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Not this time.
A lot of things are different now. 12 years have passed, and I still have regrets. I live in Miami, and I can still remember my ballot being driven to Tallahassee on live television for the recount.
Rian Fike 11/05/2012 1 7 - -
Stay hungry for the future.
As a teacher in Miami's public schools I have ...
Rian Fike 10/18/2011 1 3 1 22
Herman Cain is right, it is my fault.
I am a public school teacher, and I spend all my energy giving everything I have to improve the lives of my students. Today Herman Cain told me that it is my fault that I am not rich. He is correct.
Rian Fike 10/05/2011 13 26 - 142
This is my dream, I need your help.
Hello Kossacks, it has been a while. I needed a way to stay sane living in the state of Rick Scott, and everything came together for me to build the project I have always dreamed about. I need ...
Rian Fike 08/07/2011 10 5 - 135
The Culture of Hate has its eyes set on Miami.
Heya Kossacks, how's it hangin'? I am wallowing in bliss, as usual. No matter what goes on around me, my arrow points straight up. Even when the media is steady trying to drag me down.
Rian Fike 06/29/2011 4 2 - 75
Politics and Pop Culture: Obama dunks in Sarah Palin's face.
That is an actual screenshot from the upcoming NBA Jam video game by EA Sports.
Rian Fike 10/07/2010 6 6 - 63
As goes Florida...
We need your help down here in the Sunshine State. With redistricting on the horizon and a scary monster running for Governor on the Republican ticket, one race in November will change the future ...
Rian Fike 10/06/2010 17 11 - 68
Sarah Palin can't sell tickets anymore, is NOT coming to Miami!
Whew. This is a relief. Slow ticket sales have bumped Sarah Palin's appearance next ...
Rian Fike 10/04/2010 63 47 2 75
Shepard Fairey has not lost hope, and neither have I.
I met Shepard Fairey last year during the Primary ...
Rian Fike 09/28/2010 4 12 - 134
The Sorry (Sunshine) State of the GOP.
The soles of our shoes are wearing thin, but we cannot help but crack a grin. Alex Sink is ...
Rian Fike 09/21/2010 15 11 - 54
A poem for 9/11.
I love Muslims, I love Jews. I love Buddhists, and Hindus. I love Christians. And atheists too. Whatever you are, I love you.
Rian Fike 09/10/2010 7 3 - 31
The Most Important Race in November.
The twinkle in those eyes must belong to the next Governor of Florida. The most important race in ...
Rian Fike 08/25/2010 15 28 - 136
I just voted, and I feel much better.
Just left the booth after bubbling all over Alex Sink and Kendrick Meek. I wish I could have voted for Barack Obama again, but 2012 will be here soon enough!
Rian Fike 08/24/2010 31 19 - 75
Anatomy of a thrilling GOP disaster.
The past month has been a watershed moment in Florida politics, and the ripples will be tubular in November. Democracy was triumphant, and the Democratic Party gained a whole heap of new strength. ...
Rian Fike 04/20/2010 335 877 11 540
SB6: The Aftermath.
Rian Fike 04/19/2010 27 11 - 72
Grass Roots Victorious! SB6 Defeated!
I will let Alex Sink, the next Governor of Florida, explain our situation. From Huffington Post.
Rian Fike 04/15/2010 51 69 1 60
This is getting crazy good: Tea Party supports Florida teachers, Newt Gingrich does not.
The Newt Gingrich part is obvious. He cut and pasted a letter about SB6 today ...
Rian Fike 04/14/2010 160 268 2 145
Diary of a Mad Art Teacher.
I am exhausted. This is the most sustained anger I have ever felt in my life, and it has lasted three and a half weeks. We are well past the ...
Rian Fike 04/13/2010 43 41 - 88
How many times do I have to tell you? UPDATED.
From ABC News. "A pot of gold at the end of ...
Rian Fike 04/12/2010 34 28 - 138
Kill the imagination, control the child.
They want the minds of our children. They want to drive out creativity and replace it with conformity. They want to numb the imagination of future generations of Americans so they can ...
Rian Fike 04/11/2010 596 347 3 136
Sickout. Florida Teachers take it to the next level.
240,000 teachers. 32 kids per class. What happens if all the teachers call in sick on the same day? Miami-Dade schools officials are preparing for widespread teacher absences on ...
Rian Fike 04/10/2010 53 47 1 146
Ignoring the will of the people vs. Answering the call.
