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Posting History for Remembering LGBT History

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Do I Really Want to Write This Diary?
I have been sitting here for thirty minutes struggling with that question. Why? Because of a diary sitting at the top of Community Spotlight section on Daily Kos written by kay3295 titled "My ...
unapologeticliberal777 05/16/2015 48 287 4 -
Riots: From Stonewall to Baltimore
The unrest in Baltimore, brought on by the death of Freddie Gray, has been the source of a lot of commentary in the world of social media. My Facebook feed is full of people offering their opinions ...
FogCityJohn 04/28/2015 61 84 2 -
LGBT Literature: We Are Everywhere (and a call for writers)
LGBT Literature is a Readers and Book Lovers series dedicated to discussing books that have made an impact on the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. From fiction to ...
Chrislove 04/26/2015 14 16 - -
One Of The Most Important (Constitution) Edits In US History And How It Affects Marriage Equality
Oral arguments in the marriage equality cases will be heard by the SCOTUS justices on April 28, 2015. Much of the discussion will center around the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, and ...
librarisingnsf 04/24/2015 9 26 1 -
Shocking 1975 Letter From The INS Shows How Far The US Government Has Come On Gay Rights
There have been a few (surprisingly few) same-sex couples who have tried to get legally married prior to the 21st century. Probably the most famous couple was that of Richard John Baker and his ...
librarisingnsf 04/20/2015 12 23 - -
The False 'God Vs Gays' Narrative In The RFRA Debate; Matthew Vines, The NYT, And The Advocate
Too many folks still believe that it's an either/or proposition ... you either side with the gays and are for their rights or you side with G-d/Christianity/religion and reject rights for gay folks. ...
librarisingnsf 04/03/2015 19 27 - -
LGBT Literature: Men Like That: A Southern Queer History
LGBT Literature is a Readers and Book Lovers series dedicated to discussing books that have made an impact on the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. From fiction to ...
Chrislove 03/29/2015 17 14 - -
Top Comments: A Gay Wedding in Waco Edition
Working on the dissertation can be a dark, lonely task that often makes one question the life choices that have led them to such an undertaking. There are many days when I wonder if I really like ...
Chrislove 03/20/2015 37 51 - -
Malcolm Boyd, Openly Gay Episcopal Pioneer, Passes Away At 91
There are a number of christian clergy/ministers who have lead the charge to make many of the Christian denominations more LGBT inclusive. I know more about the Reverend Troy Perry (Founder of ...
librarisingnsf 03/01/2015 10 22 - -
You aren't invisible, and you aren't forgotten.
Every night before bed, the alarm on my phone reminds of two things. One is to take the pill that helps to keep me alive, and the other is just how incredibly lucky I am to count myself among the ...
Brubs 02/20/2015 3 17 1 -
CPAC again excludes Gay Conservatives from its annual event.
It would appear that the growing tide of public support for gay rights has yet to reach the National Harbor in Maryland where the unfortunately named Gaylord National Resort will host the ...
Christian Bentzen 02/19/2015 18 11 - -
Top Comments: A Little-Known LGBT Landmark Edition
Two men seal vows with a kiss And then they were wed...HE to HIM Newspapers from Denton, Texas, to Singapore carried headlines of what was then a strange curiosity: a gay wedding. The movement ...
Chrislove 12/12/2014 41 42 - -
US District Court Judge In Mississippi Gives History Lesson On Anti-Gay Discrimination
Judge Carlton Reeves was nominated to be a US district court judge for the Southern District Of Mississippi by President Obama in April 2010. He was confirmed by the US Senate in December of 2010 ...
librarisingnsf 12/02/2014 11 42 1 -
Top Comments: Judicial Gay-Bashing Edition
I've spent the past couple of weeks on a slight diversion from my dissertation, although not a complete diversion since it will be more than useful to me down the road. I've been going through the ...
Chrislove 11/14/2014 39 45 - -
Happy National Coming Out Day!
Today is October 11, 2014. It's National Coming Out Day . Happy day to everyone. There's been quite a lot of good advancement in the cause of equality this past week, and one of the most important ...
vacantlook 10/11/2014 15 26 - -
XKCD on Marriage Equality
Mokurai 10/08/2014 20 33 - -
LGBT Literature: Announcing the Series Reboot and Seeking Writers
This is going to be a quick diary, and I apologize for the lack of substance. This month has been a whirlwind, as I'm in the throes of dissertation research, so all I'm going to do in this diary is ...
