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Upcoming event: “Stop the Wars at Home & Abroad!”
For those who will be in the NY metropolitan area in early May, you may want to check out a three day event being organized by the United National Antiwar Coalition This event - a three day ...
Randian 03/12/2015 4 3 - -
Andrew Cuomo's Vindictiveness
In spite of the fact that my Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has done the right thing on fracking, he is now showing the side of himself that led to his getting a serious primary challenge last year from ...
Randian 01/01/2015 25 64 1 -
RIP, Professor Stuart Hall
A key figure in Cultural Studies who focused much on race, class and culture has passed away. Rest in peace to Professor Stuart ...
Randian 02/10/2014 5 11 - -
Racist apple offspring not falling far from the GOP parental tree
With examples like George HW Bush, Dan Quayle, Ron Paul, George Romney, Mitt Romney, and others, we can see that the GOP - the self proclaimed party of Family Values - sure does a bang up job when ...
Randian 06/16/2013 14 13 1 -
More Domestic Terrorism? (Ricin Letters to Michael Bloomberg)
Hmm, is it too soon to start using the terms "domestic terrorism"? This appears to be a case of right wing domestic terrorism - ricin letters sent to the biggest nemesis of America's population of ...
Randian 05/29/2013 32 15 - -
Something rotten in the state of Florida
My late dad lived in Florida when he retired and I used to visit him there. So, as a New Yorker, I continue to be interested in news out of the Sunshine State, particularly breaking stories of ...
Randian 03/13/2013 5 14 1 -
my email to a wannabe impeacher
Kos currently has a diary up on Texas Congressman Steve Stockman. Kos notes, correctly, that Stockman upholds the ludicrous position that any form of gun control equates to a violation of the ...
Randian 01/14/2013 6 8 - -
Hilarious comments at "unskewed polls"
Sorry for the short diary, but if anyone wants some good laughs, check out the comments on the ludicrously non-factual GOP propaganda site Unskewed Polls - a site that went against the grain so as ...
Randian 11/07/2012 5 12 - -
Bill O'Reilly thinks all black men look like "coke dealers"
Sometimes the dog whistles on Fox News are very loud indeed; anyway, this exchange seems to epitomize the mission of Fox ...
Randian 10/26/2012 13 6 - -
Did Romney cheat during the debate?
I just watched a short, slowed down video of Romney coming to the podium at the start of the debate and it appears in the video that he very subtly pulled some note cards from his pocket and placed ...
Randian 10/05/2012 20 10 - 288
Ugly smear campaign against Obama's mother
Proving once again that there's always another low to which they'll sink, the right wing character assassins are now attempting to smear President Obama's late mother, claiming, via very ...
Randian 10/03/2012 6 7 - 230
A question - who's the most deranged Rep?
A quick question for discussion? Who would you say is the most deranged member of Congress? Which member of the House of Representatives, in particular, is the least in contact with what we ...
Randian 08/29/2012 17 1 - 86
So, now the GOP are calling us "retarded"
A sign of how far from civil discourse political discussion in this country has ...
Randian 08/08/2012 25 17 - 234
Please like my anti Koch Brothers FB page
Short Diary: I am asking that if you are on Facebook, please "like" my recently created community page - The Koch Brothers Hate America I created it just yesterday and already the page has 22 likes. ...
Randian 07/09/2012 4 2 1 51
Pete and Arlo and the unions
just thought I'd share this, as a moment of uplift, and as something to counter the corporatist attacks by Romney, Ryan, Christie, and the rest of the worker hating ...
Randian 04/04/2012 9 14 1 87
Cyber activism on AZ Majority (woman hating) Whip Debbie Lesko's Facebook and Twitter pages
Just a suggestion for a quick bit of cyber activism on the Facebook and Twitter pages of a now infamous Arizona State Senator who wants to give employers the power to fire women for using birth ...
Randian 03/14/2012 9 17 - 159
Breitbart's "Eulogy" for Senator Kennedy
Just a reminder of the stuff of which Andrew Breitbart, who fortunately will no longer be able to spread his uniquely destructive mix of liberal bashing and character assassination, was made. My ...