Democracy hurts. We have spent the last three weeks in an intense struggle against a closed-minded Republican State Congress that is funded by Jeb Bush and bent on destruction. They railroaded a ...
Rian Fike 04/09/2010 9 11 - 49
Florida's Teachers have become a force.
Just in case you still had doubts, wait until you see what's happening down here in the Sunshine State. Florida Republicans thought they were just going to steamroll us wimpy little teachers into ...
Rian Fike 04/07/2010 41 41 - 151
If Jeb Bush can do it, why can't I?
I am just a teacher. I vote, I blog, and I Facebook, but I have no money to support the political causes that I fight for. And I ...
Rian Fike 04/07/2010 14 32 3 45
Things are looking bleak, but we will NEVER give up on the children.
I love my job. Today was the first day back to school after Spring Break. I had a wonderful day teaching. In addition to my traditional Fine Arts curriculum, I am working on a Fellowship with the ...
Rian Fike 04/06/2010 31 19 - 56
Hope is still alive.
If you have been following my diaries this week, you have seen what happens when people join together and speak truth to power. I gave up my ...
Rian Fike 04/05/2010 6 9 - 59
The Florida Teachers Movement is getting stronger every day.
Our movement shows no signs of stopping. We are gaining momentum and resolve with each passing day. We have garnered national attention and local support. The oppressive state legislature is ...
Rian Fike 04/04/2010 372 218 5 242
I got a letter from a life-long Conservative Christian Republican.
Hello all, I hope the glorious Saturday is treating you well. I would like to share a letter with you today, something I just got in my email box. It is a direct response to the Jeb Bush/Charlie ...
Rian Fike 04/03/2010 42 33 2 143
The fight for education: It's everybody's business.
Valerie Strauss from the Washington Post : Even if you don’t live ...
Rian Fike 04/01/2010 30 27 1 76
The Next Governor of Florida.
Florida's teachers are, according to the Washington Post, "in full revolt". The Republican State ...
Rian Fike 03/31/2010 22 30 - 130
Elephants stomp teachers, teachers stomp back.
Last night we framed the narrative for the battle between Florida's ...
Rian Fike 03/30/2010 40 29 - 57
Obama Administration redeemed, Florida Republicans destroyed.
Whew. I have a lot to talk about tonight. Let me summarize. 1. The Obama Administration awarded Race to the Top federal funding to Delaware and Tennessee today, specifically citing the ...
Rian Fike 03/29/2010 305 524 8 104
Fox puts teachers on Ignore, but we WILL be heard. Time for some action.
I would like to start this morning with a big thank you to everyone who tipped, recommended, and commented ...
Rian Fike 03/29/2010 16 15 1 104
We took over Fox News for one day.  How will they respond?
Yes, I am exaggerating our "takeover" of Fox News. No, I have never seen anything like this.
Rian Fike 03/28/2010 417 746 16 343
Fox News Swamped: Florida Teachers FIGHT BACK.
Guess what issue is going to decide the FL-Sen race. I bet you are wrong. We are the teachers of Florida, and we are going to make or break this election. Don't believe me? Check out the ...
Rian Fike 03/27/2010 43 41 1 62
TRAGIC UPDATE: The real reason that American Education is failing.
I have been teaching for 27 years in Miami. I have never before seen a study that totally proves the problem with Education in America. Sad to say, even President Obama does not understand this, ...
Rian Fike 03/24/2010 60 26 4 40
"For the first time since I was 18 years old, I am no longer registered as a Republican."
My Facebook friends are a little different. If you have ever watched Big Bang Theory on television, that's us. We revolve around the fantasy realms of trading card games and comic books. One of ...
Rian Fike 03/22/2010 14 20 2 26
The good news about the Obama Education Plan.
Education in America is such a big business, and the student population so massive, that any sort of Federal Plan is going to have different people seeing different things. Here is what I see from ...
Rian Fike 03/15/2010 18 8 - 91
A "quivering bundle" is the "future of the Republican party".
Mark Leibovich has written a fabulous study of the crossroads we stand upon. Florida is once again the epicenter of American ...
Rian Fike 01/07/2010 6 4 - 80
The Quantum Tantra Solution: As Radical As It Gets.
Nick Herbert is the real deal. He wrote one of the seminal books ...
Rian Fike 01/06/2010 46 4 1 18
Lucky me.
I wear a trading card in my black fedora. It carries a portrait of Longshot, the lucky little alien from Marvel Comics. I use it as a conversation starter, a way to bridge the age gap and relate to ...