Chrislove 09/28/2014 15 26 - -
The Great God Kerrigan
Jack Warren Kerrigan 1912 - The first true movie star was dubbed "The Great God Kerrigan" 100 years ago the most famous and popular man in the silent films was George "Jack" Warren Kerrigan ( ...
Scott Wyant 09/23/2014 10 8 - -
1931 Berlin's Gay Community and Their Message for Us
A thriving Gay community emerged in Berlin in the late 19th-early 20th century. German law still condemned homosexuality, but many factors emerged making things easier for the culture to prosper. ...
Waldmarschall 09/21/2014 5 13 - -
This Week In Marriage Equality - Justice Ginsburg Hints That The Sixth Circuit Could Hold The Key
This week, the Seventh Circuit granted a stay in the Indiana marriage cases pending resolution by SCOTUS. The Tenth Circuit has put the Colorado marriage equality case on hold pending further ...
librarisingnsf 09/19/2014 27 24 - -
Top Comments: A war hero convicted of the "crime" of being gay is finally pardoned by his Queen
Steven Payne 08/23/2014 60 81 1 -
Mother And Her Boyfriend On Trial For Murder Of Her 8 Year Old Son; Called Him Gay And Tortured Him
From The LA Times comes this horrific story of the brutal and hateful murder of an eight year old boy whom they (mother and boyfriend) believed to be gay. Reports state that he was beaten and ...
librarisingnsf 08/21/2014 61 35 - -
What Makes a Gay Icon
The original gay icon, at least the one recorded for posterity, was Judy Garland. Girlish and sweet, but vulnerable, she captured the affections of many gay men. Accordingly, the Stonewall Riots ...
cabaretic 08/04/2014 55 8 - -
Up Your Alley Fair -- San Francisco
San Francisco loves its street fairs, and today we experience the Up Your Alley Street Fair. It is part of the Folsom Street events which also puts on the Folsom Street Fair event in Sept. Up Your ...
librarisingnsf 07/27/2014 7 6 - -
This Week In Marriage Equality: Sixth Circuit Panel Announced & Worldwide ME Map
We have news from Florida, Georgia, Colorado, Washington, and North Dakota this week. We also have news from the Sixth Circuit. In Florida , the plaintiffs pretty much threw a hail mary and filed ...
librarisingnsf 07/25/2014 17 15 - -
The 1950's are alive and well at Fox News Channel as Bill O'Reilly heads to S.F. Gay Pride.
Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News, along with its paid funny-guy Jesse Watters, have a long history of promoting ‘ light-hearted ’ segments within an otherwise serious-toned news ...
Christian Bentzen 07/25/2014 39 29 1 -
[Video] Watch out Chick-fil-A fans, Burger King just chose the winning side of this culture war.
It can only be physically found behind one counter at one Burger King in the heart of San Francisco’s gay neighborhood (Gayhorhood) but customers at this location may be surprised ...
Christian Bentzen 07/25/2014 115 221 - -
Who are the Next Generation of Prophets?
What follows is my own story. I include it to heighten awareness of what often goes unsaid and unspoken. The problem is as old as the human race itself, but like war, it continues. Everyone with an ...
cabaretic 07/25/2014 10 8 - -
Top Comments: The Friday of the Purple Hand - 1969 remembered
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
Steven Payne 06/28/2014 42 43 - -
Reclaiming Our History
Forty-five years ago tomorrow, just after midnight, when the NYPD raided the Stonewall Inn, the police handcuffed transgender women, sex workers, and homeless youth, who were herded out of the bar ...
rserven 06/27/2014 17 38 1 -
LGBT Literature: David Levithan
David Levithan is out and proud, and so too is his young adult (YA) fiction. When asked at the 2012 National Book Festival why he likes to write so many queer books, after initially responding, "...
vacantlook 06/17/2014 7 18 1 -
Top Comments: The Incomparable Paul Lynde Edition
This would have been his 88th birthday. You didn't want to hear about Louisville again, did you? Since I'm partway through a discussion of Susan Sontag's "Notes on Camp," I thought it might be ...
Dave in Northridge 06/13/2014 69 45 - -
Ontario Makes History
As many people know who pay attention to Canadian politics, Ontario became the first province to have an openly gay politician as premier for the last few years, and also the first openly gay first ...
Northwatch 06/12/2014 22 18 - -
I remember Anita Bryant's "Save Our Children Campaign" too well.
