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Bernard Baran, 1965-2014
Many's the hour I've lain by my window And thought of the people who carried the burden Who marched in the strange fields in search of an answer And ended their journeys an unwilling hero -Phil Ochs,
RamblinDave 09/04/2014 22 63 - -
Stop TIME-Splaining: What TIME Gets Wrong About Feminism (UPDATED)
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’re probably familiar with the “Women Against Feminism” meme that has been taking social media by storm. There have been ...
RamblinDave 07/26/2014 141 71 1 -
Open Letter on the NJ Birth Case Debate
I live in Singapore. This has its advantages, such as the fact that the miserable winter most of the US just shivered through was only a rumor over here (sorry!), or how when I forget an American ...
RamblinDave 03/13/2014 44 48 2 -
Mouthy Right Wing Friends on Facebook? Don't Get Mad, Get Even!
Harold is a Vietnam vet who loves our country very much, though he does have a very different view of it than I (and most other Kossacks) do. I always keep that in mind when he starts mouthing off ...
RamblinDave 02/04/2014 136 306 1 -
The Promise of Buddy Holly
December 1995: I was seven months out of college, and rather the worse for wear after a couple of rough introductions to the real world. But I did have a car, and that was what mattered on that ...
RamblinDave 02/03/2013 37 63 2 -
The Problem With Eleven-Dimensional Chess
Following on MinistryOfTruth’s diary on whether or not this is a matter of chess, it occurs to me that even if it were that, there would be some very serious problems with Obama trying to play ...
RamblinDave 01/01/2013 4 4 - -
Dear Virginia...
I wasn't going to write a diary for Loving Day. For one thing, it's the sort of thing where in this day and age, it ought to go without saying that it was just and right, just like women's suffrage ...
RamblinDave 06/12/2012 20 24 - 206
Santorum: A taboo even Lou Reed wouldn’t touch. So I did it for him.
Rick Santorum had reached his limit. It was now late December, which meant he had been running for president for more than two years. Two years, and all he had to show were an asterisk in the polls ...
RamblinDave 12/23/2011 5 3 - 188
New Year’s Eve 1996: The Night I Learned What We Were Up Against
As a sometime-Pennsylvanian, all the recent publicity about Ex-Sen. Santorum (how I love typing the “Ex” part of that!) has dredged up a lot of memories. Most are fairly nasty. A few are ...
RamblinDave 06/23/2011 7 10 - 99
Public employee suicides - It could have been me!
I started this as a comment on the diary about the guy in California who killed himself after being laid off. But after I got everything down that I felt needed to be said, I realized it stands ...
RamblinDave 03/18/2011 15 28 - 308
Music Corner: The Right Wing Top Ten
It will happen soon enough, sure as the night follows the day. With the onslaught of Republican candidates for president that we can expect in the next several months, we’re going to be treated to ...
RamblinDave 02/16/2011 9 4 - 106
Not feeling the Holiday Spirit? That's okay!
It happens to the best of us some years, maybe even to most of us most years. I couldn’t tell you for sure, but I know it’s happened to me enough times for me to be confident that I’
RamblinDave 11/24/2010 3 4 - 51
Confessions of a Former Kanjorski Intern
For those of us who are old enough to remember 1994, I’m sure Tuesday night reminded most of us of those dark days. Me too, but for slightly different reasons. The conventional wisdom holds ...
RamblinDave 11/04/2010 15 13 3 199
The Politics of Hate Mail
I received my first hate mail today. Well, I guess "hate mail" is a rather melodramatic description of what I received, but it was just as dismissive and rude as the entries we usually see in the ...
RamblinDave 01/29/2010 14 7 - 25
Blog for Choice (a day late - sorry)
(Crossposted at my blog , and it was on time there. Oops.) I have to confess to having been previously unaware of this, but today (the 22nd) is ...
RamblinDave 01/23/2010 6 7 - 156
"Misquoted," "Misconstrued," What are they REALLY getting at, then?
If you've read the Salon article about the tea parties by now (and if you haven't, you ...
RamblinDave 05/10/2009 6 13 - 22
Alexandra Pelosi and the difference between Left and Right
Just last week, I was kvetching with an Indian colleague of mine about an unpleasant person we'd both had to work with on occasion. When I noticed he was projecting a lot of negative assumptions on ...
RamblinDave 02/17/2009 57 20 2 20
The first post-inaugural round of media bashing? You're going to love this...
(Cross-posted at my personal blog, but I thought it fit pretty well here too.) If you're anything like me, you might be wondering what the first round of "the Liberal Media is shilling for Obama" ...
RamblinDave 01/20/2009 5 2 - 3
Michelman for Senate in PA? Please, no!
RamblinDave 03/02/2006 38 3 - -
Aaron Burr: The Next Generation
RamblinDave 02/13/2006 3 2 1 1
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