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Postmortem from a facebook "debate" on gay marriage
Recently on Facebook I had an ongoing debate with a friend from college regarding gay marriage. It started when he wrote as his status, in relevant part: “And my daughter informs ...
Ran3dy 10/17/2010 17 10 - 78
Discrimination against a fetus?
While waiting for my Chinese takeout order tonight, I leafed casually through the USA Today there on the counter. There in the front-page sidebar, I read a snippet about the Oklahoma House ...
Ran3dy 04/27/2010 116 21 - 42
Vermont votes to close VT Yankee nuke plant as scheduled
In the Vermont senate today, a bill came for consideration: whether or not to extend the license for Vermont Yankee (VY), an old-school nuclear power plant put into service in 1972. Entergy, the ...
Ran3dy 02/24/2010 138 15 - 39
My stepmother, the conservative
This afternoon, I'm going snowshoeing through the woods with my girlfriend. This morning she's at work, caring for a quadriplegic man, helping him to enjoy the holiday. My daughter's at her mom's, ...
Ran3dy 12/25/2009 97 50 - 242
My Car Sob Story, Part 2 of ?
Sooo, where was I? Oh yeah...gonna be late for the Mountaineers game. I looked up and saw nothing but black. I channeled Derek Smalls in asking "How much more black could it be?" And then, from the ...
Ran3dy 08/03/2009 9 4 - -
My Car Sob Story, Part 1 of ?
This diary has very little, on the surface, to do with the big national issues of the day. Rather, it is closer to a diary, in the real, hide-it-under-the-pillow sort of way as opposed the blogging ...
Ran3dy 08/02/2009 15 4 1 1
FOXNEWS Suggests Army Accepts Birther Claims
(Updated title per suggestion in comments. Thanks, thelatinist ! That;s right: Fox is claiming that the Army's statement of "thanks but no ...
Ran3dy 07/15/2009 56 10 - 45
On Tea and Taxes
Haven't we had enough diaries about the Tea parties, teabagging jokes, and making fun of the wingnuttery over the outright ignorance of their position? Nope.
Ran3dy 04/10/2009 2 2 - 4
FrontPageMag the New Freepers?
Following a link from The Huffington Post , I was drawn into an article written by Andrew Walden ...
Ran3dy 04/01/2009 9 - - 3
"Traditional Marriage" is gender discrimination
In honor of St. Valentine, I come before you to plead a case, or rather, to enter another lines of reasoning into an already roiling discussion. Let's say that I'm in love with a person, and we ...
Ran3dy 02/14/2009 27 10 - 12
The Long Johns on the financial crisis
I found this British video from a duo who call themselves the Long Johns; it's probably one of the best analyses of the current financial crisis that I've seen. We all pretty much know the basics ...
Ran3dy 10/01/2008 3 5 - 5
Who's introducing sexism into the campaign?
This, from Hillary Clinton's statement yesterday: I am running for all ...
Ran3dy 05/25/2008 7 1 - 16
Framing the debate: Gas Tax Holiday (w/ poll)
[My first diary here, so please be patient....] I have a thought about our framing the debate on the proposed "gas tax holiday" by Clinton and McCain. Gather 'round this here campfire an ...
Ran3dy 05/03/2008 32 2 - -
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