Randian 03/01/2012 15 23 - 327
Rick Santorum sides with crowd calling Obama a Muslim and an illegitimate president
Here's an example of just how low Rick Santorum - likely soon to be irrelevant in the race for the White House - is willing to sink. Addressing a crowd and taking questions in the Florida Bible Belt,
Randian 01/23/2012 51 39 - 481
Right Wing Milita Terrorism in Georgia in the News
Remember a while back all the flak on the right about the Obama Administration's warnings about the threat ...
Randian 11/02/2011 9 11 - 72
Repugs Mocking Occupy Wall Street for Halloween
The mockery of Occupy Wall Street by those who fear and misunderstand it ...
Randian 10/26/2011 8 2 - 82
Paul Ryan calls Buffett Rule "Class Warfare"
The bastard Republicans have been at it for decades now with the projection of their "class warfare" accusations. For years, the very notion that one might mention the possibility that America does, ...
Randian 09/18/2011 17 18 - 175
The Foo Fighters vs. Westboro Church
Just a short diary, but I wanted to share this video link, as it is awesome. The band the Foo Fighters, being targeted for protest in Kansas City by the hate group Westboro Baptist Church, decided ...
Randian 09/17/2011 88 166 1 1350
Reports of a Verizon Strike Settlement
Forgive the brevity of this, but I have just seen a report that the Verizon strike is being ...
Randian 08/20/2011 13 21 - 163
Reports of a stabbing in WI State Capitol
Still trying to get some more detail on this, but a couple of Wisconsin groups on Facebook are reporting on a stabbing at the WI State Capitol today.
Randian 07/25/2011 52 35 - 430
The Lastest GOP Hypocrisy, This Time from Gov Christie
Chris Christie, the self-declared "fiscal conservative" Republican governor of New Jersey, who routinely invokes the "taxpayer" as a means of imposing a fiscally imbalanced, worker unfriendly, ...
Randian 05/31/2011 6 11 - 155
Need advice for a Koch Boycott campaign
I am looking for practical ideas and suggestions about how to organize a Koch brothers boycott on a neighborhood/regional ...
Randian 05/08/2011 16 4 - 101
Teabagging House Freshman compares the unemployed to drug addicts
These guys are so unbelievably arrogant, mean spirited, and out of touch. Here is House freshman teabagger and would be Rush Limbaugh, Blake ...
Randian 04/30/2011 41 25 - 275
The PS22 Chorus will put a smile on your face
At a time when public schools, public school teachers, and other public institutions are under constant assault by the ever more fascistic right, it is worth reminding ourselves of concrete examples ...
Randian 04/26/2011 9 10 - 83
Judge Refuses to Drop Assault Charges Against Thug Rand Paul Supporter
Looks like justice will perhaps be served against a deserving thug!
Randian 04/06/2011 86 222 - 1937
A Useful Blueprint For a General Strike
I just came across a very insightful essay from Madison Wisconsin's very progressive, pro-labor and anti-Walker Cap Times webpage. The article, entitled,
Randian 03/13/2011 1 - - 25
Madison Protest at Koch Office
As a former Wisconsinite (1987-90) who is so proud of the fight spirit of progressivism taking place both in Madison, where I lived while attending grad school, and throughout the entire state, I ...
Randian 02/25/2011 16 14 1 126
Union Basher Rand Paul's Blatant Hypocrisy on Violence
Rand Paul is liar and a blatant hater of working people! In his ad for a proposed piece of antilabor legislation called the ...
Randian 01/21/2011 3 7 - 130
Keith Levene's Post-Punk Song for 2011
I was looking for songs earlier on All Music that referenced 2011 and came upon the following, courtesy of a brilliant guitarist for two seminal bands of my youth,
Randian 12/31/2010 7 3 - 51
Looking at the backwardness of Oklahoma
I am going to start out here with a disclaimer, namely, that while state by state comparisons are often revealing of important political, economic, social and perhaps even cultural differences ...
