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DailyKos and 2,009 US organizations submit letter to Congress opposing Fast Track and TPP
In recent weeks, though we are not allowed to read the text of the TPP, we have heard arguments pro and con. Much of the debate has centered around the imminent vote in Congress over whether to ...
Rithmck 04/29/2015 11 12 2 -
Break-up of Iraq "inevitable": 2002 neocons cheer civil war.
First it was Glenn Beck admitting the left had been correct to oppose Bush's Iraq war . Not because of any failures of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the merry gang of miscreants, mind you. No, of ...
Rithmck 06/19/2014 19 4 - -
"I'll see you guys in New York": ISIS nears Baghdad, seizes largest oil refinery.
The invasion of Iraq by the psychotic militant group ISIS seems to have caught everyone inside and outside the country by surprise. The excellent Guardian liveblog reports this morning that ISIS is ...
Rithmck 06/18/2014 233 6 - -
Tony Blair says Iraq isn't US/UK's fault.
Look, just because a totally discredited intelligence-faking, war-mongering ex-head of state who bungled an imperialist war with effects that threw the entire world into chaos is not named George W. ...
Rithmck 06/14/2014 49 21 2 -
CNN: Voting Rights Didn't Disappear (Our Reporting On it Did)
It's the morning after the radical conservative activist Roberts Supreme Court elected to gut the Voting Rights Act and turn its back on fifty years of progress on the pretty basic democratic ...
Rithmck 06/26/2013 14 8 1 -
Ecuadorian Politician Explains Human Rights to American Politicians
In an extraordinary news conference, Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño read out Edward Snowden's letter requesting political asylum: After reading parts of the letter, Patiño then ...
Rithmck 06/24/2013 47 28 1 -
BREAKING: Obama Plagiarizes Clinton!
(AP) Somewheres in Ohio, A "state that might matter", unlike Wisconsin which we won't mention because we just found out it doesn't matter because it obviously tilted Obama what with all the blue-...
Rithmck 02/19/2008 4 - - -
How We Kill Iraqi Troops -- Armor Tales
Rithmck 12/11/2004 7 9 - -
Reform Democrat = Republican Lite
Rithmck 12/03/2004 36 3 - -
Gallup Poll: 60% Americans like Bush, 55% approve policies
Rithmck 11/22/2004 62 1 - -
How A Real Democracy Handles Stolen Elections. . .
Rithmck 11/22/2004 4 3 - -
Angry DNCers Threaten to Reject Vilsack!
Rithmck 11/18/2004 17 4 - -
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