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Hoosiers only!
So-o, Donnelly has a chance! Where should we work, and where should we go? My iimpression is that Obama is going to win, so we need to look local? I'm mobile, ready for GOTV, I've worked in the most ...
Raj47905 10/01/2012 6 4 - 49
Plea from a Red-State Dem (IN)
Really, I don't know what the deal is w/ you coastal Dems. Frankly, I'm a bit tiffed. Did you not see how we won states like IN, or are going to win VA? What precisely did you think ... that we ...
Raj47905 09/26/2012 12 6 - 173
It's time to go Ohio and work for GOTV. Are you from Lafayette Indiana? Let me know ... we MUST win OH both for our Pres as well as Sherrod Brown. I have all kinds of contacts ...
Raj47905 09/23/2012 5 5 - 95
We LOST Indiana - I'm "trusted" ?
We lost the fight in Indiana. Mitch-the-jerk signed the "right to be impoverished" law today. I just don't know what else to say, except that I'm SO SORRY. I just got an email in my box saying that I'
Raj47905 02/02/2012 10 9 - 197
Confront Ron Paul Supporters
As a "left for dead" Indiana Democrat, I'd like to encourage all Kos readers in red states to engage all Ron Paul supporters about the following facts. #1 when the Paul campaign began, it was all ...
Raj47905 01/22/2012 26 8 - 180
Mindless Indiana Dem venting, 1980 redux
This is *NOT* an intelligent blog. I'm just venting, as an Indiana Dem. Every time I watch Rach talk about abortion, I want to scream. It's astonishing. Planned Parenthood is facing such unreal ...
Raj47905 08/25/2011 16 2 - 51
Open Reply to a nice person
TYVM for your very nice reply. Frankly, I think there was a simple misunderstanding - when I was quoted as saying that I "reconsidered" ... that referred to Hillary vs. Barack. That's all it was. I ...
Raj47905 08/13/2011 16 6 - 138
Naturally, we in IN are given up for dead
The sad fact is that Indiana is right next to Illinois. Anyone who knows the history of this state can recall that in the 30s it was run by the KKK. Frankly, we're fed up. We know there are ...
Raj47905 08/04/2011 16 43 2 177
CNN, other media fall 4 'crazy person' sham
This looks like a labor negotiation. There is, as always, a "crazy person" on the other side. This time, the "person" is in fact a large group of tea party Repubs. Obviously the markets would be ...
Raj47905 07/28/2011 23 13 - 354
As usual Dems will yield Big surprise, eh? Short-term solution. Did ya ever think that the Repubs' goal was ...
Raj47905 07/21/2011 12 - - 88
Repubs have done it :)
In a previous diary, I've expressed admiration for JFK, during the steel crisis. Some have argued that any potential threat or actual invocation of 14A Sec. 4, cannot be justified w/o Sec. 5 (i.e. ...
Raj47905 07/20/2011 12 6 1 233
Steel the Bipartisan Mills and Sail Away, Mr. Pres.
Does anyone remember JFK and the Steel Crisis? [ ] I'll get back to that in a moment, but let's start w/ the present budget issues. Oh wait. ...
Raj47905 07/06/2011 5 3 - 62
No way we won this big
We had no hope here in IN, we knocked till we dropped. We never had any clue that we would be "imp" in the primary let alone the gen'l.
Raj47905 04/28/2009 20 14 - 19
Want to work in OK?
Shoot, I'm not sure I want to work there, either! But I live in Indiana, and am known as The Mad Canvasser of Indiana. I've knocked 15K doors in this state, and I want to make sure that we get BLUE, ...
Raj47905 02/25/2009 15 3 - 11
No State Left Behind
This diary is dedicated to my pal, NWTerriD, and all the Kossacks who supported the Obama campaign during the difficult times of the Indiana primary (and the "second coming of Rev. Wright.) It doesn'...
Raj47905 02/07/2009 7 2 - 4
Yeah, I know. The concept of Blue Indiana is hard to reach. I never thought it would occur, when I blind knocked, back in June. That said, one shouldn't give up on the idea. After all, it ...
