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100 Years of Injustice: Jewish Perspectives on the Armenian Genocide
“Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?” - Adolf Hitler. So queried the leader of Nazi Germany on August 22, 1939, as plans to invade Poland and ramp up the Final ...
Red Sox 04/24/2015 7 15 1 -
BREAKING: Rep. Adam Schiff Now Reading Armenian Genocide Victims' Names
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is currently performing what we in the Jewish faith call a mitzvah. Despite the Administration's shameful continued appeasement of glorified Holocaust denial from the Turkish ...
Red Sox 04/22/2015 7 22 1 -
ISIS: Boehner Puts Party Ahead of Country...Again
Once upon a time, politics stopped at the water's edge. We could passionately argue the merits of military action and diplomacy at home, but if Americans were in harm's way, we would come together ...
Red Sox 08/08/2014 32 24 1 -
Memories of Kristallnacht Echo Through Europe
He watched in horror as several hundred youths marched towards his synagogue chanting slogans that he had never thought would again be uttered in France. “They were shouting: ‘Death to Jews,’
Red Sox 07/23/2014 112 29 - -
Plane Downed in Ukraine
Oh man, a plane crash is bad enough, but a plane being shot down in a world hot spot? Even worse. Per Politico: An adviser to Ukraine's interior minister says a passenger plane carrying 295 people ...
Red Sox 07/17/2014 1 5 - -
Bodies of Kidnapped Israeli Teens Believed to Have Been Found
Breaking news from Israel, as "three bodies buried 'in a field near Hebron'" have been found by Israeli Army troops. They believe they are the bodies of the three teenagers kidnapped two weeks ago.
Red Sox 06/30/2014 15 11 - -
French Jews Bid Au Revoir
As anti-Semitism escaltes to a fever pitch in France, French Jews have increasingly decided that there is no future for them in the country. Officially, in the first quarter of the year, there were ...
Red Sox 06/20/2014 69 28 - -
BREAKING: Nairobi Terrorism Standoff Comes to an End
Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta just took to national television to announce that the four-day sieg eat Nairobi's Westgate Premier Shopping Mall is over. Five attackers were shot dead by troops ...
Red Sox 09/24/2013 18 36 - -
Terrorism in Kenya: Standoff Nears End
Yesterday there was a diary lamenting the lack of discussion of this tragedy in which terrorists stormed a popular shopping mall in Nairobi. Whatever the reasons for not having many diaries on the ...
Red Sox 09/23/2013 21 18 - -
"[A]s President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide."
In October of 2008, as the Presidential race was reaching a fevered pitch, then-Senator Barack Obama came out with a statement that was subsequently published by the news site, The Armenian Reporter.
Red Sox 04/24/2013 10 5 - -
A Kaddish for the Connecticut Victims
On what should ordinarily be a joyous evening--the penultimate night of Hanukkah--we are instead facing a horribly grievous tragedy. As of this writing, twenty-seven people are dead, eighteen of ...
Red Sox 12/14/2012 67 106 2 -
A Contrast in Election Day Operations
I set my alarm for 3:15a. If I hit snooze once, which I knew I would, it would still give me enough time to shower, shave, put on my suit, walk the dog, and make the drive out to Loudoun County, VA ...
Red Sox 11/09/2012 10 14 - -
Time Magazine Ohio LV Poll: O+5
From Time Magazine : Buoyed by early voting in his favor, Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney by five points in the pivotal state of Ohio, according to a new TIME poll. Counting both Ohioans who say ...
Red Sox 10/24/2012 15 12 - -
New Fla. Poll: O 49, R 45; Nat'l Trend Improves Too
Better links when I have them, but: UNF Fla poll: Obama 49, Romney 45 — Adam Smith (@adamsmithtimes) October 10, ...
Red Sox 10/10/2012 74 57 2 1104
PPPPTD: Public Policy Polling Performance to Date
Roughly two years after it came to light that Research 2000 appeared to be cooking their numbers, I think it's worth evaluating the performance thus far of Public Policy Polling (PPP) as they have ...
Red Sox 06/14/2012 12 1 - 113
Boston Red Sox: "It Gets Better"
Following a number of other organizations, including baseball's San Francisco Giants, the Boston Red Sox today became the second Major League Baseball ...