I'd like to think that HLN's Nancy "I've Never Met a Defendant I didn't Loathe" Grace as the epitome of irrelevancy. I never watched her much, and not at all since the days when her current network ...
jgilhousen 06/06/2014 28 25 - -
The Worst Mass Murder Of Gay People In US History
Before any of the mainline Christian churches or denominations became inclusive of LGBT folks, there was Metropolitan Community Churches. MCC was founded by the Rev. Troy Perry in 1968 in Los Angeles.
librarisingnsf 05/31/2014 30 50 - -
Top Comments: Memories of a Penitent Heart Edition
I know. This is supposed to be my end of month music diary, but I have something more important to write about. One of our newest Kossacks, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarando,
Dave in Northridge 05/29/2014 58 51 - -
Calls for effective Civil Rights protections
Monday's editorial by the New York Times editorial board Leadership on Transgender Civil Rights is a long overdue call for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to get visibly involved in the establishment of legal ...
rserven 05/27/2014 4 30 - -
'74 PBS Gay Marriage Debate: Kameny v Socarides
Here's an important piece of homo history I wasn't aware of until this week when I read my friend Rick Rosendall's blog post for the Gay & Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC. On May 2, ...
MPetrelis 05/26/2014 12 8 - -
Secrets, AIDS, family, God, inequality and love
Filmmaker Cecilia Aldarando's uncle Miguel in the hospital with his mother So many stories have not yet been told about secrets that tear couples and families apart. Death doesn't stop the secrets, ...
Denise Oliver Velez 05/25/2014 154 152 3 -
My Quiet Gay Wedding, and an appeal to Kossacks who have married their same-sex partners
Given the most recent developments on the marriage equality front , I think it's time for all of us who are, or have been, married to our same-sex partners, to make the Kososphere aware of that. We ...
Dave in Northridge 05/22/2014 256 220 1 -
LGBT Literature: Sapphistries: A Global History of Love Between Women
I was going to write about some essential Stonewall reading, but then I realized that next month is the 45th Stonewall anniversary, so better to wait until then. Instead, I'm going to use the month ...
Chrislove 05/20/2014 7 20 1 -
'Rainbow-washing' Larry Kramer's ire at the NYT by Frank Bruni
Someone has to hold columnists at the world's most influential accountable when they seriously overlook homo history, and it might as well be me . . . you too!
MPetrelis 05/13/2014 3 4 - -
A first as St. Louis Rams take Michael Sam late in the draft
About time:
Laura Clawson 05/10/2014 112 53 1 3
First Same-Sex Marriages Take Place in Arkansas!
It began yesterday, with a judge's decision, issued after all the County Clerk offices in Arkansas closed for the day... Arkansas Front Page This Morning! Times They Are A Changing!
jpmassar 05/10/2014 28 54 - -
NOM Now Thinks We're Hypocrites. Pot, Meet Kettle.
A recent NOM blog post titled " Narrowing the Halls of Higher Education " accuses marriage equality campaigners of double standards: [T]he same double-standards cutting through all of the ...
leftprogressive 05/09/2014 10 14 3 -
AIDS/LifeCycle 2014--My Fifteenth Bike Ride for AIDS
Tired of meta, pie fights and flame wars? This diary's for you. If you follow where I'm leading you'll be able to help me make just a wee bit of a difference in the life of someone. This is a diary ...
sfbob 05/08/2014 32 31 - -
Don’t let the religious right whitewash their history of anti-gay oppression
crossposted on Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters The anti-gay group Concerned Women for America is furious at the National Women’s History Museum Project. According to Right Wing Watch , the ...
The Author 04/28/2014 6 20 1 -
How President Obama Evolved on Marriage Equality (and the Bad Book that Explains it)
Well, here we go. Jo Becker, an investigative reporter, has written a book, Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality , which the New York Times published a long excerpt from in ...
Dave in Northridge 04/24/2014 22 37 1 -
The Courage to Love: Five years ago today in Maine.
Five years ago today an astounding thing happened. Over 5,000 citizens came to make their feelings know at a Judiciary Committee hearing on the merits of a bill introduced by State Senator Dennis ...
slakn1 04/22/2014 4 13 - -
A Black Woman Learns that She Too has Privilege
I published a piece earlier today about my take on the way whites view racial issues. In response to my piece, an awesome DailyKos regular commented, "I've been saying for a long time now that ...
smkyle1 04/18/2014 91 248 2 -
The "Not In Our Town" Town Struggles with Discrimination
Billings, Montana, is known as the "Not In Our Town" town based a 1994 citizen response to efforts of white supremacists to establish a foothold, a response which garnered worldwide approval and put ...
ziniko 04/06/2014 3 11 - -
LGBT Literature: Carryin' On in the Lesbian and Gay South
The subfield of southern LGBT history really has come a long way since John Howard's edited volume Carryin' On in the Lesbian and Gay South was published in 1997. Since then, books such as Men Like ...