Randian 11/09/2010 24 1 - 18
I just argued loudly on the phone with Rand Paul's campaign office
I just got off the phone with one of Rand Paul's campaign staffers. Rand Paul is a vile, degenerate sociopath. But I had a few things to get off my chest.
Randian 10/27/2010 380 358 5 258
A Disconnect on Facebook - me and my dear GOP friends
I recently posted this on Facebook, and because it is something that originated here on Daily Kos and has generated a fair amount of good discussion on my Facebook page, as well as because it is ...
Randian 10/24/2010 14 5 - 58
My dad would be horrified
My father was a good man. He was born in NJ in 1929, and passed away from a stroke in 1992, and was living in Florida at the time. My dad was a young guy, in his early 20s, when he served his ...
Randian 10/19/2010 4 10 - 62
Short Diary? Who should this Mets fan cheer for now?
I've been thinking a bit about sports and politics. I am a huge baseball fan, and specifically a NY Mets fan. My favorite all time Mets are Tom Seaver, Keith Hernandez, and Lenny Dykstra. The last ...
Randian 10/06/2010 72 1 - 48
Help with cyberactivism for John Hall (NY-19) on Facebook on Nan Hayworth's wingnutty page
John Hall is my Congressman here in NY's 19th district, and I don't want lose him in this year's supposed Teabagger led GOP sweep of the House. I especially don't want to lose him to a wealthy, ...
Randian 09/22/2010 11 5 - 57
How Obama (with Bloomberg & Bush) can counter bigotry
After watching Howard Dean's messy, unpersuasive and, quite frankly, idiotic performance on Countdown last night, and in following ...
Randian 08/20/2010 18 3 - 38
Like Father, Like Son: Ben Quayle is a Lying Rethug
Like (idiotic, attack dog) father, like son, GOP Congressional aspirant (and all around carpetbagging dipshit) Ben Quayle is attacking President Obama, in a campaign ad, ...
Randian 08/11/2010 17 7 - 44
The Anti-Defamation League Has No More Credibility
Shame on the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), for proving themselves, ultimately, to ...
Randian 08/04/2010 12 8 - 25
Anyone watch The View today? (updated with video link)
As everyone knows, today's exclusive guest was President Barack Obama, who was well received by those in the studio audience and likely by most of those watching. Overall, I thought that he did well,
Randian 07/29/2010 75 28 2 59
Didn't Glenn Beck once make `blind people' jokes?
Seems that karma is truly a bitch, eh Glenn! I know that this has already been diaried, but I couldn't resist this reminder of this man's hollow, self-pitying soul.
Randian 07/20/2010 35 15 - 41
First Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA, now bashes unions
I am done with Bill Clinton! Here in NY, where unionized workers like myself just scored a major victory against our ...
Randian 05/29/2010 60 27 - 47
Right Wing Activist Judge David Sentelle Strikes Again
This guy is not a judge; he is a right wing hatchet man. Judges are expected to be impartial and non partisan. Sentelle is anything but; he is, essentially, Rush Limbaugh in a judge's black robe. ...
Randian 05/26/2010 19 5 - 43
The GOP in a nutshell; Running Colorado Springs into the ground
I would be very curious to see what Colorado residents have to say about this. ...
Randian 05/17/2010 42 35 2 39
Scott Brown is an Idiot! Thinks Palin can be Prez.
What an assclown!
Randian 04/23/2010 46 10 - 60
Schadenfreude alert; GOP finances said to be in "Disarray"
This comes from the far right wing and often hilariously error prone Newsmax, so take it with a grain of salt. I somehow got on their email list a while back, and take a quick look on a daily basis ...
Randian 04/22/2010 42 32 - 47
Roland Martin is Right, the Confederates were Terrorists
CNN's Roland Martin has a very thought provoking response to Virginia's bigoted governor's calls for Confederacy Month in Virginia. In it, he raises the rhetorical ...
Randian 04/11/2010 44 22 1 192
Is Israel looking to create Hamas sympathizers?