Red Sox 07/01/2011 29 23 - 137
Mondofront: Now with Gilad Atzmon
Though still curiously acceptable in some corners, the Middle East-focused site Mondoweiss has graduated from mere Jew-counting to front-page publishing of Holocaust deniers. In ...
Red Sox 06/29/2011 147 20 - 560
Mondo Strikes Again as Weiss Counts More Jews
In a typical piece he posted today on his site, Mondoweiss, curiously lauded hate-blogger Philip Weiss again engaged in his favorite activity: Jew-counting. For the uninitiated, I first explored ...
Red Sox 05/19/2011 41 15 - 342
Mondofront: Removing All Doubt
Team Shalom is Team Peace. We are a group of Kossacks supporting a fair, pragmatic, and realistic resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the two-state ...
Red Sox 05/10/2011 270 15 - 871
Israeli Children Trying to Bribe Government to Inform on their Parents
In light of the sadly deleted diary about the Israeli Government Trying to ...
Red Sox 03/14/2011 58 13 - 383
Gov. Nixon -- Now is the Time to Lead on Puppy Mills
Despite an opposition that was heavily funded by Missouri's robust and often inhumane animal breeding industry, Show-Me State ...
Red Sox 03/11/2011 20 42 1 187
Live from Cairo - Egypt Liveblog: Sub-Diary #28
You are in the the 28th Child Diary of the Liveblog of the 2011 Egyptian Uprising and other uprisings spreading throughout the Mideast. We stand with our Egyptian friends and their courageous ...
Red Sox 02/01/2011 357 2 - 116
Anti-Pit Bull Hysteria Claims Dog's Life in DC
Any dog activist will most likely be able to share some kind of story about the misconceptions people have about pit bulls. This breed, in addition to being prone to abuse, also is wrongly ...
Red Sox 09/13/2010 205 29 1 521
UPDATED: Terrorists Attempt to Derail I/P Peace Talks
That extremists would seek to scuttle any chances for peace should come as no surprise to even casual I/P observers. Whether settlement provocations by Israeli rightists, or bombings by Hamas or ...
Red Sox 08/31/2010 303 16 - 88
Senator David Vitter: Birther
As if his propensity for diaper-clad encounters with prostitutes was not enough reason for the Pelican State to rid themselves of their senatorial malignancy, it now turns out that Sen. David Vitter (
Red Sox 07/13/2010 25 15 - 24
I/P: More Misery in Gaza
The folks in Gaza seem to be getting it from all sides--Israel, Hamas, Egypt, and anyone else who seems to want a piece of the misery action. Currently, Gaza is under a blockade by the Israeli ...
Red Sox 05/24/2010 259 10 - 39
VA GOPer: Disabled Kids are God's Punishment
Most of you are familiar with the junior senator from the great Commonwealth of Virginia, Mark R. Warner (D). Many are familiar with the Republican he so thoroughly crushed, that the GOP carried ...
Red Sox 02/22/2010 26 13 1 163
I/P: Peace Activist Turns to Violence
On January 21, Israel security forces arrested Mohanned Abu-Awwad on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activity. This came as no small disappointment to many, as Abu-Awwad's father, Khaled, is ...
Red Sox 02/18/2010 191 6 - 38
I/P: Gay Refugees in an Unlikely Place
Back in 2002, Israeli journalist Yossi Klein Halevi brought to light one of the paradoxes of the current chapter in the Israel/Palestine conflict: that gay Palestinians are often forced to flee to ...
Red Sox 01/12/2010 81 16 - 34
New Jersey Senate Defeats Marriage Equality Bill
Sad news from New Jersey, as it appears that Garden Staters won't be enjoying marriage equality any time soon. New Jersey's state Senate has defeated a bill to legalize gay marriage, ...
Red Sox 01/07/2010 79 22 - 82
What to do with prejudiced family?
I started writing an open diary comment on this, but it started getting long, so I decided to turn it into a diary. A cousin of my mother-in-law sent out some e-mail nonsense about a movement to ...
Red Sox 01/05/2010 64 7 - 23
I/P: Hope on the Horizon?
One of the central challenges of Israel/Palestine debate here is the difficulty to see things through the lens of people on the other side of the debate. That is, it's often hard for the pro-P ...
