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Capitol Police to undergo additional bathroom training
Raise your hand if you found someone else's ...
Hunter 05/25/2015 50
The Hysterical Shootings of Two Black INNOCENTS
INNOCENTS! Not "suspects" . I'm getting tired of the meaningless use of the word "suspects" in national media. Suspects get arrested and tried in a court by a jury of their peers. "Suspects" get ...
Karen Hedwig Backman 05/24/2015 8
Cracking Walnuts Under The Pile Driver In The Junkyard
The following is from a dream I just had. So let's remember, I'm talking about perceptions that came to me in a dream. A dream, Okay?
nicolemaschke 05/22/2015 5
I've lost my handgun virginity
Last week, I fired a handgun for the first time in my life. And for those of you hoping to learn that my experience transformed me from a gun-phobe to a gun-lover: Sorry. I never want to do that ...
gloriasb 05/21/2015 86
Updated: Unarmed men shot by police
Olympia, WA Yes, the young men are black. The two young men (brothers) allegedly shoplifted some beer from a major grocery store. According to the boys' mother, "They don't carry guns, they ...
Elizaveta 05/21/2015 44
"Second Amendment [Shoot Back]"
"[1] Everybody seems to be concerned with the greater good, say the last thing we need is guns in our neighborhoods. But when I weigh the good against the hoods wearing ‘em I think that if it’...
AyDeeTheGreat 05/21/2015 5
Could Better Control Laws Have Stopped Waco?
On Sunday, outside of the Twin Peaks Bar and Grill in Waco Texas, customers and law enforcement bore witness to a scene straight out of the classic 70s film The Warriors.
harryreardon 05/21/2015 13
The Streets of Oslo Do Not Run with Blood
This is my plea to find a way to stop the execution of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev whether by the Appeals court or presidential commutation. No punishment can bring justice to those he killed and maimed. ...
CA148 NEWS 05/20/2015 15
Mr Colt's Peacemaker
It was called "the gun that won the West". It was the first really practical revolver, used by many of the most famous gunslingers and outlaws in the American West, and was such a successful design ...
Lenny Flank 05/20/2015 18
Washington voters like Jay Inslee; like same-sex marriage, marijuana, and background checks more
Gov. Jay Inslee (D) Washington's ...
David Jarman 05/20/2015 7
Another unconstitutional gun law
Another Washington DC anti gun law was found to be unconstitutional.
localokie 05/19/2015 15
UPDATED: GunFAIL proves too hot for Pinterest, but the backlash is even hotter
Yes, it's been a while since I've done a GunFAIL update here at Daily Kos. But no, I never stopped keeping records on accidental shootings, guns left behind in bathrooms, and the like. In fact, I ...
David Waldman 05/19/2015 83
Fear and Shooting in the USA
Beware of Easy Comparisons when Discussing Use of Force by ...
WiWook 05/19/2015 4
Engelhardt: Tomorrow's News Today
[ Note for TomDispatch Readers: At the moment, as I’ve been regularly reminding all of you, in return for a $100 contribution to this site you can get a signed, personalized copy of Nick Turse’s ...
TomDispatch 05/19/2015 1
Sunday Bloody Sunday – What Went Down in Waco
Sunday’s bloody battle, which pitched Waco police against two feuding gangs and their supporters, resulted in 9 dead, 18 critically injured and 174 arrests. That the dead and injured were ...
Mopshell 05/18/2015 234
"A suspect shot at my officers, and they returned fire so they could go home"
Yes, an actual Police Chief said that. In St. Petersburg Florida, a suspect reportedly asked to get shot, then fired a shot into a bystander's arm and into an officers leg. Which apparently ...
OldBird 05/18/2015 11
Two open-carry activists. One white, one black. Two very different police responses
One of these things is not like the other. The video below shows two open-carry activists, both "demonstrating" their Second Amendment rights. Both were approached by police, but the reactions from ...
Jen Hayden 05/18/2015 81
Obama to limit police use of military equipment
President Obama plans to put new restrictions on the use of surplus military equipment by police departments. Spurred by the wind-down of military action in the Middle East, the Department of ...
TexasBill 05/18/2015 3
9 dead in Tx. shootout. No "Good Guys with Guns" to stop it.
So, yeah. This happened today: a number of motorcycle gangs shot each other up in the parking lot of a Twin Peaks restaurant.
Weezle 05/18/2015 139
8 thugs killed in shootout
Today, three gangs of thugs gathered at a restaurant named Twin Peaks. For those who do not know, this restaurant is know for scantily clad large breasted women provided for the entertainment of ...
lowt 05/17/2015 26
9 dead in Waco TX biker gang fight
This is a breaking story... If you are anywhere near the Central Texas Marketplace - get out.
mrsgoo 05/17/2015 350
Ferro e mais ferro - Brazil and gun deads
The Ministry of Health in Brazil has published recently a study detailing the dead by firearms in the country from 1980 to 2012 . The study focuses on mortality from firearms in Brazil from 1980 to ...
Iberian 05/15/2015 12
Think Jade Helm 15 is insane? Five right-wing conspiracy theories
The delusional belief among a third of Republican primary voters that the U.S. military is poised to take over the state of Texas is just the tip of the nutjob iceberg. You thought it was just some ...
Molly Weasley 05/14/2015 19
"You don't have to have a reason to die no more."
Last night, Wednesday, May 13th about 8pm., three young men got in a car to go shopping on the south side of Chicago. A vehicle pulled up next to them and gunned the three down. Twenty year old ...
TRPChicago 05/14/2015 13

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