A question: Is Israel, though its right wing, peace rejecting government of Benjamin Netanyahu, trying, in spite of itself, to create, through its illegal land grabs, sympathizers with Hamas, the ...
Randian 03/26/2010 203 8 1 31
Blue State Republicans who voted "No" on HCR
I think that it goes without saying that the lockstep Republicans who voted with their party in yesterday's health care vote and who represent swing or blue (or even purple) districts, should all be ...
Randian 03/22/2010 32 24 3 43
Disgraced lowlife, Hiram Monserrate booed, heckled in Queens, NY
Now this is the way, New York style, to let a sleazebag know that he is not wanted! Disgraced, misogynistic Queens, NY politician, Hiram Monserrate, a recently expelled NY State Senator now trying ...
Randian 03/12/2010 14 18 2 33
Breaking: Judge declares ACORN defunding unconstitutional
This is a win for the rule of law! ACORN, the victim of an orchestrated right wing smear campaign, with major assistance from a lazy news media and a Constitution-ignoring Congress, has had its day ...
Randian 03/11/2010 211 500 4 873
Alaska's blatantly corrupt Republicans
I just emailed the following message to Senator Lisa Murkowski. "Like your fellow corrupt right wing Alaska Republicans Palin and Ted Stevens, you are a disgrace, given your attempts ...
Randian 01/26/2010 10 8 - 43
Howard Dean on Lieberman: "If he was a principled guy he'd resign his chairmanship."
Howard Dean - whom I greatly admire - knows BS when he sees it, and knows it in the odious person of Joe Lieberman. It must really burn someone like Dean, clearly instrumental to getting the ...
Randian 12/14/2009 265 402 5 177
Oh no! The president actually bowed
Right wing loonballs have proven to us, over and over again, that they will bash any and all who are not one of their own. They will bash based on their own twisted view of the world. And if they ...
Randian 11/16/2009 58 3 1 137
Not Acorn, but Fox News and the GOP are "corrupt organizations"
Whenever I read or hear a wingut refer to ACORN as a "corrupt organization," I see a classic example of the psychological defense mechanism of projection, a psychic act identified by Freud in which ...
Randian 09/25/2009 14 5 - 10
It's that time yet again for the American Taliban to gather
That is, it's time for the gathering of the "Values Voters" and those who pander to them, ...
Randian 09/18/2009 12 4 - 6
Please don't assume that I follow Ayn Rand
I have been a bit heartsick here on Daily Kos in recent days, as there have been some really excellent diaries referring to Ayn Rand, libertarianism, and today's wingnuts. But I say heartsick given ...
Randian 09/16/2009 108 26 1 36
CA wingnut sez "Harvey Milk was a terrible role model for children"
The state of California is again considering a bill that would designate a day of "significance" in California for slain gay politician Harvey Milk. The bill is heading to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger'...
Randian 09/09/2009 9 9 - 111
Regis Corporation - Supercuts Parent Company - is Anti-Union
Now that I know that the Regis Corporation is anti union I will support a boycott. I hope others here do the same.
Randian 08/30/2009 13 10 1 120
When They Say Chappaquiddick, I Mention Reagan's Crimes
I was on my Facebook page yesterday, where some of my facebook contacts were commenting nastily about Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick, which prompted me to ask there, rhetorically, about whether Dick ...
Randian 08/27/2009 80 23 3 125
Breaking: Justice Dept. Advises Pursuing CIA Abuses
This appears to be big news. The Justice Department's ethics office has recommended that Attorney General Eric Holder reopen and pursue several CIA ...
Randian 08/24/2009 32 24 - 22
More people in Brooklyn and the Bronx than both Dakotas
I want to propose that the existing structure of the United States Senate - based on Section 3, Clause 1, of the U.S. Consititution, which states The Senate of the United States ...
Randian 08/21/2009 67 1 - 17
CNN Uncovers Various Health Care Contradictions
I was just reading an article on the CNN website that points to a type of irrationality on the part of too many. Entitled "Obama's big problem in Big Sky country," ...
