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Dedicating to electing more Democrats - Better whenever possible.

If it's a moderate or conservative in a liberal district in California or New York, then by all means, primary away. However if it's in a conservative district in Mississippi, then it's a completely different story. The simple act of supporting Democratic control of the House or Senate makes those bodies as a whole more liberal and progressive because that organizational vote determines the Speaker or Majority Leader...
Elders of Zion

Who we are:

We are Jews, proud and unapologetic. We practice our faith the way we see fit, not the way antisemites, the ignorant, fundamentalists of all stripes, or others who would wish us ill would like to pretend we do. Some of us are very religiously observant, others are deeply secular; Jewish identity is highly salient for some of us and just one identity among many for others. But all of us here are progressive Jews. And although we recognize that there are many p...

HaYishuv is a group to discuss Jewish issues and Israel from a Zionist perspective. It is not only for Jewish Kossacks. All are welcome to join in the conversation.

This is intended as a safe space to discuss Jewish issues, Judaism, and Israel. Doing so from a Zionist perspective, we represent the broad consensus within the Jewish-American community supporting Israel's existence as a Jewish state on a portion of Eretz Yisrael, our ancestral homeland.
Team Shalom
Team Shalom is Team Peace. We stand with President Obama and are a group of Kossacks supporting a fair, pragmatic, and realistic resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the two-state solution. We support Israel's continued existence as a Jewish and democratic state, with it existing alongside Palestine, a Palestinian and democratic state, as friends and neighbors. We believe this is the only way forward and the only way to achieve an enduring peace. This is the view endorsed by t...
Virginia Kos
This group is for Daily Kos members who live in or are interested in Virginia.

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