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Moon, Mars, Venus and the Ultimate Sacrifice
This is video of the Moon, Mars, and Venus setting closely together in the sky on February 20th, 2015. The video is time compressed from about 40 minutes to around 8 minutes. Because there is not ...
Rich Lyles 04/19/2015 3 11 - -
The Profitability Of Limited Nuclear War
Nuclear War is so often the subject of such hyperbolic fear-mongering that it is almost impossible to discuss without sounding like Alex Jones. Needless to say, the proverbial shepherd boy has ...
Rich Lyles 04/04/2015 8 1 - -
Neo-Confederate Power Grab
Many theories have been floated about why we were hoodwinked into the post 911 Iraq war by the G.W. Bush Administration. Clearly, large amounts of money were made by America's oil industry as a ...
Rich Lyles 02/22/2015 12 11 - -
Name that Social Disease!
Redistribution is a dirty word. Redistribution is most commonly sold as the taking of wealth away from people who earned it (the Makers) and squandering it on the poor (the Takers). But, the ...
Rich Lyles 01/24/2015 10 9 - -
The Awful Truth Is Even Moore Awful Today
If this has been posted recently, it's worth repeating. It is an installment from Michael Moore's TV show from 1999-2000. That's fifteen freakin years ago! Just in case anyone might be thinking that ...
Rich Lyles 12/07/2014 61 170 4 -
Racism in Gun Accessory Ad No Surprise
While waiting to pick up a prescription at CVS today the ...
Rich Lyles 11/25/2014 15 8 - -
In The Mail Today Crist-vs-Scott Mailer
This came with a raft of mailers both for and against Rick Scott. By the way, it's hard to tell whether an anti-so-in-so message is really "anti" anymore because politics has become so convoluted. ...
Rich Lyles 10/16/2014 10 14 - -
No, I'm Sorry, It Is Your Fault.
A recent diary by Th0rn expresses outrage at the suggestion by Politico that the if nothing changes at the Secret Service, the President will be responsible for ...
Rich Lyles 10/11/2014 98 - - -
Not My Imagination, Google Search Sucks
The video is short, less than three minutes. Transcript: Over the past few months I have noticed that Google seems to suck. Relevant search result are way past a bunch of spam and other stuff. ...
Rich Lyles 09/16/2014 24 6 1 -
This is a Fractured Orbital Bone
This is a screen shot of a google image search of "Fractured Orbital Bone." I have not been able to find video or other images of Officer Wilson's face at the time of the shooting that are clear ...
Rich Lyles 09/02/2014 11 7 - -
Giving Shepard Smith A Muted Nod
I hate Fox News with a passion but lately I have seen some surprising things. Nine days after the crisis started and unrest continues in Ferguson Missouri. And, I hate to say it but I found myself ...
Rich Lyles 08/19/2014 16 2 - -
Some Hotels Don't Carry MSNBC
Recent travel through the South East has lead me to the startling discovery that the Red Roof Inn and Travel Lodge in Jacksonville Florida do not have MSNBC available on their TVs. They carry CNN ...
Rich Lyles 08/16/2014 39 5 - -
Guatemolotov Cocktail!
Transcript: -Short explanation of the intent of the video in Spanish- and then- For those of you who don't know me, my name is Major Killing. And, killing is my business. In fact, when it comes to ...
Rich Lyles 07/27/2014 1 7 - -
Jane Fonda, Still Relevant
Recently I did a search for great American sex symbols for a video project. Jane Fonda's image came up several times. When I searched her name, an entire selection box for Hanoi Jane Urinal Targets ...
Rich Lyles 07/07/2014 28 7 - -
40,720 Mile High Stack
Of $100 bills. Seriously... Transcript: This year 2014, we have over sixty trillion dollars of household wealth in this country, the United States. Let me say that again. (repeat) That is a ...
Rich Lyles 06/24/2014 3 2 - -
Odd Patriot Post
I saved this image from another website because I thought it was interesting, true, and odd to find as a Patriot Post. Curious?
Rich Lyles 06/23/2014 10 4 - -
Changing the Culture of Rape is Do-able
Angelina Jolie opening remark: It is a myth that rape is an inevitable part of conflict... There seems to be a cynical belief that this statement is naive. The unspoken opinion is that rape is ...
Rich Lyles 06/21/2014 8 12 - -
Marginalization as a Bug Lamp
Marginalize : to put or keep (someone) in a powerless or unimportant position within a society or group Oh, but if it were only true. How many loudmouthed assholes would we like to permanently rip ...
Rich Lyles 05/28/2014 3 - - -
Magnetic Field Effects On Ocean Currents
Transcript: The most widely disseminated possible consequence of Global Warming is a shift in the course of the Gulf Stream that triggers an Ice Age that sweeps suddenly across the Northern ...