Randian 08/14/2009 20 7 - 18
Calling Companies in Response to Ads on Glenn Beck
Inspired directly by a bunch of diaries dealing with the campaign to boycott corporate sponsors of Glenn Beck, ...
Randian 08/12/2009 7 11 - 15
Just Back from John Hall's (NY-19) Health Care Forum
I just attended a public forum with my congressman, John Hall of NY's 19th district, more or less still a swing district, on the health care issue, in Fishkill NY. Happily, I can report that the ...
Randian 08/10/2009 114 272 4 148
Another anecdote about the South, specifically Alabama
In light of an earlier diary on the reactionary aspect of the South, the following story - on ...
Randian 08/01/2009 27 14 - 132
Why not let private donors not US taxpayers fund Israel?
It is a fact that the U.S. subsidizes the state of Israel, which helps protect it against possible attack by its enemies. It is a fact that the U.S. has long done so, but in the process, has been ...
Randian 07/20/2009 202 11 2 42
RIP David Carradine
Some sad news. David Carradine, the actor who achieved fame playing zen-filled mystical character Caine on the TV show Kung Fu has passed away.
Randian 06/04/2009 68 35 2 22
Hillary Clinton calls for China to face up to human rights abuses
Bravo to President Obama and to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the use of rather forceful language which calls for China to open itself up to honor human rights! As the 20th anniversary of ...
Randian 06/03/2009 103 9 - 30
Tis a Pity He (Ben Nelson)'s a Whore
Ben Nelson - arguably the sheer worst of the Dino senators is a whore (or as we would pronounce it back in my home ...
Randian 06/01/2009 8 6 - 88
GOP Rep arrested for public intoxication now at Betty Ford Clinic
CNN is reporting under the headline of Oklahoma congressman checks into Betty Ford Center that an Oklahoma ...
Randian 05/30/2009 29 15 1 135
Let them call her "reverse racist" so as to topicalize racism
Yesterday, I diaried about how on Free Republic, Sonia Sotomayor was being ...
Randian 05/27/2009 5 5 1 2
It didn't take long for Freepers to show racism on Sotomayor
This was predictable. Obama names Sonia Sotomayor, and the ugly wingnuts who constitute the far right Free Republic began to do the ugly dance, i.e., to react to the nomination with the same closed-...
Randian 05/26/2009 22 9 - 22
I don't wish Limbaugh kidney failure, but I want him to really suffer
I was watching, recently, the brilliant documentary about one of my all time cultural heroes, Joe Strummer of the band The Clash, called, appropriately ...
Randian 05/11/2009 59 8 - 94
The Sound of Velcro When Separated
As Morty Seinfeld, the beloved TV character, once said of his hatred of velcro, he cannot stand to hear "that tearing sound" it makes when separated. That tearing sound that velcro makes - ...
Randian 05/08/2009 21 8 - 12
Any thoughts on these potential SC picks?
The Associated Press is listing a number of potential picks to replace David ...
Randian 05/01/2009 52 1 - 21
I Just Got Dissed by Lamar Smith (R,Texas -21)
In response to this article about Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee, calling for Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to ...
Randian 04/29/2009 9 5 - 5
Rudy Giuliani's Greatest Video Moments
Rudy Giuliani, one of my favorite examples of scummy Republican hypocrisy and authoritarianism, has been back in the news lately, this time, apparently paving the way toward a run for NY governor by ...
Randian 04/22/2009 9 2 - 13
In Praise of Al Rodgers and His Effervescent Eye Candies
I happened to notice, while reading through the comments in Al Rodgers' latest diary entry , that some ...
Randian 04/21/2009 26 29 - 20
Schadenfreude Alert: Video of Carolina Wingnuts vs. the GOP
In what might be the funniest piece of Southern based comedy since the golden age of 1960s redneck comedies (Hee Haw, Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, etc.), watch as a group of South Carolina ...
Randian 04/20/2009 52 19 1 24
Schumer's office getting "a number of calls regarding torture"
Just a quick diary to report that I just called a few Senate offices, and will be calling some more. The gist of my call: to ask for a special prosecutor to investigate U.S. war crimes. warning: ...
