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What this election taught me.
This election taught me I spend too much time on politics...most of the country is just “a pox on both of their houses”
Renfriend 11/04/2014 5 2 - -
Late Night Question
Can anyone please tell me why Christians are so afraid to die? I am looking for serious answers. I myself was raised without religion, but thru the years I have known, been friends with and been ...
Renfriend 01/24/2014 11 1 - -
Politifact has opened voting for lie of the year l
Politifact has opened voting for lie of the year. I would like to suggest that my fellow DK'ers get over there and vote! 7 of the 10 choices have to do with the Affordable Care Act. 1 has to do ...
Renfriend 12/03/2013 7 1 - -
Need Advice, Moving to Montana with Pets!
My spouse applied for a job a couple of weeks ago. It was a “probably won’t get it, but won’t it be cool” type of job. He got it. Now we are moving. I have questions. Is there anyone ...
Renfriend 04/08/2013 26 15 - -
Just an idea.
I do not know how to bring people together, but after looking at the pictures of the Libyans protesting FOR Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans and Libyans that fell, I had a thought. An ...
Renfriend 09/14/2012 5 7 - 41
My First Diary or How I Tried to Talk Someone Out of the Cult.
This is a response that I gave to a young Republican woman in an email exchange recently. She is a friend who is twenty years younger than me (she is 23). She was trying to get me to donate to her ...
Renfriend 02/23/2012 20 12 - 293
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