Chrislove 03/25/2014 3 15 1 -
Out, and Serving: Gay Men and Women in the Military - Then and Now
The Sunday review section of the New York Times has a remarkable photographic essay, and a long interview with the photographer , Vincent Cianni, conducted by Nathaniel Frank, whose biography at ...
Dave in Northridge 03/14/2014 5 24 - -
Top Comments: The Walk on the Wild Side Edition
When I prepared my carefully curated diary for New Year's Day , I found myself in a quandary when it came to the late (and sorely missed) ...
Dave in Northridge 03/13/2014 85 45 - -
LGBT Literature: Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A.
Before I dig into the book for this week, a bit of an explanation. In the beginning of January, I had the idea of starting a chronological LGBT history series that would use foundational history ...
Chrislove 02/25/2014 13 17 - -
California History: A Reboot, and some highlights from the first half of Western Civ
Spring Semester started at the beginning of last week, and I'm teaching California History again. This fulfills the promise I made to you when I suspended this series in mid-October of last year ...
Dave in Northridge 02/22/2014 12 19 - -
Mizzou DE and NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam comes out as openly gay
Mizzou Defensive End and NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam has ...
JGibson 02/09/2014 94 109 1 -
Ninth Circuit Court Ruling Applies Heightened Scrutiny to Sexual Orientation
This is one of those "diary me" issues that I couldn't just let sit. Because I'm not a lawyer I'm going to have to cover it as best I can and I hope anyone who comments here will do so with that ...
sfbob 01/21/2014 27 68 - -
A Memorial Diary for Rev. Robert Nugent, who Ministered to Gay Catholics
As I was looking at the front page of the New York Times , I found another obituary which I think deserves the attention of the community. Robert Nugent died from the effects of lung cancer on New ...
Dave in Northridge 01/10/2014 18 25 - -
Top Comments: the Gary Burton edition
A look at a very accomplished musician (both as a performer and a long-time music educator) who had a moment-of-truth in revealing his sexual orientation twenty years ago, as we will see after ...
Ed Tracey 01/09/2014 35 42 - -
A gay man discusses his sexual identity
Why on EARTH am I doing something like this? Because I left what I thought was a reasonable comment in (yet) another diary that tried to make the case for the idea that choice in one's sexual ...
Dave in Northridge 01/05/2014 148 103 - -
LGBT Literature: Happy Erev New Year, and a List
I thought I would have something ready for this morning, but it seems that, after the semester I just had, I'll need at least two weeks off before I can write anything like a critical review. So, at ...
Dave in Northridge 12/31/2013 29 30 2 -
Alan Turing (Finally) Pardoned
For those who don't know, Alan Turing was a British computer pioneer and logician who worked at the famous "Bletchley Park" during WWII as a cryptanalyst, (codebreaker), where it is acknowledged by ...
MargaretPOA 12/24/2013 140 207 1 -
Top Comments: On Cecil Williams, Nelson Mandela, and LGBT Rights
It has been two weeks since Nelson Mandela, the father of the modern free and democratic South Africa, passed away. The achievement for which he will always be remembered is the obliteration of ...
gizmo59 12/20/2013 94 43 - -
Utah Just Became 18th State to Allow Marriage Equality
Breaking from The Salt Lake Tribune : A federal judge in Utah Friday struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, saying the law violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantees of equal ...
ericlewis0 12/20/2013 147 138 - -
Luxembourg Will Have A Gay Prime Minister AND a Gay Vice- (or Deputy) Prime Minister
In the midst of the sad news about the passing of Nelson Mandela (who supported LGBT equality), there is at least one positive development in the world. Following in the footsteps of Iceland and ...
sfbob 12/06/2013 30 18 - -
PLEASE REC! MONEY BOMB to end Michigan's same-sex marriage ban, a court case with nat'l implications
This could be the case that overturns same-sex marriage bans across the country once and for all Originally posted at Eclectablog . [left to right: April, Nolan, Jacob, Jayne, and Ryanne. Photos ...
