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Why We Need to Talk About Wages
What’s wrong with our economy? People are more productive than ever, yet they don’t see their hard work reflected in their paychecks. Wages aren’t rising. We hear time and time again it is ...
Richard Trumka 01/07/2015 16 33 1 -
We Need to Talk About Ferguson
Earlier this month, I strayed from my usual convention speech at the Missouri AFL-CIO Convention in St. Louis . You see, it was time for us in the labor movement to talk about Michael Brown’s ...
Richard Trumka 09/30/2014 85 263 7 -
A Working-Class Hero Helped Win Pay Rule for Home Care Workers
What work is more important than caring for those who are elderly, sick or dying? It’s hard work bathing people who can’t bathe themselves, cooking and cleaning, helping people get dressed and ...
Richard Trumka 09/18/2013 28 142 1 -
Future of Working People? We’re Still Listening
What kind of movement do working people need to build a better future? What changes should labor make? Those are some of the questions I posed to you two months ago—and Daily Kos readers and ...
Richard Trumka 07/09/2013 20 45 - -
What Marcus’ Story Says About America
In 2010, after his Illinois printing company was bought by a private equity firm, Marcus Hedger was illegally fired for his union activities as a shop steward for the Graphic Communications ...
Richard Trumka 05/21/2013 14 111 1 -
Future of Work, Unions? Let’s Talk.
Future of Work, Unions? Let’s Talk. Many of you know that I grew up in the small coal mining town of Nemacolin, Pa. I worked in the mines while I went to college, got a law degree and got my ...
Richard Trumka 05/06/2013 167 181 3 -
Immigration Reform: My Story
This is a good moment to explain why I feel so passionately about enacting immigration reform that provides a real pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants who call this country home. ...
Richard Trumka 02/06/2013 13 65 2 -
What’s Behind Michigan's 'Right to Work' for Less Law?
With the Michigan legislative vote today on “right to work” for less , people are asking what’s at the bottom of all this. Is the legislature “
Richard Trumka 12/11/2012 66 232 7 -
Boehner, Listen to the Voters—and Save Your Party
It's time for House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican leadership to stop holding America's middle class hostage and instead join Democrats in saying "No" to another tax cut for the rich. That'...
Richard Trumka 12/05/2012 23 66 1 -
Giving Thanks for Hostess Workers
This is the new American story, but someone finally stood up and said, “Stop!” Pundits should be applauding the Bakery Workers of Hostess Brands for standing up to Wall Street interests ...
Richard Trumka 11/18/2012 75 276 7 -
Tell Congress: No Benefit Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
America’s workers are coming together around our shared belief that working families need more economic security—not less—and the wealthy simply need to pay their fair share. No more Bush ...
Richard Trumka 11/15/2012 121 346 2 -
New Poll: Ohio Union Members Energized to Re-elect President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown
This is cross-posted from the AFL-CIO Now blog . An election eve poll taken among AFL-CIO union voters in Ohio shows that Ohio working families strongly support President Barack Obama and Senator ...
Richard Trumka 11/06/2012 4 28 - -
Get Out the Vote: Get Your 'Vote Hands' Ready
We're down to the wire and here's a fun reminder to get your 'vote hands' ready. We're ready, are you? Call our Election Protection Hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE if you experience any problems at the ...
Richard Trumka 11/05/2012 17 148 - -
I Want To Talk to You about the Most Important Election in My Lifetime
Overwhelmingly, core economic issues like protecting Medicare, ending tax cuts for the rich, creating good jobs and rejecting the failed economic policies of the past, are driving working-class ...
Richard Trumka 11/01/2012 23 139 4 -
Calling Out Romney's Hypocrisy on Coal
This is a cross-post from the AFL-CIO Now blog by Mike Hall. If there is a “war on coal,” as Mitt Romney and his corporate coal operator backers have trumpeted throughout coal country, ...
Richard Trumka 10/29/2012 8 21 1 -
Election 2012: The Great Vision Divide
I don’t remember, in previous presidential elections, ever seeing a sharper contrast between two visions for America.
Richard Trumka 10/24/2012 31 236 2 -
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