Red Sox 12/31/2009 159 9 - 44
Lieberman - A Bissel of Bupkes in the Attacks on Him
No, that's not really the topic of this diary, but it might as well have been the title to a number of other diaries and sums up the spirit of an increasing number of comments. As I have perused ...
Red Sox 12/15/2009 243 12 - 63
L'Affaire Shamir and Modern Day I/P
In 2000, as Oslo was crumbling and the second I/P "Intifada" began, articles began appearing on the Internet from two sources who would seem well-suited for the camps that adopted them: Joseph Farah ...
Red Sox 12/10/2009 329 14 - 118
Hezbollah To Remain Armed
Disappointing news out of Beirut today, as the brokered peace agreement that ended the second war between Israel and Lebanon will not be honored: Lebanon's new government endorsed ...
Red Sox 12/02/2009 237 7 - 102
I/P Prisoner Swap: Deal Not Yet Done
Yesterday, I diaried about a potential prisoner swap between the Israeli government and Hamas. ...
Red Sox 11/25/2009 35 1 - 97
I/P: Is a Prisoner Exchange Imminent?
On Monday, Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's largest newspaper, reported that Israeli and Palestinian negotiators were getting closer ...
Red Sox 11/24/2009 215 5 - 114
Health Care Reform: Reconciliation is Dead
This morning's CQ (link is subscription-...
Red Sox 11/18/2009 64 7 - 181
American Family Association Calls for Purging of Military Muslims
Well, this wasn't totally predictable or anything. In the wake of the tragic murders at Fort Hood, the American "Family" Association has called for the purging of Muslims from the military.
Red Sox 11/09/2009 39 23 - 120
Powerful Art: Children of Qassam Avenue
Since the third cease fire between Israel and Hamas, the residents of the southern Israeli town of Sderot have endured some 260+ missile attacks from the Gaza Strip. As ...
Red Sox 10/19/2009 112 11 - 77
Where was Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi's Showing of Mercy?
Scotland has released terrorist Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, the bomber of Pan Am flight 103, the ...
Red Sox 08/20/2009 137 4 - 47
The Toughest Decision
Back in March, my wife and I adopted a rescue dog named Kita. At the time we thought she was an American Staffordshire Terrier, and she may well be, but we've heard from other experts that she is ...
Red Sox 08/13/2009 16 12 - 27
Gov. Sanford Was in Argentina (WTF?) (Updated 10:58 EDT)
From The (Columbia, SC) State : Gov. Mark Sanford arrived in the Hartsville-Jackson International Airport Wednesday morning, ...
Red Sox 06/24/2009 987 388 - 555
VA-Gov: Mr. Deeds Comes to Washington
OK, not Washington, Arlington, but close enough. Most Arlington residents consider themselves more Washingtonian than Virginian anyway. But despite being an urban liberal oasis in what used to be a ...
Red Sox 06/12/2009 11 11 - 17
VA-GOV: The Deeds Momentum Rolls On
As most observers of the VA-GOV race have learned by now, Public Policy Polling released their final poll of the Virginia gubernatorial primary ...
Red Sox 06/08/2009 12 10 - 99
VA-GOV: Another Day, Another Poll with Creigh Deeds Leading
Suffolk University is out with a poll today, and it is another good sign for the Deeds campaign. From the Suffolk website : Virginia ...
Red Sox 06/04/2009 17 19 - 46
VA-GOV: Creigh Deeds Now Leads the Pack
On the heels of endorsements from the Washington Post , ...
Red Sox 06/02/2009 25 16 - 25
VA-GOV: Washington Post Agrees -- Creigh Deeds for Governor
The Friday Washington Post carries the newspaper's endorsement for Governor in the Virginia ...
Red Sox 05/21/2009 16 12 - 6
VA-GOV: SurveyUSA Shows Deeds in Striking Distance
SurveyUSA is out with their latest poll of the Democratic primary, and it shows that state Sen. Creigh Deeds has emerged as the primary alternative to former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe. McAuliffe ...
Red Sox 05/21/2009 30 11 - 23
VA-Gov: McAuliffe and Moran Jockey to be Least Desirable Nominee
We have a three-way primary race for the 2009 Virginia gubernatorial nomination. And on paper, we have three great candidates. One of them is a state Senator who manages to get elected in a ...