Rian Fike 01/04/2010 42 12 - 188
The best things that happened to me in the last decade.
Remember the End of the World that was Y2K? Of course you do, because it didn't. Not only did the world not end, but it kinda thrived. Sure, there were major problems. There are always major ...
Rian Fike 01/02/2010 3 5 - 22
It's a new decade. Do something differently.
As we take our first steps into the Tens decade, it is only natural that we look back on the Ohs that just ended. Personally, on the cusp of becoming a grandfather for the first time, the contrast ...
Rian Fike 01/01/2010 20 12 - 29
Big Bag O' Eye Candy: Pagoda with a Plea Edition.
Good evening, beloved Kossacks. Here's hoping you are having a wonderful last evening before the calendar ...
Rian Fike 12/30/2009 10 10 - 58
Big Bag O' Eye Candy: Best President of My Lifetime Edition.
All I want for Christmas is the best President of the United States of my lifetime. I am pretty sure Barack Obama will still be in office tomorrow, so it will indeed be a very Happy Holiday!
Rian Fike 12/24/2009 53 24 1 118
Big Bag O' Eye Candy: Special Superhero Edition
Hello Kossacks, I hope this Sunday evening is treating you well. In a previous diary I posted a gallery of street art from the walls of our beloved Magic City and it garnered a comment urging me to ...
Rian Fike 12/13/2009 13 4 - 89
Daily Kos has been taken over by the other side.
Before you respond to a hateful comment on this site, please click the name of the user who posted the angry words. Many of these people are wingnuts in sheep's clothing.
Rian Fike 12/09/2009 236 25 1 78
Art Basel legitimizes street art and shows a rebounding economy, with pictures!
Last week was absolutely glorious for art lovers in Miami. Art Basel is the largest contemporary art show in the country, and its success cannot be denied. Street artists from all over ...
Rian Fike 12/07/2009 19 16 - 245
So much to be thankful for, with lots of pictures.
Good morning Daily Kos, Happy Thanksgiving! 2009 is a very good time for me. Two years away from turning 50 and life is grand. I've got an hour until I need to wake the wife and cook green bean ...
Rian Fike 11/26/2009 13 6 - 112
Why I love teaching. (Part Two.)
Yo Daily Kos, whassup? This is the second part of my philosophy of education essay that I must write for the Teacher of the Year finals since I won at my school. The first part can be found on my ...
Rian Fike 11/11/2009 5 4 1 205
Why I love teaching.
Hello Daily Kos, how are you all doing on this glorious Sunday evening? I am a bit exhausted and a bit overjoyed. I have been writing for the past few hours, after getting over that "must do this"
Rian Fike 11/08/2009 17 7 1 109
Long-lost Kossack featured in Huffington Post Halloween Costume Gallery.
Hey gang, it's been a long time. Those are our fishy costumes from Halloween 2009.
Rian Fike 11/01/2009 5 7 - 34
THIS is why we need health care reform.
Regina Holliday is fighting for her life. For her children's lives. It is too late for her husband. He ...
Rian Fike 08/06/2009 8 11 1 1
The Most Pathetic Piece of "Journalism" Ever.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Fans to Sarah Palin: Please, post a tidbit on Facebook. A little chirp on Twitter would be nice. It's been five whole days since Palin stepped down as Alaska'...
Rian Fike 07/31/2009 17 4 - 2
Palin Plummets in Polls.
Times like these, with the pathetic publicity being generated by the Birthers and the ignorant politics polluting the Health Care debate, I always get worried about the state of intelligence in ...
Rian Fike 07/23/2009 67 24 - 23
The Real GOP Strategy: Keep fear alive!
Just as torture was not about getting information but about intimidating our foes and exacting false confessions to justify an Iraq-al Qaida link, just as attacking ACORN was not about ...
Rian Fike 07/14/2009 7 3 - 1
Who is your favorite superhero, and how would they get us out of this mess?
Yesterday I stumbled upon a coincidence that cannot be explained, and it involved my favorite superhero. Her name is ...
Rian Fike 07/11/2009 39 4 - 17
Thanks but no thanks.
An article in The Hill has me hoping against hope. Could the American electorate ...
Rian Fike 07/09/2009 7 5 - 5
Sarah Palin blasts Republican Party on Fox News, then loads evil media in boats to fish for praise.
John McCain's biggest mistake is turning her barracuda teeth on the party that made her famous. And she ...
