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Will VT tax churches to help finance single-payer?
Late last year I reported on the work of Vermont's Property Tax Exemption Study Committee and its moves to tax public, pious, and charitable organizations . The one concrete action forthcoming is ...
Randolph06 03/27/2014 18 1 - -
Need opinions on Rolling Stones "Salt of the Earth"
So we had 3 days where we didnt see double digits. Yesterday it got into the teens and of course we finally ran out of porch wood. Brought in the last of the pieces on the back porch and knew I had ...
Randolph06 01/05/2014 46 7 - -
Vermont moves to tax churches
So Vermont is proud of its precedent-setting history, and we hope to add to our list of firsts with functional single payer by decade's end . But wait you say, after outlawing slavery and allowing ...
Randolph06 11/26/2013 34 43 1 -
Drive to single payer begins today! Keep an eye on VT
Big week in Vermont. This morning Senators Patrick Leahy, Bernie Sanders, and Rep. Peter Welch are going to join with our new Governor Peter Shumin to discuss health care reform. Specifically, they ...
Randolph06 01/18/2011 23 23 - 130
Hope from Vermont: the filibernie and single payer
Randolph06 01/01/2011 12 14 - 64
The War on Christmas as a Labor issue
So I'M DIGGING out from a storm that was more noise than snow. It'd be generous to say we got six inches, and after throwing blowing snow around in the wicked wind, I'm not feeling too generous. So I'
Randolph06 12/27/2010 12 4 - 36
VT-GOV: Star Trek vs. Star Wars, The Candidates Respond
I am fairly certain that Vermont is the only state in the Union where each of the Democratic candidates for governor would appear on a public access TV show about blogging. We value the access we ...
Randolph06 08/22/2010 10 9 1 35
"much farther to the right than Mr. Bush"
Skeeter Sanders has had quite a bit of success posting on DailyKos and he's been publishing The '...
Randolph06 09/23/2009 8 5 - 73
Let the Smearing Begin: Fox on 9/11 Families and Gitmo
It's not often I see a headline that turns my stomach, but 9/11 Families Outraged ...
Randolph06 01/21/2009 41 12 - 19
McCain website schizophrenic about debate
John McCain's campaign website leads with "Remarks on the Economy" It is time for both parties to come together to solve this problem. We must ...
Randolph06 09/25/2008 19 3 - 20
Jiveblogging the repubs: Frist and Brownback back to back
OUCH it's brutal. The last three speakers have been Sarah Pawlenty, Bill Frist, and now it is Sam brownback. It appears tonight the they are playing the "humanitarian" angle talking about AIDS in ...
Randolph06 09/04/2008 6 - - 20
Sanders on FISA: "what we mean by freedom is..."
This won't be much of a diary but I just ran across this video of Bernie Sanders from late last week. The man has an incredible gift for calling out the rhetorical hypocrisy of his opponents and ...
Randolph06 07/13/2008 10 11 - 4
Expand the blogosphere to public access TV!
I've been spending some time working on a Public access television show. So before you start thinking "Wayne's World," here's the ...
Randolph06 07/08/2008 8 3 - 4
Verizon eviscerates Usenet
This week I got an email from Verizon explaining that they are vastly limiting access to newsgroups. On June 24, 2008, we will be modifying our Newsgroup offerings to only offer ...
Randolph06 06/21/2008 19 9 1 6
Forget Lieberman-- The real "I" supports Obama
The other Independent in the Senate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, announced that not only is he supporting Barack Obama for President, he has offered to campaign for him. This is actually some pretty ...
Randolph06 06/06/2008 13 8 1 17
Massive 5 yr Farm Bill would only cover 2 yrs in Iraq
So I'm listening to the car radio and the news was reviewing the $289 billion Farm Bill that just passed the House by a 3 ...
Randolph06 05/14/2008 2 2 - -
Marlboro VT votes to indict Bush Cheney
Lots of talk about Brattleboro VT's measure to indict the Bush/Cheney crime syndicate, but Marlboro VT also had something to say to Washington DC in its Town Meeting today. ...