Rich Lyles 05/19/2014 21 4 1 -
How About A Bundy Ranch Blow-out
To help the situation at the Cliven Bundy ranch I suggest we send Whiskey, Tequila, Mescal, six packs of Four Loco, and even small quantities of Methamphetamine. Call it the Bow-Out Bundy Campaign . ...
Rich Lyles 05/03/2014 24 4 - -
MH370 , A Hunch About Location
Tonight on the MSNBC they said that there was a new search opening up ...
Rich Lyles 03/19/2014 11 1 - -
Rabbit Hole, Deep And Dusty!
Once again the RMS delivers crucial information that I haven't seen anywhere else.
Rich Lyles 03/13/2014 3 12 - -
Effective Tactics For 2014 Midterms
The last segment of "All In with Chris Hayes" on MSNBC tonight struck an important chord that I hope progressives are paying attention to. Truth is irrelevant. Debunking lies is only marginally ...
Rich Lyles 03/11/2014 9 3 - -
Interesting and moving Fukushima video
By Journey Pictures Title: "The Thyroid Cancer Hotspot Devastating Fukushima's Child Survivors" I was struck by the eerie images of a ...
Rich Lyles 03/10/2014 11 7 - -
Why We Did It - the unrated version
MSNBC's short documentary titled “Why We Did It” that aired March 06th, 2014 was somewhat informative but mostly anticlimactic. The only people in this country who have never believed that ...
Rich Lyles 03/07/2014 19 10 - -
Darrell Issa Gives Away the Game
Synopsis: Jan 31st 2014 Darrell Issa on "Real Time with Bill Maher" mentioned in passing that he was okay with some tax increases as long as it did not hurt productivity. He basically validated ...
Rich Lyles 02/26/2014 9 10 - -
Note to self, 15 years ago
This is a message to me as an electrical engineering student 15 years ago. There are no magnetic fields. There are only electric fields. The magnetic field lines presented to you in all your ...
Rich Lyles 02/21/2014 9 5 - -
Interesting Response to Video
In response to comments I made in the description of my YouTube video posted here: From : Ali Frazier (Google+) "
Rich Lyles 02/17/2014 1 1 - -
Two Florida Job Killers
Transcript below the fold:
Rich Lyles 02/15/2014 5 2 - -
Video that May have Struck a Nerve
I'm a small time video blogger and my YouTube channel is a little schlocky. So, trust me, I don't imagine that I'm really on anybody's radar/shit-list that matters. But, I find it interesting that ...
Rich Lyles 02/13/2014 5 6 - -
Did I Strike a Nerve?
This is the transcript of a video that I posted in a diary around October 14th last year It suggests that the Koch brother's ...
Rich Lyles 02/12/2014 7 6 - -
More On The Moral Highground
This is a video blog by I have blogged about this topic before, but this is a more cogent response to the Christian right about their ...
Rich Lyles 02/08/2014 8 2 - -
I Stand Corrected, What is A Meltdown?
This is a link to a series of comments posted by Micheal Goad a retired nuclear accident management instructor in answer to some questions I had about the nature of a nuclear meltdown. I'm passing ...
Rich Lyles 12/28/2013 22 9 2 -
Method for Stopping a Nuclear Meltdown(2)
This post is meant to provide graphic illustrations to go along with a method I suggested a few days ago. Implementation has been modified somewhat since that offering. I am not seeking a grant, a ...
Rich Lyles 12/20/2013 15 3 - -
USDE Corium(Lava) Studies
The video here is pretty interesting. These two posts seemed to be the most helpful to me as I was researching the Fukushima situation. The measured speed that corium in a lab eats through concrete ...
Rich Lyles 12/18/2013 2 1 - -
Stopping the Radioactive Leaks at Fukushima
My credentials are limited to a fundamental knowledge of Transition Metal Chemistry, some Thermodynamics, and Electrical Engineering. Estimates are that it will take 40 years to decommission these ...
Rich Lyles 12/14/2013 28 7 - -
Burying the Hatchet
Is a powerful Native American Phrase that lives on today. Like so many Native American expressions its meaning is instantly understood. All ...
Rich Lyles 11/27/2013 7 1 - -
Greetings From Low Rec-dom!
Who is the monarch of Low Rec-dom? What should the criteria for a low rec king or queen be: good faith submissions that simply fail as a concept; delivery so poor that it destroy readability; ...
Rich Lyles 11/19/2013 30 7 - -
Spam -?-
These are comments left on a recent diary. For some reason I find the intrigue fascinating. I thought the article was interesting and even recommended it, but I found myself retracting my recommend ...