Rian Fike 07/07/2009 91 29 - 20
I like Sarah Palin. I really do.
Sarah Palin Mandala from Full Body ...
Rian Fike 07/05/2009 32 6 - 19
Is Charlie Crist the real leader of the Republican Party?
(Re-posted today, due to recent Republican implosions and a much greater vacuum at the top of their party.) As an Art teacher embroiled in the worst budget crisis of my 25 year ...
Rian Fike 06/24/2009 35 4 - 13
Iran is won, it is only a matter of time.
The first segment of the Rachel Maddow ...
Rian Fike 06/18/2009 11 2 - 22
Ice Skating in Hell: Gingrich and O'Reilly back down.
Wow. I never thought I would see this, especially both on the same day. First Newt in a column on Human Events : My ...
Rian Fike 06/03/2009 47 25 - 33
UPDATED: Bo Obama is appearing in Marvel Comics, and someone is PISSED about it.
Yesterday I blogged the breaking news about Lockjaw and the ...
Rian Fike 05/19/2009 38 6 - 22
Lifting Cuba Travel Restrictions: Family Now, Everyone Soon? UPDATED with call for action.
The announcement just hit Huffington Post . Living in Miami, this is BIG news. WASHINGTON &...
Rian Fike 04/13/2009 23 14 - 18
Silver Linings for the win.
Thanks to plummeting property values and a deeply corrupt local school system, my wife's job was cut in half recently. It will be eliminated next year completely. That dark cloud rained us into a ...
Rian Fike 03/25/2009 3 2 - 1
Charlie Crist: The Real Leader of the GOP?
As an Art teacher embroiled in the worst budget crisis of my 25 year career, Charlie Crist gave a speech yesterday that was sweet music to my ears.
Rian Fike 03/04/2009 43 14 - 21
DC Comics Reveals Obama's Real Identity.
This is from Final Crisis #7 . No wonder he got the Stimulus Plan over the fillibuster:
Rian Fike 02/06/2009 21 5 - 4
President Obama will appear with Spider-Man in Marvel Comics! (UPDATED)
He was born 33 days after me, and we both geek on superheroes. Now he gets to pal around with Peter ...
Rian Fike 01/08/2009 28 15 - 41
Musings from Jury Duty.
I love jury duty. Monday I was called, and we were in the beautiful brand-new Wilkie D. Ferguson ...
Rian Fike 01/07/2009 33 14 - 28
Taking Your Life Into Your Own Hands.
( I am cross-posting this from my blog - with mad thanks to Kossacks ...
Rian Fike 01/04/2009 3 12 1 14
Hating the Hate with Shepard Smith.
Mark Warren has an outstandingly poetic set of quotes ...
Rian Fike 12/16/2008 33 10 1 28
The Last Minute Gift Above All Others.
You have five days left to get this shipped in time for Xmas, while boosting the DNC by 25 bucks in the process.
Rian Fike 12/10/2008 3 - - 1
Superheroes in Love: Barack and Michelle Save the World!
Something has happened to love. Over the course of history, it has gotten distilled. Sanskrit has 96 words for love; ancient Persian has 80; Greek has 3; and English has only 1. Modern ...
Rian Fike 11/30/2008 15 11 - 61
Get Well cards for Odetta.
I just got a note from Mike Watt with a call for Get Well cards. Odetta is in the ...
Rian Fike 11/22/2008 9 17 1 32
A tale of two personalities.
Barack Obama drew more viewers to 60 Minutes than any episode since 1999. Glenn ...
Rian Fike 11/18/2008 19 6 - 1
Rick Davis admits epic FAIL in National Review.
Hoo boy, the anticipation of this one has my panties in a wad... The tease is on CNN's ticker.
Rian Fike 11/14/2008 74 29 1 30
Can I ask a little favor?
Hello Kossacks. Please forgive this short diary, but I need a little favor. Michael Murphy , the brilliant artist in Georgia (originally from Ohio like me) will be ...
Rian Fike 11/12/2008 3 5 - -
Barack Obama is the punk rock president.
(D.Boon & Mike Watt circa 1985. Minutemen = God.) Punk rock has one enduring ethos: Do It Yourself. ...
Rian Fike 11/11/2008 41 6 - 74
Obama Wire Sculpture Video, with bulletin.
Rian Fike 11/09/2008 6 13 - 1
President Obama, the Artist.
