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Thank You to the People From the Taxi
I wanted to write this thank you diary on the day before Thanksgiving, because something that happened last week meant so much to me and I thought it might also be meaningful to others. It's so ...
Ramelle 11/27/2013 56 194 1 -
possible move to Maryland - any advice?
Hi DKos community, This is a slightly odd diary, but I've had a job offer from around Perry Point, MD and i'm trying to figure out if I could live there. I haven't actually seen the area yet - the ...
Ramelle 11/29/2012 82 9 - -
On Bullying - it's personal
Last week at work, I was bullied. I've been working in some sort of job since I was 19 and I'm now 50 and somehow I've made it this far without being bullied. The bully was a colleague, not a boss.
Ramelle 08/16/2012 135 63 2 639
KosAbility: BONES
When I was three I fell off a swing and broke my collarbone. That happens to a lot of children, but when they took an X-ray, they noticed a healed compression fracture in my spine. That doesn't ...
Ramelle 03/18/2012 64 78 - 446
On not fitting in
I was a Jewish kid in a small redneck town in Southern California. The nearest Synagogue was a small Conservative Synagogue a good 45 minutes away and I was terrified of the Rabbi. My best friend ...
Ramelle 09/12/2011 70 90 - 545
I just received a call from the Obama campaign
They wanted a donation of $200 for the Obama campaign. Honestly, I don't have it. My health care costs are too high, even with insurance and, of course, as a federal employee, my raises have been ...
Ramelle 08/13/2011 67 22 1 426
KosAbility: When your immune system fails you
It started with a toothache. Well okay, it probably started much sooner than that – maybe with the German Measles I caught at age 17, three years after I had the vaccine, or maybe the weird double ...
Ramelle 02/13/2011 139 84 3 424
A Not So Silent Night
My friend Otter wrote these lyrics (sung to the tune of Silent Night, of course). I thought I'd share them today. I'm Jewish and don't know the story of Jesus all that well, but from what I've ...
Ramelle 12/25/2009 2 - 1 22
Dear Hillary;
Yesterday I gave what money I could afford to John Edwards' campaign. I did this because I became convinced Al Gore is not going to enter the race and I think John Edwards is the candidate who best ...
Ramelle 11/03/2007 54 29 - 3
freep this poll
Ramelle 02/02/2006 7 1 - -
Fire Michael Brown as FEMA head, Rep. Wexler urges President Bush
Ramelle 09/04/2005 5 3 - -
Kids TV program on PBS features LGBT parents
Ramelle 01/22/2005 1 8 - 9
What Really Happened website
Ramelle 12/06/2004 12 1 - 9
Ramelle 11/22/2004 3 2 - -
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