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A Zero Emissions Manifesto for the Climate Justice Movement
Cross-posted with EcoWatch & co-authored by Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. " Zero emissions is an ambitious but achievable goal. " --UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Zero has become the most ...
Renewable Rider 09/04/2014 2 11 - -
As Keystone XL Dominoes Fall, Time to Arrest Tar Sands Industry
We've got this. Thanks to the courageous and indefatigable efforts of pipeline fighters everywhere, the tide has finally turned on Keystone XL . As it becomes increasingly clear that Keystone XL's ...
Renewable Rider 07/31/2014 7 26 - -
'Moccasins on the Ground' Aims to Shield People from 'Black Venom' of Keystone XL
Cross-posted with Common Dreams First Nations people started the Keystone XL fight in the U.S. by waking up the world to the survival threats posed by Canada's poisonous tar sands mining. ...
Renewable Rider 04/20/2014 6 14 - -
Climate Youth Lead #XLDISSENT Civil Resistance to Ensure Our Civil Existence
Cross-posted with The Huffington Post More than a thousand climate youth leaders and allies converged on Washington, DC this weekend for the largest student-led civil resistance action at the White ...
Renewable Rider 03/04/2014 3 7 - -
Going to Jail on MLK's B-Day to Stop Keystone XL South: "The Fierce Urgency of Now"
Cross-posted with EcoWatch You wouldn't know it from the lack of focus and attention by the environmental establishment, but the 485-mile southern leg of TransCanada's Keystone XL tar sands ...
Renewable Rider 01/19/2014 1 6 1 -
Urgent Request to Stop Southern Leg of Keystone XL Pipeline Ignored by White House
Climate justice leaders send President Obama a message during at Nov. 7 White House protest. Cross-posted with EcoWatch [The ...
Renewable Rider 01/18/2014 2 14 - -
Has TransCanada Labeled YOU an "Eco-Terrorist?"
Cross-posted with The Huffington Post I am one peace-loving patriot who is not going to stand for having my integrity impugned by a foreign corporation I never invited into my country in the first ...
Renewable Rider 10/24/2013 10 41 1 -
LAST HOURS for Humanity?
Cross-posted with EcoWatch Consider this: nearly all life on Earth could go extinct because of manmade climate change. Internationally syndicated talk show host and bestselling author Thom ...
Renewable Rider 10/08/2013 22 29 - -
If Movement Fails to Draw the Line Against Keystone XL in TX & OK, We All Flunk the Climate Test
Cross-posted with EcoWatch I had a chance to read FAIL: How the Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Flunks the Climate Test , a recent report issued by ...
Renewable Rider 09/18/2013 15 8 - -
Boulder's 100-Year Flood & Weather Weirding
Cross-posted with The Huffington Post I have lived in Boulder for nearly 30 years and have never seen anything -- weatherwise -- like what I've witnessed these past two years. Last summer, ...
Renewable Rider 09/16/2013 26 132 - -
President Obama's Climate Action Plan: Not Even Close
Cross-posted with EcoWatch In June, after more than four years as president, President Obama finally proposed a climate action plan for America. True to form, the president gave an eloquent speech, ...
Renewable Rider 08/12/2013 15 17 1 -
The Keystone XL Shuffle
Cross-posted with EcoWatch For the past year, most blog posts, action alerts and appeals to “Stop Keystone XL,” “Reject Keystone XL,” “Fight Keystone XL” and “Resist Keystone XL” ...
Renewable Rider 06/03/2013 4 10 - -
No Tar Sands Oil On American Soil!
Anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to politics in America today can sense the decay of democracy stemming from politicians in both political parties who value holding onto ...
Renewable Rider 08/19/2011 17 33 - 129
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