My formal education was focused on Fine Arts, yet I consider every person an artist. No matter what you do or how you do it, you have your own sense of style. But. If we do not rescue the Arts at ...
Rian Fike 11/08/2008 8 10 - 4
ABC reporting Rahm Emanuel Accepts.
I only see a scroll line on the top of their web page, but it feels like relief to me. Joe Scar-boil was ragging on the Obama team "screwing up their first decision" because of the erroneous ...
Rian Fike 11/06/2008 93 21 - 15
Final run: Which underdog best symbolizes Barack Obama?
Okay gang, this is it. The fourth and final time we run this poll. So far, the totals look like this. Luke Skywalker: 110 votes Neo: 91 votes Frodo: 46 votes David: 31 votes 2003 ...
Rian Fike 11/04/2008 15 - - 30
Obama for the Arts REMIX!
(Art from ...
Rian Fike 11/03/2008 4 4 - -
Restore America's Creative Spirit.  Vote Obama for the Arts.
It feels rather fitting. Here we are near the finish line, and the biggest reason I have been working so hard for Barack Obama has finally hit the interwebs big time.
Rian Fike 11/02/2008 11 7 - 22
Becoming even more of a loser: Lindsay Graham compares Obama infomercial to torture.
At first blush, this Politico article seems like sweet justice. It is all about the McCain campaign being forced to cancel all ...
Rian Fike 11/01/2008 41 27 1 33
Kid-created Eye Candy for Halloween!
Just in case you need a short break from the seriousness of the final four day push, let me indulge you with some sweets from my art room. Even though we are contractually obligated to keep our ...
Rian Fike 10/31/2008 9 8 1 1
"In this eternal footrace." How blogging has changed politics.
There is a deep well of fascinating philosophy up today inside ...
Rian Fike 10/30/2008 4 - - 1
You have 90 minutes...
... until I leave for the rally in Sunrise at the Florida Panthers' arena to see Barack Obama in the live section of his 30 minute network spot. What vibes do you think I should send him? What ...
Rian Fike 10/29/2008 12 1 - -
Joe the Plumber gets slapped down by Fox News.
The McCain campaign really should shut it down. They are embarrassing the whole process. Today they trotted out that loose cannon Joe the Plumber in an official campaign appearance. It backfired so ...
Rian Fike 10/28/2008 171 86 4 34
Rachel Maddow owns the airwaves, while Fox News eats its own.
Rachel is Queen. Every time they count the ratings, she rises. Check this out, over on ...
Rian Fike 10/27/2008 65 45 - 16
Our dream is coming true: They are being annihilated.
The Sunday ...
Rian Fike 10/25/2008 61 38 3 36
Wow. What a day. (Stephen King loves Rachel Maddow, and knows why McCain is losing.)
Strange days have found us, and mine was a whizzer. I had the day off because I got all my grades done for the first marking period and today was a teacher's workday. I took the car in for ...
Rian Fike 10/24/2008 32 34 - 23
Will Ferrell Returns, Tina Fey burns! SNL torches Bush, McCain, and Palin.
The Saturday Night Live Thursday special was just perfect tonight. Huffington has the video!
Rian Fike 10/23/2008 26 22 1 1
Jack's back.
Jack Cafferty, the man with the largest brass balls on CNN, is in the house . Senator John McCain says when it comes to foreign policy he&...
Rian Fike 10/21/2008 18 20 - 7
Rays win the pennant, Obama rides the wave!
There are some interesting parallels, but like everything else in this election they are twisted ...
Rian Fike 10/19/2008 42 6 1 -
"The Palin Plunge" reminds me of Bikini Island.
Thomas B. Edsall has written an incredibly comprehensive article for Huffington Post. It is titled "...
Rian Fike 10/19/2008 17 10 2 -
Peggy Noonan flips wig, flays McCain and Palin.
This thing just keeps turning inside out, don't it? Peggy Freaking Noonan scored big time today, for the Wall Street Journal.
Rian Fike 10/17/2008 70 97 1 20
"I'm roasting." - Sarah Palin doesn't know early voting started in North Carolina!
I thought I sensed that she was melting. I guess it's due to the heat. ...
Rian Fike 10/16/2008 82 21 - 41
Give Tweety his due: Hardball DESTROYED Palin tonight. (Updated with better pic.)
With Keith and his Special Comment, Chris Matthews looks to have been passed over this evening. Hardball on October 14th was must-see television. Especially when he said this: ...
Rian Fike 10/14/2008 81 66 1 17
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