Red Sox 05/18/2009 10 4 - 4
BREAKING: Bunning Reportedly Set to Announce Retirement
As per Politico : On Thursday afternoon, Kentucky GOP Secretary of State Trey Grayson announced that he would form an ...
Red Sox 04/30/2009 75 24 - 29
VA-GOV: Deeds Pulls Even with Moran, Polls Best Against GOPer
WDBJ-7 in Roanoke, VA is out with a new poll for the 2009 Democratic gubernatorial primary in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe has jumped into the lead, with Senator Creigh Deeds and Delegate Brian Moran ...
Red Sox 04/28/2009 17 5 - 15
VA-GOV: The Risk of Moran
(Crossposted at Blue Commonwealth ) This morning's New York Times and Washington Post each bring us news of potential ...
Red Sox 04/17/2009 30 4 1 13
VA-GOV: Creigh Deeds for Governor
In Virginia we have a crucial election this year. The question is whether we will continue the successes of Governors Warner and Kaine, or whether we will recede to the George Allen and Jim Gilmore ...
Red Sox 04/16/2009 22 13 - 86
Next Year in Jerusalem: What a Rescue Dog Taught Me for Passover
Crossposted at Street Prophets Ever since we got married, my wife has said how much she wanted to get a dog. I always ...
Red Sox 04/08/2009 57 46 3 281
The Virginia GOP's Internecine Warfare
Just less than one year ago, Virginia state Delegate Jeff Frederick (R) unseated former ...
Red Sox 03/06/2009 12 4 - 3
BREAKING: Peres Asks Netanyahu to Form Government
Yeah, I know, I know...I hate that stupid "BREAKING" business too, but here it is actually appropriate. About half an hour ago, with CNN confirming with a blurb on their home page,
Red Sox 02/20/2009 206 12 - 16
Chavez's Venezuela: Juden raus
In the wake of public outcry over the recent actions by Israel in Gaza, Venezuela has become a hotbed of anti-Semitism. The culmination of this anti-Semitic sentiment was a Jan. 30th attack on the ...
Red Sox 02/08/2009 600 22 1 11
Reviving The Best I/P Peace Plan
On July 27, 2002, two well-known figures in Israel and the Palestinian Territories, respectively, came forth with a plan to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Ami Ayalon, formerly ...
Red Sox 02/04/2009 66 10 2 16
Is Iran Re-arming Hamas? Hezbollah?
Reuters and several other news agencies have picked up on a report that a shipload of rockets and artillery rounds, destined for Syria, has been intercepted. US warships intercepted the boat, but ...
Red Sox 02/01/2009 238 7 1 19
My Own Inaugural Experience: Story and Photos
It was so cold and crowded yesterday, that Mrs. Sox and I decided to stay home and watch the inauguration at home. I had been to three inaugurations, and it's always a clusterf*ck, with too many ...
Red Sox 01/21/2009 2 10 - 2
Will the LiveLeak Hamas Video be the New "Jenin Massacre"?
This past weekend, dKos was atwitter with an explosive diary and video posted about the hostilities between Hamas and Israel. A diarist posted a now-deleted diary that purported to have video of an ...
Red Sox 01/05/2009 136 19 - 17
Gov. Kaine Named DNC Chair
The Washington Post is reporting that Virginia Governor Tim Kaine will take over Howard Dean's position as chairman of the Democratic National Committee. (
Red Sox 01/04/2009 13 6 - 11
Remembering Claiborne Pell
The United States has lost one of its greatest champions for education, arts and the humanities. Former US Senator Claiborne Pell (D-RI) died today at the age of 90. Senator Pell suffered from ...
Red Sox 01/01/2009 16 19 - 23
Rick Warren is a Gay, Palestinian, Terrorist Member of the Knesset
In fact, his real name is Ruben Warrenstein. When Barack Obama was elected President, I had high hopes for his administration. But while he is on vacation in Hawaii, he has failed to both give ...
Red Sox 12/29/2008 49 6 - 35
Counsel for Change: Promote the Vote
Last night I witnessed something truly impressive. Some two hundred and fifty lawyers, law students, and law school graduates assembled at the National Rural Electric Cooperative building in ...
