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Blamest Thou REASON for the Holocaust?!
I debated on whether or not I should write anything about this article, considering the interesting and informative points made in Wednesday's Open Thread for Night Owls : "First, Don't Attack Weak ...
Raven in Philly 05/03/2013 16 2 - -
"Serious Discussions" with my Tea Party Father
An argument I had with my father in the car while he was being kind enough to drive me to Media where I was meeting with friends to surprise my best friend with a graduation dinner has been weighing ...
Raven in Philly 04/25/2013 38 28 - -
We aren't going to get what we want, are we?
For the past couple of months, I've watched because it's all I could do was watch. I don't mean simply that I'm one person and not a fat cat in Washington. I mean because I have to work nine to five ...
Raven in Philly 01/19/2010 16 6 - 9
The GOP Wants You Back!
When I turned 18, I registered Republican and remained as a Republican until this election. I switched from Republican to Democrat so that I could vote for Barack Obama in the closed Pennsylvania ...
Raven in Philly 09/28/2008 23 8 1 1
Young Republican uses Racial Slur towards Obama
Are we really surprised? I'm not. Bright and early here in Philadelphia, though it’s actually pretty cloudy out and humid. Coming up from SEPTA this morning, front page news on the free ...
Raven in Philly 09/09/2008 6 2 - 4
Funny Anecdote Re: "A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity"
Regarding kos' current story on O'RLY's latest book... I wonder if that's what my mother was trying to buy last night. Funny anecdote below the fold.
Raven in Philly 06/11/2008 5 4 - 10
"No Conditions" Question Concerning Obama
Okay, I'm a bit confused on why a lot of people (namely the Right and the Media, I guess) are making a huge deal about Obama saying he would speak to guys like Ahmadinejad without conditions. We've ...
Raven in Philly 06/09/2008 27 - - -
WTF Is This "Is Obama Damaged Goods" Narrative?
Seriously? What is it? I've been flipping around on the new stations after his kick ass speech and they're all asking talking heads, "Is Obama damaged goods after this campaign?"
Raven in Philly 06/03/2008 26 5 - -
Political Party Analogy: Pepsi vs. Coke (w/Poll & Update)
Raven in Philly here with some thoughts on the whole issue of Clinton stealing the candidacy from Obama. I was reading around in different diaries and people's comments, discussing anger and ...
Raven in Philly 05/02/2008 10 - - -
McCain, The Straight Talker: Honesty is the Best Policy
Raven in Philly here finding myself in agreement with Hunter today: The guy who changed his stance on ...
Raven in Philly 04/30/2008 8 1 - 1
Elitism: A Specious Argument
Raven in Philly here to give a little bit of personal insight on the whole "Elitism" issue with Barack Obama. It will be a cathartic exercise because I really am simply tired of seeing this argument ...
Raven in Philly 04/25/2008 28 6 1 -
As A Newborn Democrat, I Tried.
Raven in Philly here to give a bit of a testimony on my experience of this quagmire of a campaign. I've been a lurker here on and formerly a registered Republican that, unfortunately,
Raven in Philly 04/23/2008 27 26 1 20
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