Randian 04/17/2009 20 38 - 23
Analyzing Fox News (so as to hopefully destroy it)
Given their outright sponsorship of yesterday's wingnut gatherings , ...
Randian 04/16/2009 26 20 1 2131
Limbaugh: Black Dems = Somali pirates =community organizers
On his radio show today, GOP Party boss Rush Limbaugh made a lame attempt at a joke by commenting on news that U.S. Representative Donald Payne ...
Randian 04/13/2009 51 26 - 35
A pile of excrement called Doug Feith flips the bird at Spain
Every day, I am becoming more and more obsessed with seeing these bastards from the Bush-Cheney team brought down and criminally convicted, whether it be at the Hague or in the U.S. Courts. In ...
Randian 04/01/2009 25 12 - 19
Screw Yoo!
I just came across a website set up as a clearinghouse page for sanctions against Bush torture enabler John Yoo. Such possible sanctions include disbarment, dismissal from his tenured position at ...
Randian 03/31/2009 14 17 - 23
Is This the Ann Coulter of Israel?
At a time when Obama is reaching out to Iran, this might be a good moment to consider that pretty much everyone, around the world, would be better off with a comprehensive, Middle East peace ...
Randian 03/20/2009 97 12 1 39
Comical Dadaist Poetry, Courtesy of the Wingnuts
Like probably many here, I am on a bunch of political email and server lists, and from all across the political spectrum. I like keeping tabs on what is being said or reacted to at any given moment. ...
Randian 03/17/2009 5 4 - 2
Bad News from Italy: Italian Court Gives Bush a Pass
The news is reporting that Italy’s Constitutional Court has dealt a setback to ...
Randian 03/16/2009 3 8 1 3
On Michelle Malkin's Blog, Threats to Obama's Life
This will be brief, but as everyone know, Michelle Malkin's website is a pure cauldron of right wing hatred. Michelle herself seems awfully proud to be a ...
Randian 03/11/2009 50 17 - 21
An Act of Disgusting Racism at a Florida Barnes and Noble
I was just on the Free Republic website wherein the racist Freepers were at it again with their blatant expressions of racism, again against Obama. Unfortunately, I can't prove this, as the thread ...
Randian 03/09/2009 43 15 1 43
Good News: Obama's latest reversal of Bush's environmental policies
"For more than three decades, the Endangered Species Act has successfully protected our nation's most threatened wildlife, and we should be looking for ways to improve it - not weaken it" - ...
Randian 03/03/2009 7 32 - 25
This Says It All About Bluedog Gene Taylor
As another diarist here, and various media are reporting, Congressman Gene Taylor, a conservative Bluedog from Mississippi, is now on record ...
Randian 02/26/2009 32 2 - 5
Binyamin Netanyahu, same old warmonger
At the risk of controversy (always a possibility with Israel/Palestine diaries), I will state what I think is the obvious - Binyamin Netanyahu, the warmongering Dick Cheney of the Middle East (and ...
Randian 02/20/2009 41 12 - 25
Former 700 Club Regular calls out Right Wing Obama bashers
Former religious rightist, and now enlightened Huffington Post regular columnist, Frank Schaeffer has much to say about politics and religion. Schaeffer, as many likely remember, called out McCain ...
Randian 02/15/2009 21 39 2 23
Take that, Senator Cornholio!
The Senate today confirmed Eric Holder as the nation's first black AG. This is in spite of the efforts of ...
Randian 02/02/2009 18 9 2 2
Some fantastic images of yesterday's Hudson River landing
This will be a short diary, since it is meant to point to images. ...
Randian 01/16/2009 4 12 - 3
Another Day, Another Senseless Shooting in America
I live in Beacon, NY, which is in the southwest corner of Dutchess County. Our county seat - about 16 miles north - is the city of Poughkeepsie, which is also the home of such colleges as Marist and ...
Randian 12/31/2008 24 8 - -
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