Red Sox 10/22/2008 10 4 - 102
ADL Reverses Course, Recognizes Armenian Genocide
Success...sort of. Just moments ago, Abraham Foxman, national chairman of the Anti-Defamation League, publicly reversed course on the issue of the Armenian Genocide and acknowledged that the crimes ...
Red Sox 08/21/2007 37 17 - 15
Profiles in Courage: Andrew Tarsy, Stewart Cohen, and Mike Ross
Last month , I diaried about national ADL director Abraham Foxman's incorrigible aiding and abetting of Turkey's denial of the ...
Red Sox 08/20/2007 23 18 - 156
Hamas's Beautiful Democracy
This morning's news brings word of the democratic policies of the benevolent organization in charge of Gaza, Hamas. According to ...
Red Sox 08/14/2007 219 15 - 4
Abe Foxman Must Go
Holocaust Denial is increasingly en vogue among the most extreme members of society. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is fond of engaging in it. So too is Ernst Zundel, a German neo-Nazi currently jailed in ...
Red Sox 07/13/2007 59 15 1 18
Remembering the Armenian Genocide
Today marks the 92nd anniversary of commencement of the Armenian Genocide. In 1915, the Turkish government systematically slaughtered approximately 1.5 million Armenians. The genocide of the ...
Red Sox 04/24/2007 32 17 3 108
UPDATED: On Edwards's Campaign and Breast Cancer
John Edwards has apparently not decided to suspend his campaign in light of his ...
Red Sox 03/22/2007 16 17 - 2
Saudi Justice in Action: Rape Victim to be Flogged
The enlightened judiciary of Saudi Arabia has sentenced a rape victim to 90 lashes for the crime of having been with an unrelated man. Agence ...
Red Sox 03/05/2007 46 21 - 14
Khadaffi: End Middle East Apartheid
It seems an almost incontrovertible rule of geopolitical machinations: at some point, up will always seem like down and yesterday's despot is today's voice of reason. Such is the case with the ...
Red Sox 01/02/2007 162 4 - 1
Hoyer Elected Majority Leader
Red Sox 11/16/2006 304 77 1 18
VA-SEN: SurveyUSA Says: Webb 52, Allen 44 -- UPDATED WITH LINK
Red Sox 11/06/2006 26 26 - 19
VA-SEN: Gallup Poll Has James Webb Inside Margin of Error
Red Sox 10/06/2006 25 15 - 18
VA-SEN: Allen's Supporters Engage in Extreme Dishonesty, Smear dKos
Red Sox 09/26/2006 38 57 - 144
VA-SEN: Allen Hits New Low--Makes Wild Accusation of Anti-Semitism
Red Sox 09/21/2006 336 162 6 30
New Webb Ad: Nancy Never Saw It
Red Sox 09/10/2006 10 17 - -
James Webb Now Within the Margin of Error
Red Sox 08/22/2006 9 21 - 9
Finally: A Diary That Deals with Lieberman, Lamont, Israel, and Lebanon
Red Sox 08/09/2006 3 3 - -
A Perhaps Unpopular View on CT-Sen
Red Sox 08/08/2006 119 5 - 10
On FISA, Bush, Checks & Balances, and Why The Federalists Are Spinning in their Graves
Red Sox 07/15/2006 5 6 3 144
Eliyahu Asheri Found Dead
Red Sox 06/29/2006 199 14 1 7
Rush Limbaugh: Back on Drugs?
Red Sox 06/27/2006 17 2 - -
SCOTUS to Whistleblowers: Drop Dead
Red Sox 05/30/2006 16 24 1 15
Pat Robertson: Off The Deep End
Red Sox 05/26/2006 36 6 - -
Save Nazanin: Rape Victim Faces Death Sentence
Red Sox 05/18/2006 8 17 - 9
Chavez in London
Red Sox 05/16/2006 43 1 - -
Ahmadinejad: Israel Will Vanish
Red Sox 05/11/2006 85 4 - 7
VA: Gay Marriage Measure Update
Red Sox 05/09/2006 7 6 1 -
Sudan Peace Plan Agreed to in Principle
Red Sox 05/05/2006 1 1 - -
A Sad Day in Virginia As Hate Wins Out
Red Sox 05/03/2006 21 1 1 -
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