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Red State issues challenge to DKos
Unnamed, but often reliable, sources are reporting that talks have been ongoing between the two belligerent blogs to determine the rules of engagement for an as yet unannounced physical altercation .
River Rover 04/01/2015 20 10 - -
With Spring comes the alien surge on the Southern border
As Winter grudgingly gives way to Spring, America once again watches helplessly as a vast tide of immigrants prepares to wash across our border with Mexico. Law enforcement, both state and federal, ...
River Rover 03/19/2015 14 9 - -
Meridiani Planum vs. Nili Fossae
My wife needs to know for work at Nasa where should we go on Mars?
River Rover 12/27/2014 12 1 - -
Please pardon my typo Rec of a horrible diary
Yesterday I inadvertantly recced a disgusting and treacherous diary by the now bojoed "Blue Jersey Morn " I was trying to HR this piece of trash but since I seldom press any thing but rec, well, I ...
River Rover 12/18/2014 28 4 - -
Parenting advice sought for 7 Monarch catapillars
Last spring I planted a handful of milkweed seeds in a small bed in my front yard. About a month ago I found 3 catapillars on the plants and brought them inside. One was killed by a spider, one ...
River Rover 12/11/2014 12 13 - -
Toddler critically burned during SWAT raid
Is this worth the war to create a drug free fantasy land ?
River Rover 05/30/2014 11 2 - -
Morpheus, Nasa's kitten-like lander is going for an autonomous night flight tonight
8:45 cst live link here note : Morpheus is in no way like a kitten.
River Rover 05/28/2014 9 5 - -
Plucky little lander, Morpheus will fly today
During this test, the autonomous untethered Morpheus "Bravo" vehicle will launch from the ground over the flame trench, ascend approximately 177 meters (580 ft), then translate approximately 255 ...
River Rover 03/11/2014 8 1 - -
Morpheus Lander test
at 10:45 EST. Live link at
River Rover 03/05/2014 8 1 - -
Live test of NASA's Morpheous lander
At 12:45 ET NASA will broadcast the live feed of the lander's most ambitious test yet @
River Rover 02/10/2014 6 1 - -
A poll on Keith Alexander
Seeking an answer to the musical question posed by Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye - "What do you do with a general when he quits being a general ?"
River Rover 10/29/2013 1 - - -
Moore’s law has revoked rule of law.
In 1965 Intel co-founder Gordon Moore made the observation that the density of transistors which could be printed on a circuit doubles about every 24 months. With the added speed and efficiency ...
River Rover 08/17/2013 24 16 2 -
The Great Lion Speaks
It has been quite a challenge to train the pair of humans entrusted to us by the cat goddess Bast (All Praise Her Sacred Whiskers). Alas, it has fallen to me to bear most of the burden. Pixel ...
River Rover 08/17/2013 6 9 - -
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