Rich Lyles 11/17/2013 36 1 - -
Poll Results of the Pole Results
Poll Results: Most respondents agree that pole is actually spelled P-O-L-L The comments to my last diary and "pole results" were some of the funniest comments I have seen on Dailykos. Here are ...
Rich Lyles 11/13/2013 5 3 - -
Poll results 50% movement
Thanks to serendipityisabitch for making my last post "Where Are We Now?" a worthwhile enterprise. And, for pointing out that I should have put an "other" selection in my pole. I also should have ...
Rich Lyles 11/12/2013 22 2 - -
Where are we now?
Eric Hoffer : It is doubtful if the oppressed ever fight for freedom. They fight for pride and power — power to oppress others. The oppressed want above all to imitate their oppressors; they want ...
Rich Lyles 11/10/2013 8 1 - -
Unexpected Ubiquity
Just about every dog will attack the nozzle of a blower and just about every dog owner has video of said activity on YouTube. When my nephew's dog started attacking the leaves I was trying to blow ...
Rich Lyles 10/29/2013 3 1 - -
Larry Klayman is a Zombie!
Ever wonder what happened to Larry Klayman? Well he's still around stirring the pot. The right must be running out of "reputable" message handlers, which is good news because when the B.S. gets this ...
Rich Lyles 10/26/2013 5 2 - -
Failure As A Method
Sorry folks, no transcript. Here is a description of the contents: State failure is a technique that has been used to extract natural resources from third world countries for years and is now ...
Rich Lyles 10/25/2013 6 6 - -
Help debunk this Bullsh@t!
A friend of mine posted this video on FaceBook today. I know that it is horseshit but having the particulars of why it is horseshit would be helpful in answering the stated claims of this ...
Rich Lyles 10/21/2013 23 3 - -
Koch Shut-Down Involvement
This dovetails with two of my most recent posts about possible profit motives by wealthy investors including the Koch brothers in the government shutdown. However, Bernie Sanders speaks more ...
Rich Lyles 10/16/2013 4 8 1 -
Colbert doppelgänger?
Is Stephen Colbert Robert Fripp's 1982 doppelgänger? I don't know, but when ever I watch this video, I get my Crimson/Colbert fix all at the same time.
Rich Lyles 10/14/2013 9 1 - -
Debt Limit Land Grab
The Real Story Behind The Debt Ceiling Stand-Off Sorry folks, this is a transcript of me speaking and it reads like shit. This is partly because I am going for a more pedestrian appeal in the video.
Rich Lyles 10/14/2013 2 1 - -
The Debt Limit Racket
Sorry folks, no transcript, but here is a synopsis: I had an epiphany yesterday that the repeated debt ceiling fights in Washington with the Tea Party might be part of a scam to tinker with ...
Rich Lyles 09/24/2013 5 1 - -
How deadly is Uranium?
Rich Lyles 06/14/2013 18 10 1 -
Blow it out your ass!
The latest installment of the "News from the Can" Video Blag by R. Crosby Lyles. Transcript: It’s Thursday May 16th 2013, my name is R. Crosby Lyles, and this is News from the Can. Yesterday I ...
Rich Lyles 05/22/2013 4 - - -
The tools of the enemy
Communication suppression is the most effective tool in the Republican arsenal to direct public policy when they are in the minority. This is a tactic widely recognized on news channel-round-table-...
Rich Lyles 05/09/2013 6 1 - -
Colbert is a Schmuck
Rich Lyles 05/07/2013 75 5 - -
Stansberry's End of Obama
Rich Lyles 05/05/2013 7 6 - -
Maddow's Redneck Revenge
Rich Lyles 04/28/2013 29 8 1 -
Lyndon Larouche and Jesus People
This is the latest installment of my video blog. I haven't posted my vlog here yet because the first ones were really silly. I only want to contribute here if I think I have something relevant to ...
Rich Lyles 04/18/2013 6 - - -
The Re-Butt-hole
Tonight President Barack Obama delivered his fifth state of the union address. It was preceded by the Tea Party rebuttal by Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul and followed by the Republican rebuttal by ...
Rich Lyles 02/12/2013 15 11 - -
Tarantino's Holocaust
Rich Lyles 01/14/2013 73 2 - -
Oil Conspiracy ?
The latest installment of "The Crosby Report" By R.Crosby Lyles reveals the actual "Lick" that was staged on the world by our wars in the Middle East.
Rich Lyles 01/12/2013 7 1 - -
Thank you Adept2u
For your diary from FRI JUN 17, 2011 AT 07:26 PM EDT I’m Sorry Uncle Marcus I'll Never Do It Again" And the video of Dr. King you included: When I was maybe ten or eleven years old the Martin ...
Rich Lyles 10/21/2012 6 12 - -
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