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Texas State Board of Education and the Debate Debate
Republicans everywhere have been running away from debates, coming up with one excuse after another. Now Debate Anxiety has spread to the Texas Republican State Board of Education candidates as well.
RebeccaBellMetereau 09/21/2010 64 200 1 2241
Gambling With Our Children’s Future:  Texas State Board of Education
Netroots Nation featured an amazing group of speakers in Las Vegas, and Texas State Board of Education candidates got a shout-out from Linda Chavez-Thompson , ...
RebeccaBellMetereau 07/27/2010 39 153 1 74
Texas State Board of Education:  Is There Any Hope?
Traveling throughout the twelve counties of District 5, we see firsthand some wonderful work in our schools. Public school administrators and teachers have been getting a bad rap from those who ...
RebeccaBellMetereau 07/06/2010 86 236 - 56
School Bullies: Texas State Board of Education
After bullying the minority of sensible members into submission, extremists on the Texas State Board of Education managed to distort, water down, and politicize the curriculum. Now they complain ...
RebeccaBellMetereau 06/02/2010 22 67 2 46
Texas SBOE: One From Your Team, One From Our Team
People have protested, petitioned, and wrung their hands about the May Texas State Board of Education meeting. What struck me most clearly about this board, beyond the ideological mania that ...
RebeccaBellMetereau 05/22/2010 13 37 1 42
Texas Board of Education: Plagiarism and Payback
Former Chairman of the Texas State Board of Education Don McLeroy plagiarized his contribution to curriculum standards on "American exceptionalism" from Wikipedia. Rick Perry's appointee, Texas ...
RebeccaBellMetereau 05/15/2010 210 499 2 211
I Have a Nightmare: Texas State Board of Education
After this past week of teaching and campaigning for Texas State Board of Education, I had a nightmare about a woman saying no Democrats could win in Texas. In my nightmare, I screamed that we were ...
RebeccaBellMetereau 04/25/2010 10 14 - 38
Is Public Education History? Toast?
A number of people are so frustrated with public education that they advocate home schooling as a solution to the kind of problems we have in Texas and around the nation. One of the most infamous ...
RebeccaBellMetereau 04/17/2010 62 13 - 29
What to Do About Texas Education?
I made a mistake about the Texas State Board of Education's suggested revisions to the curriculum. They didn’t vote to change all references to democracy to “representative republic.&...
RebeccaBellMetereau 04/11/2010 9 8 - 102
Texas State Board of Education: 2010 or 1950?
I'm running for the Texas State Board of Education in District 5 against Ken Mercer, a right-wing extremist. My goal is to restore common sense to the board in Texas. Everyone should care ...
RebeccaBellMetereau 04/04/2010 212 310 3 138
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