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McCain Photo Op Slows Rescue Plan
Congressional leaders and Bush administration officials are close to a deal on a $700 billion rescue plan with greater protections for taxpayers and new assistance for distressed homeowners. But ...
Republicus 09/25/2008 23 9 - 20
McCain Looks Foolish in Assault on Cox
This week John McCain, completely out of his element with respect to developments on Wall Street, lodged another uninformed and impetuous attack -- this time, at SEC Chairman Christopher Cox.
Republicus 09/19/2008 25 9 - 7
Disaster Looming: China in Talks to Buy Half of Morgan Stanley
"The capitalists will sell us the rope to hang them with." - Lenin Bloomberg [ reports] that Morgan Stanley, ...
Republicus 09/18/2008 80 15 - 1
It's 3 A.M. and McCain Still Doesn't Understand Economic Issues
It's 3 am and we're in the midst of a [ once-in-a-century economic crisis]. Who do you want answering the phone? Well, let'...
Republicus 09/15/2008 5 2 1 13
Does the High Road Lead to Defeat?
When Obama secured the Democratic nomination, John McCain pledged to run a civil campaign founded on the issues. While he almost immediately kicked that pledge to the curb, I must confess that I hadn'
Republicus 09/10/2008 53 1 - 2
Palin Speech Empty as Her Resume
Gov. Palin's speech last night was well-delivered, but totally devoid of substance. ...
Republicus 09/04/2008 12 3 - 4
Good News for National Journal: Biden Already Ranked Third Most Liberal Senator
It just occurred to me that the National Journal ranked Joe Biden as the [ third most liberal] U.S. Senator in 2007. Bernie Sanders, a self-described ...
Republicus 08/22/2008 10 2 - 8
Don't Panic, Just Improve Your Aim
While troubled to see McCain ahead in the latest Reuters/Zogby poll, I was even more surprised at the media's reaction. First of all, this ...
Republicus 08/20/2008 2 5 - 1
Madam Speaker, Bring Rove's Contempt Citation to the Floor for a Vote
While the name "George W. Bush" will not be on the ballot this November, the damage the forty-third President has done to the Constitution will abide long after he retires to Crawford. No President ...
Republicus 07/31/2008 6 6 - 18
Clinton Risks Too Much in Gas Tax Pandering
Senators Clinton and McCain have both attacked Sen. Obama for refusing to support a temporary 18 cent-per-gallon tax "holiday." While residents of Indiana and North Carolina are rightly concerned ...
Republicus 04/30/2008 10 2 - 2
Conservative Punditry Drives Democratic Contest
In the aftermath of the Pennsylvania primary, media coverage of the Democratic race has devolved into a third grade soccer game at recess. The cruel irony is that conservatives are driving the debate.
Republicus 04/24/2008 13 6 1 1
Does Gore Support Obama?
In today's Wall Street Journal , Jackie Calmes [reports] that "[a]nother Democrat who has spoken ...
Republicus 04/21/2008 41 7 - 2
Cheney Weighs in on Wright as if America Cares
Vice President Dick Cheney made a brief appearance on Sean Hannity's radio show to weigh in on the Wright ...
Republicus 04/11/2008 43 11 - 9
Is Clinton Down for the Count?
With just over two weeks left until Pennsylvanians head to the polls, Obama has a commanding 12 point lead over Clinton according to ...
Republicus 04/06/2008 12 4 - 7
The Freshman Superdelegates Cometh
With [polls tightening] in Pennsylvania, Clinton has more immediate concerns than winning the state: she has to make it to ...
Republicus 04/04/2008 2 3 - 3
Fact Check: Obama Leads by 3% in Popular Vote (Not < 1%)
Crossposted from [Our Republic] [President Clinton
Republicus 04/03/2008 23 16 2 15
10 Reasons Not to Compare Oneself to Rocky
Cross-posted from [Our Republic] Sen. Clinton told the AFL-CIO yesterday that she is [a lot like Rocky http:
Republicus 04/02/2008 23 12 1 12
Ohio Attorney General: No Indictment for Limbaugh Because "Being Stupid is Not a Crime"
The Ohio Attorney General announced today that conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh will not be indicted for voter fraud. You may recall that in the days leading up to the Ohio Democratic primary, ...
Republicus 03/28/2008 34 23 1 9
NY Times Article Reveals There is Nothing to Report
If you've been reading about the Obama-Clinton contest in New York Times lately, I need not tell you that the Times has a dog in the hunt and has no qualms about showing it. If Howard Wolfson is ...
