care reform tactics and strategy, and wild-ass guesses about the Obama administration's health ...
Railfan 08/20/2009 9 22 - 24
When hate comes to town: The Phelps freaks “attack”
Bigotry and hatred is always hard to stomach, especially when it’s directed at you. Trying to reason with people who hate you because you exist, breathe air, live, and love is a losing ...
Railfan 08/03/2009 71 25 - 59
Phelps Alert: Join counter-protest at Chicago synagogue on Monday, Aug. 3
Gut shabbes, and oy. The farpotshket Phelps Phamily is coming to Chicago Monday to protest at my North side shul! As Kossack Mikey noted in ...
Railfan 07/31/2009 40 14 - 35
Ray LaHoodwinked?
Ray LaHood for Secretary of Transportation? Really? Is there no one better, even among ...
Railfan 12/17/2008 22 5 - 29
New Obama event Saturday ... in Springfield, IL
The timing of Barack Obama's vice presidential pick, or ticket debut, just came into sharper focus: He's scheduling an event for Saturday at the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. Not ...
Railfan 08/19/2008 127 34 - 20
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