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“Coward, Any Day”
I was graciously asked to join Whovians on DKOS and would like to offer this fabulous article my son wrote online. Below the orange swirly is the beginning due to its length and fair practice of ...
Renie57 11/23/2013 5 4 - -
If Kos is #3, who is #1 & #2
"I am not a number, I am a free man". The ...
Renie57 01/30/2013 74 6 - -
Up Close & Personal With A RWNJ
I've always enjoyed reading other DK postings about their interactions with Right Wing Nut Jobs but living in New York State and even though I'm in Peter King's Congressional District I do manage to ...
Renie57 01/17/2013 8 13 - -
The Rich Are Different
Back in the 1980s I worked as a secretary to a major partner of a major Wall Street law firm. The partner was one of the few woman partners in the firm. She had married into major wealth which ...
Renie57 09/09/2012 80 110 4 792
Stop 'Stand Your Ground' Law in NYS
This is my first diary here for my fellow New Yorkers. It's short but very important. New York State Senator George Maziarz, of the 62nd District up by Buffalo wants to re-introduce a SYG ...
Renie57 04/23/2012 7 4 - 84
The Commercialization of OWS Has Begun
We've seen politicians co-opt OWS now the commercialization has begun.
Renie57 10/25/2011 8 3 - 122
Let’s Take Action on Jobs
Maybe if we each do a little something, it will turn into a bigger something. Some ideas below the squiggle.
Renie57 08/15/2011 1 1 - 29
Hynosis & Weight Loss
I’m sure most of you can relate to my story. I’ve lost and gained so much weight over the years that I could probably have cloned myself at least three times. My yo-yo dieting was always ...
Renie57 04/08/2011 9 6 - 85
Hypnosis & Weight Loss
"You Are Getting Sleepy"
Renie57 03/29/2011 6 3 - 55
A Family Tree
So excited that Kos member, edwardssl, has started this Genealogy group. For those of you interested, here's my story. Look forward to reading diaries of everyone else's history and progress ...
Renie57 02/19/2011 23 27 - 134
John Boehner, Where's My Job?
I've been fascinated by all the diaries lately discussing opinions on how the Administration and Congress is not doing enough, doing the best they can or whatever the writer's view is. A common ...
Renie57 12/01/2010 4 7 - 33
How Do We Rebuild?
I was just reading brooklynboy's thoughtful and impressive diary on Rebuilding the Democratic Party. I kept looking for the map on how we do this. I read through the comments but they then got way ...
Renie57 11/14/2010 22 7 - 34
John Boehner, Where's My Job?
So I would like to do something; and its keep asking "John Boehner, Where's My Job?"
Renie57 11/07/2010 24 9 - 68
NPR Email Response Re: Juan Williams Termination
Last Saturdays' diary by Dartagnan's on 'Hilarious--NPR Receiving Warnings From Longtime "Viewers"' was heavily commented and many of us sent emails and donations to NPR in support of their ...
Renie57 10/25/2010 13 12 - 74
We Made It Through Unemployment
I rarely post but after reading Catchlightning's post on becoming unemployed I decided I would just to make sure we all remember, it's not over.
Renie57 06/03/2010 34 34 - 193
Senator Dorgan - A Class Act
Noddem's Diary Back in January, noddem wrote a diary asking for help in telling Senator Dorgan of North Dakota not to retire. Noddem wrote about how Senator Dorgan predicted the financial crisis ...
Renie57 02/19/2010 10 9 - 18
Amazon's Obama "Terrorist" Costume [Update]
When I saw on Huffington Post this morning an article that on a search for 'terrorist costume' revealed an Obama face mask, I was shocked.
Renie57 10/27/2008 22 3 - -
McCain/Palin Rallies: Mob Mentality
A few diaries have been posted on the recent McCain/Palin rallies but I feel it is time to take a closer look at where this may be headed and what we can do about it.
Renie57 10/07/2008 3 4 - 3
McCain's Latest Bail Out Plan
I got this info from Huffington Post. I haven't seen it written about yet so I thought I would bring it up. This needs to be publicized not just because it is a crazy idea but because it gives ...
Renie57 09/30/2008 9 7 - 2
Face Of the Bail Out [UPDATED]
Interesting story in today's New York Times that paints another aspect of how the credit crisis occured and who may be responsible. Most of this info is taken from the NY Times. UPDATE ...
Renie57 09/28/2008 3 3 1 14
Republicans' Disgusting Push-Polling
I searched and haven't yet seen anyone post about this but the Huffington Post has reported the Republicans are once again push-pollng.
Renie57 09/11/2008 13 15 - 11
October Surprise 2008?
Apologies right away to the fact that this article was not researched by me. It is from based on "How the Republicans Win" by By Robert Parry - ...
Renie57 09/06/2008 25 5 - 9
McCain Gets Angry & Cries Foul
Appropriate and Inappropriate Anger Anger is appropriate when three things are true: 1) a real threat exists,2) the level of your anger is proportional to the level of the threat, and 3) when ...
Renie57 09/03/2008 21 14 - 17
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