Republicus 03/11/2008 9 4 - -
A Defining Moment for Democrats
Should the Clinton campaign succeed in its attempt to seat the Florida and Michigan delegations, its achievement will surely rank among the greatest election frauds in American political history. It ...
Republicus 03/10/2008 11 5 - 10
More Experienced: Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton?
Senator Clinton has routinely claimed the mantle of experience, arguing that her experience in the White House makes her "ready to lead on day one" and the candidate who is most qualified to answer ...
Republicus 03/07/2008 121 7 1 20
UPDATE: The Clinton News Network?
*** Update 12:04am: Headline corrected *** *** Update 11:48am: Headline still not corrected *** I was under the impression that Fox News held exclusive rights to reconcile the facts with their ...
Republicus 03/06/2008 10 3 - -
Why Obama Wins Big in Texas
According to the latest [poll of polls] by Real Clear Politics, Obama is ahead in Texas by roughly 2-3 ...
Republicus 02/29/2008 41 13 - 41
Hillary's Empty Charge and Unequivocal Support of NAFTA
Hillary's press conference about Obama's Health Care and NAFTA flyers was perhaps the most ridiculous and dishonest displays of the campaign season. As Obama has argued at every debate in recent ...
Republicus 02/23/2008 18 10 1 3
Rasmussen: Obama 10 Points Better Than Hillary in General Election Matchup
Rasmussen's daily Presidential tracking poll for [ Monday, February 18] ...
Republicus 02/18/2008 37 12 - 9
Clinton and McCain Unite Against Obama
“The enemy of the enemy is my friend” seems the mantra insofar as Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton are concerned. As Obama continues to consolidate support in the wake an ...
Republicus 02/14/2008 34 9 - 14
What Electability Debate?
Those of you who have been watching CNN have probably seen the South Carolina primer featuring a black voter who says that black Democrats inclined to support Obama are "still waffling" because they ...
Republicus 01/10/2008 6 - - 8
Is Hillary Fit for Command?
On Thursday, Hillary engaged in a shameful albeit familiar political practice, invoking fears of another terrorist attack on the United States to score political points. "It's a horrible prospect ...
Republicus 08/25/2007 153 4 1 -
President Bush Rejects Key ISG Recommendation
A foremost recommendation of the Iraq Study Group urges the President to threaten the redeployment of most American troops unless Iraqi leaders commit themselves to a meaningful dialogue in ...
Republicus 12/07/2006 22 9 - -
Pharmaceutical Companies' K Street Candor
Under the Republican-led Congress, health care costs have skyrocketed while real wages have declined. Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to offer comprehensive, or any, coverage to ...
Republicus 11/25/2006 1 6 - 3
Top 10 Most Vulnerable Senate Seats as of Oct. 3 (Visual)
Republicus 10/03/2006 26 7 1 20
Senate Battleground Map and Breakdown, 2nd Ed. (Sept. 30)
Republicus 10/01/2006 30 34 - 16
Evidence of Conspiracy Respecting Present Gas Prices
Republicus 09/28/2006 33 16 1 14
Senate Battleground Map and Breakdown, 1st Ed. (Sept. 22)
Republicus 09/23/2006 141 125 4 65
Open Letter to New Jersey Re Republican Senate Candidate Kean
Republicus 09/21/2006 20 4 - 14
Frist Abandons Gospel, Theatens to Filibuster McCain's Detainee Bill
Republicus 09/20/2006 36 14 1 28
Could a Cold November Rain Breach Bush's Leveecy?
Republicus 09/12/2006 7 1 1 -
Geneva Conventions to Govern Process Afforded Gitmo Detainees
Republicus 07/11/2006 3 - - -
See the Federal Court Order Keeping "Tom Delay" on Ballot (Link Fixed)
Republicus 07/06/2006 5 1 1 -
The Right-Wing Assault on the Penny . . . and Thought.
Republicus 07/03/2006 14 2 - 8
Carville's "The Power of Hillary" (Wash. Post) Misses the Mark
Republicus 07/02/2006 35 10 1 3
Democrats - Where Were You When D.C. Needed You Most?
Republicus 06/30/2006 21 3 1 -
Hamdan v. Rumsfeld - A "Fair and Balanced" Analysis
Republicus 06/29/2006 3 4 - 11
Virginia Senate Race - Potential Cinderella?
Republicus 05/13/2006 12 9 1 -
Who's Who to Special Interests in Congress - 2006 Rankings
Republicus 05/11/2006 16 7 4 20
The Unreported Right-Wing Assault on Our Constitution
Republicus 05/10/2006 11 11 2 8
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