Raj47905 12/04/2008 22 3 - 29
Phonebanking for Martin
Look, I've knocked 15K doors in Indiana. No one thought it was achievable. I'm The Mad Canvasser" ... we were (arguably) left for dead in this state, and yet - it's blue now, on the ...
Raj47905 11/17/2008 34 20 2 20
Hoosiers and Martin/Chambliss
If you're a Hoosier, you recall how difficult/unbelievable it was, to imagine Barack Obama as the first Democratic Presidential candidate from the North, that won Indiana - since ...
Raj47905 11/14/2008 15 9 - 4
What you can do (esp. red state Dems)
As The Mad Canvasser of Indiana, I feel slightly privileged to make some humble sugg.s. After all, everyone thought I was crazy when I started blind-knocking back in early June w/ a box of ...
Raj47905 11/11/2008 9 3 - 8
Red State Dems ... Unite! (1936)
Here in Indiana, we're still waking up. In more senses than one. But for the one thing, we're still catching up on sleep. I'd like to congratulate my pals in MO and NC, for the ...
Raj47905 11/09/2008 26 12 - 5
Indiana Democrats will Survive
I've only lived in Indiana for 15 years, and I don't like it much. But I've become a die-hard Indiana Democrat, so I fear the potential of getting kicked in the butt again. Please view ...
Raj47905 11/02/2008 25 3 - 6
OBAMAniac ... or DEMOCRAT?
After approx 15K doors (including blinds, and the primary), I'll be hanging up my canvassing shoes tomorrow - at least until '10. (To be fair: my third pair of sneakers, is being "hung up."
Raj47905 10/23/2008 12 3 - 12
Indiana - PPP and Powell (ground view)
Kossacks in general seem to have a lot more time than Yours Truly - AKA The Mad Canvasser - to dissect polls. As we approach the last few days of canvassing and persuasion calling here in ...
Raj47905 10/22/2008 30 24 - 6
Enjoy preaching to the choir - in Indiana!
Now is the time. Here in Indiana, all local Democrats are having a very special event. Even if you've never called or knocked doors before ... you can enjoy the ...
Raj47905 10/17/2008 5 11 - 26
Dear Chicago, Don't forget us Hoosiers
The evidence suggests that I've knocked more doors in IN, than any other vol. canvasser (est. 15K incl'g the primary, and blinds). I was knocking doors for Obama with a box of Philly speeches ...
Raj47905 10/15/2008 10 2 - 4
An IN canvasser's ground report
As IN's self-described "mad canvasser" ... this is my assessment, mind you - from the ground. Everyone keeps saying "and even (maybe) IN" ... IDK if I agree w/ that.
Raj47905 10/01/2008 32 19 - 18
INSPIRATION for Obama Canvassers
As an Obama Canvasser, you are a special person.
Raj47905 09/29/2008 14 29 1 26
Hoosiers must get out and walk tomorrow!
You've seen the email from Lilly West, our DFD in Indiana. I'm here to tell you, just how important F2F contacts are. Surely your intuition must support this - if you can tell your ...
Raj47905 09/26/2008 8 6 - -
Obama Canvassers are working in IN (now a toss-up)!
Mad Canvasser Mantras Here are a few words for everyone out there, who's actually doing the work: ... you are not alone: "Knock 'til ya drop. Persuade 'til ya fade.
Raj47905 09/21/2008 21 8 1 11
Some positive notes from Indiana
As the self-described mad canvasser here in Tippecanoe co., I'm pleased to report that I'm seeing a turnaround here, in the field. I knock every avail. hour that I can, and I must confess ... ...
Raj47905 09/19/2008 42 21 - 1
What are YOU doing for Dem.s, *NOW*?
This is not an intellectual blog entry. It's about action . We can't possibly win any offices in this election, until everyone (and that means you ) takes action ...
Raj47905 09/10/2008 6 1 - 4
An Indiana Obama Canvasser's Oath
My wife is freaking out about the recent polls. Many of you might be feeling the same way, quite understandably. To see this as a crisis is to overlook the fact that it's an opportunity.
Raj47905 09/08/2008 17 19 - 26
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