Eclectablog 12/02/2013 10 101 3 -
A Meditation on the LGBT Rights Movement in Honor of Harvey Milk
Harvey Milk was murdered on November 27, 1978, thirty-five years ago today. This diary began as an attempt to enlarge on something I'd said in a comment a couple of weeks ago. While I still plan to ...
sfbob 11/27/2013 35 55 1 -
Ten Years Ago Today: The Massachusetts SJC Declares Marriage Equality
I’ve long been proud of my roots in Massachusetts, one of our most liberal states and a place that has been in forefront of many important social and political movements in our nation’s history ��
fenway49 11/19/2013 26 19 - -
BREAKING: Marriage Equality OFFICIALLY Comes to Hawai'i
Quickly: The Hawai'i Senate has passed SB1. Governor Abercrombie will sign the bill tomorrow and marriage equality will come to Hawai'i on December 3rd 2nd. (Thanks to My Spin for the correction.)
sfbob 11/12/2013 96 99 - -
The LGBT Movement: A lesson in authentic grassroots success
The day after President was elected in November of 2008, most people were still celebrating our stunning victory (or crying into their Sarah Palin t-shirts). However, LGBT Californians woke up to ...
Steven Payne 11/11/2013 59 42 - -
Top Comments: A Snapshot of Progress Edition
Today, I had a meeting with one of my comps committee members, who happens to be immersed in Houston LGBT politics outside of academia. If you didn't know, we are currently early voting for our ...
Chrislove 10/25/2013 40 37 - -
LGBT History Month:Abraham Lincoln
The closet is deep. And the depths of the closet are not entirely of the making of those in 'the life'. Assiduous efforts have been made to straightwash Abraham Lincoln even to the point where it ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/18/2013 7 13 - -
LGBT History Month: Leslie Feinberg
I've read tens, if not a hundred, of thousands of books. But there has only been one author that I could truly say made my story come alive. And that is Leslie Feinberg and hir book Stone Butch ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/17/2013 5 18 1 -
LGBT History Month: Jean-Michel Basquiat
Like a Hollywood star on a fast track, the life of Basquiat was meteoric to the point of flame out. His evocative paintings that started out as graffiti in NYC were ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/16/2013 9 20 - -
LGBT History Month: Eleanor Roosevelt
Since we live in a culture that demeans and criminalizes LGBT's the possibility that Eleanor Roosevelt, amongst other celebrities, had an affair with a woman has been vociferously denied. But from ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/15/2013 24 23 - -
All Things Bookstore: Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the “Howl” Trial
Booksellers can become political. A good example of that comes from San Fransico in the 1950s when Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the proprietor of the City Lights Bookstore (which is still very much there ...
Dave in Northridge 10/15/2013 38 40 - -
LGBT History Month: How we were criminalized
Throughout the centuries there were sporadic efforts to eliminate Homosexuality and Gays themselves from various cultures. Since we use English Law as our basis as opposed to Napoleonic Code I will ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/14/2013 8 21 - -
LGBT History Month:Vice Versa
Vice Versa, subtitled "America's Gayest Magazine," is the first known lesbian publication in the United States. From 1947-48, nine editions of ten copies each were authored, edited, typed and hand-...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/11/2013 3 8 - -
LGBT History Month: Oscar Wilde
Another great artist Oscar Wilde was a wordsmith of the highest order. But again his life was destroyed in the name of morality. His poetry, plays, and writing are reeking with talent and ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/10/2013 7 19 - -
LGBT History Month:Open Thread, What is your story?
I was going to do a post on Joan of Arc but got drawn into some position papers regarding gender theory and haven't gotten anything written this morning. So share your bit of LGBT history.
Horace Boothroyd III 10/09/2013 18 8 - -
LGBT History Month: Alan Turing
Alan Turing was a physicist and mathematician most notably known to have cracked the code of the German ENIGMA machine. A means of commanders contacting the dreaded U-Boats that was encoded to the ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/08/2013 13 25 - -
LGBT Literature: Plane Queer: Labor, Sexuality, and AIDS in the History of Male Flight Attendants
When I was in college, I worked for one of the university offices as a work-study. It was a Catholic university, and the office in which I worked was a particularly socially conservative space, with ...