Randolph06 03/04/2008 19 26 1 20
Does Huckabee win states today? (POLL)
Huckabee's been quite a character and he's added a lot to the living dead Republican race. I was quite impressed with his ...
Randolph06 02/05/2008 21 1 - 20
Anyone for good news?: NJ abolishes death penalty
Sure I know, you'd rather a diary trashing a Democratic candidate or some latest documentation of our ineffectual Congress. Or maybe you're looking for the latest dangerously theocratic ...
Randolph06 12/18/2007 16 4 - 153
Six students shot getting off school bus in Vegas
Some more sad news today . Shortly after 2pm today, at least two teens shot six people as they got off a school ...
Randolph06 12/11/2007 25 5 - 77
Hostage taker in cuffs and in custody
Okay WMUR has just shown video of the hostage taker leave the building and give something up and lie on the ground. It appears to be over. ...
Randolph06 11/30/2007 12 3 1 39
Pre-debate love: Obamamania in Lebanon NH
Before we commence with the Nevada festivities, I '
Randolph06 11/15/2007 10 11 - 9
Rice decries Executive Power grab. . . in Russia
DAY OLD BREAD alert: I better publish this mishmash of quotes and links before it goes completely stale. Call it the perspective of a few days, or call it an inability to meet self imposed deadlines.
Randolph06 10/16/2007 12 2 - 6
Bernie Sanders on Lou Dobbs: Who's co-opting who?
Bernie Sanders was on Lou Dobbs last week (transcript posted here ) and he was civil, non-combative, dare-I-say Senatorial. I ...
Randolph06 06/26/2007 54 7 - 1
The gReatest invention in WoRld HistoRy (w/poll)
It keeps happening everytime I go on a bikeride, I find myself thinking "The bicycle is the greatest invention in the history of the world." Then I think that it must be the wheel. Then I think that ...
Randolph06 06/15/2007 214 9 - 8
Paula Zahn attacks booty rap for black history month
We get no TV here in the hills and I catch up with the cable world when I visit my folks. I get caught up on what people reference here and also get a zietgeist check. The internet is a great ...
Randolph06 02/21/2007 77 5 - 9
Sen. Leahy responds to torture inquiry
10 days ago, Ca 48 Steve Young posted a diary entited Did Gonzalez respond to Leahy's deadline? In it he recounted a Senate Judiciary ...
Randolph06 02/07/2007 10 24 - 25
BREAKING: Gerald Ford still dead, Tim Johnson off sedation
Saturday Night Live premiered during the Ford years, and SNL's Chevy Chase lampooned the "deathwatch" mentality of network news with updates on the health of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, fascist ...
Randolph06 01/03/2007 65 18 - 2
Is Daily Kos your home page?
I hope this is not too irritatingly meta, but I resisted having Daily Kos as my home page for months. It has been my first stop on the internet since last spring, but I still kept Google as my ...
Randolph06 12/22/2006 28 2 - -
Bush Vs. Bush on War-making Power.
Randolph06 12/09/2006 - - - -
Gay homophobes and teetotalling drug addicts
Randolph06 11/03/2006 2 1 - -
Why we must have an A's/Mets World Series
Randolph06 10/01/2006 69 10 - 14
ETHICS: Voting Republican in an Open Primary (VT-Sen, AL)
Randolph06 09/12/2006 29 - - -
Declare the Decade a Do-over
Randolph06 08/23/2006 9 4 - -
Plato's Republic redux: justice courage and beating the Republicans
Randolph06 08/16/2006 5 2 - 7
Plato's Republic (book IV) as window to the Republican mind
Randolph06 07/28/2006 41 20 8 153
VT Senate race update (w/poll!)-- Is Tarrant typical?
Randolph06 05/04/2006 14 2 1 11 under siege!
Randolph06 02/06/2006 - - - 1
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