Chrislove 10/08/2013 40 53 1 -
LGBT History Month: Audre Lorde
Karla Hammond : How would you define being a lesbian? Audre Lorde : Strongly woman-identified women where love between women is open and possible, beyond physical in every way. There are lesbians, ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/07/2013 5 14 - -
Ole Miss to require audience at Laramie Project to attend dialogue, investigation still underway
Ole Miss is still investigating reports of homophobic and disruptive behavior at a Tuesday night performance of "The Laramie Project," a play about the response to Matthew Shephard's 1998 murder. ...
Christian Dem in NC 10/05/2013 23 20 1 -
My LTE: Ole Miss Students Deeply Insult LGBT Community
In case you haven't seen the news about how students at Ole Miss (the University of Mississippi) recently behaved at a performance of the Laramie Project, then I point you to this article : "The ...
My Philosophy 10/04/2013 10 18 - -
LGBT History Month: Why LGBT?
There is a dearth of information on Bisexuals from history compared to the rest of the LGT community. So I thought I would post on why we are seen as a whole instead of separate entities. We all ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/04/2013 6 17 - -
LGBT History Month: Dr. Alan L. Hart
I'm guessing very few of you know who our next subject is. I had no notion of him until less than a year ago. And what I learned put what I understood about Transgender history on it's ear. Mostly ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/03/2013 4 17 - -
LGBT History Month: Gertrude Stein
Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. Rarely do I find an author as intriguing as Gertrude Stein. Here was a woman that broke boundaries all her life in what I perceived as a life of adventure. A ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/02/2013 14 22 1 -
LGBT History month starts today: Bayard Rustin
“When an individual is protesting society's refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.” ― Bayard Rustin In our current American ...
Horace Boothroyd III 10/01/2013 5 15 - -
LGBT Literature: Oddly Normal or How to Parent a Child You Think might be Gay
I remembered the byline of the writer, John Schwartz of the New York Times . Mostly about science but featured in the Enron coverage and increasingly involved with issues arising from the amendments ...
Dave in Northridge 09/10/2013 29 50 1 -
UPDATE: Dream Defenders Lifted (Long Ago) by Bayard Rustin - will YouTube video go viral?
UPDATE - will Agnew's YouTube video go viral? It is entirely up to us. As of this update the video has over 27,000 views (almost 10,000 additional views in the last 12 hours). I understand if you don'
DefendOurConstitution 08/30/2013 129 68 1 -
Top Comments: Russia trying to scrub the gay off Tchaikovsky. Again.
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky May 1840 – 6 ...
Steven Payne 08/24/2013 99 62 - -
Bayard Rustin: PA Native, Unsung Hero of the 1963 March on Washington, Lifelong Activist
The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was held on August 28, 1963. One year before LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act and two years before he signed the Voting Rights Act, over a quarter million ...
ProgressivePatriotPA 08/24/2013 13 37 3 -
R.I.P. Jose Julio Sarria
One of the real icons of the struggle for LGBT Rights died Monday in Albuquerque. Jose Sarria provided a voice for a mostly voiceless gay community in San Francisco during the late 1950s and early ...
Dave in Northridge 08/22/2013 44 112 3 -
Top Comments: Louisa Jo (nee Louis) Killen Edition
This morning, I heard an item on NPR's _Morning Edition_ that I found both sad and surprising. It was sad because it announced the passing of a venerated folk musician and scholar, Louisa Jo ...
gizmo59 08/15/2013 48 35 - -
PA mayor now marrying same-sex couples in defiance of law: "Mr. Corbett, tear down this law."
Some pretty cool stuff going on in Pennsylvania. You've probably heard by now of the civil disobedience going in in Montgomery County, in suburban Philadelphia. If not, from *S Kitchen*'s diary on ...
Chrislove 08/06/2013 41 40 1 -
Remembering LGBT History: 365 days of LGBT history, delivered right to your iPhone or Android
Much of history is hidden, especially for groups outside the mainstream of dominant culture. This group is devoted to the recovery of LGBT history, and it welcomes anyone interested in the subject. ...
Chrislove 07/30/2013 11 19 1 -
LGBT history -- Going down on the Lusitania
RMS Lusitania, New York City, 1907 Here's another small slice of LGBT history -- the relationship of two men, Henry Sonneborn and Leo 'Lee' Schwabacher,
wayoutinthestix 07/21/2013 44 46 - -
I'm Out, Are You? Commonmass' Annual Pride Month Coming-Out Diary
I was always out. Even before I was born, my great-grandmother said to mother "Oh, this one is going to be queer". My Great-Grandmother, 1894-1986, she had seen it all. . When I was in High ...
commonmass 06/28/2013 173 150 - -
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