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Domestic Violence Victim Fired From Teaching Position
The headline hit me like a punch in the stomach: a Domestic Violence Victim fired from teaching. Nothing like being victimized twice. This article is an eye opener and sadly, so are some of the ...
RoCali 06/12/2013 14 44 1 -
And So It Goes
My surgeon has released me. He says that there is nothing more he can do for now. He will perform that last procedure, a neurotomy, again annually. The only value of the neurotomy is that is makes ...
RoCali 05/03/2013 46 35 - -
Bank On It - It's an Uphill Battle
I know, there are so many problems facing us right now, it gets a bit overwhelming. but, just in case you got distracted by some other worthy issues, here are a couple of reminders about how, for ...
RoCali 03/09/2013 3 2 - -
KosAbility Special: Our Broken Mental Health System – One Case Study
KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday by volunteer diarists. This is a gathering place for people who are living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability,
RoCali 02/17/2013 65 96 3 -
May I Make a Gentle Suggestion?
A good part of what makes this place great is not only the intelligence so frequently on display, but also the diversity. I admit, I enjoy both those qualities which are so evident here. Another ...
RoCali 02/15/2013 472 616 7 -
Better Safe Than Sorry
Better safe than sorry has rather been my motto for most of my almost six decades in this world. It is definitely my steadfast position when it comes to one of the driving forces in my life, ...
RoCali 02/02/2013 25 38 - -
Things I Try To Remember Before Speaking (Or Typing)
I've always considered communication to be one of the gems in human abilities. In truth, it may often appear to be a very rough and unpolished stone, while for some other individuals and instances ...
RoCali 07/16/2011 28 24 2 186
Our Last Father's Day Is Tomorrow
I am going to drive north tomorrow to spend a few hours with my Dad. It will be our last Father's Day. I confess, I am a stew of mixed emotions. He is my Dad, and I love him, so there is a lot of ...
RoCali 06/18/2011 82 125 5 681
We Are All Partly To Blame
My heart is broken tonight and my cheeks stained with tears. What happened today in Tucson is beyond words. Right now, the grief is almost overwhelming. We don't have all the facts yet. There ...
RoCali 01/08/2011 74 13 - 68
At Long Last
It's been quite a week, eh? I felt a great deal of relief at the passing of the health bill. Yes, I'm aware it is controversial. For me, it was quite personal. I frankly tried to stay out of the ...
RoCali 03/24/2010 77 36 - 23
I'm Not Above Begging
When it comes to certain issues and priorities, I have no pride. I'm not above begging without hesitation. So here I am, hat in hand, begging Kossacks unabashedly. TexMex, SallyCat, DallasDoc ...
RoCali 01/20/2010 2 4 - 13
A Roller Coaster Week; Haiti, Tea Party Spew and Other Events
What a week, huh? Fear, grief, sympathy, joy, frustration, relief, gratitude, anger, exhaustion, I think the entire spectrum of emotion has been run. In fact, at moments it has felt like running a ...
RoCali 01/17/2010 3 3 - -
UPDATED: I Know, It Is Short For a Diary, But....
I thought maybe, just perhaps, this might be a tiny bit of good news and offer some small hope. As some of you already know from my past diaries and comments, my son-in-law is a medic in the ...
RoCali 01/13/2010 177 691 2 568
WHEE: My Weight Loss Journey; 200 Pounds Later
First, the WHEE intro: WHEE (Weight, health, eating and exercise) is a community support diary for Kossacks who are currently or planning to start losing, gaining or maintaining their ...
RoCali 12/24/2009 58 34 - 64
We Agree Upon One Thing
I've never been much of a joiner. That was one reason I was a lurker at DKos for several years before I ever signed up. I tend to be quiet and a bit shy in life and had no urge to make comments or ...
RoCali 12/03/2009 4 5 - 49
He's Still Worried About How To Pay For It
Recently, I diaried about my elderly father breaking his femur, requiring surgery and hospitalization, and how he was concerned about how he'd pay for the needed ...
RoCali 11/06/2009 13 7 - 76
He's Worried About How To Pay For It, while we worry about him
Yesterday was a tough day. I got a phone call from my son at 8:30 a.m. "First, you need to know he's okay, but Grandpa had an accident." My father fell out of bed sometime during the night on ...
RoCali 10/28/2009 31 35 1 169
Civility, or The Lack Thereof
Our society has a lack of a most basic resource: civility. It is apparent almost everywhere. Even here on DKos, I see people of somewhat similar minds unable to disagree without profanity-laden ...
RoCali 10/19/2009 56 18 - 47
Yesterday Was Quite a Day
The last few years have been, well, let us say, difficult. Difficult for many people, the nation, heck, the world. I admit, things have been challenging for me personally. At times, it has felt ...
RoCali 10/10/2009 20 14 1 21
I Traveled Back In Time Today
As I sat on my living room sofa, I watched a legend pass beyond the land of the living, gently covered by the American flag, and tenderly conveyed by our fine military. There were views of a family,
RoCali 08/27/2009 21 10 - 169
Sadly, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Has Passed
Although not unexpected, due to her recent health problems, this is sad news to start the day with. My sympathies go to the family and I cannot help but particularly grieve for dear Sen. Kennedy, ...
RoCali 08/11/2009 22 7 - 3
I Could Use a Hug
I know, this is personal and with so much substantive news going on today, it really means nothing in the big picture. However, to me, it means more than words can express. I'm scared. My ...
RoCali 08/04/2009 357 462 2 390
It pains me to have to say this, truly, but we must part ways for now. I'm a confirmed movie junkie and watch no "television" except for MSNBC. In fact, the MSNBC logo has burned itself into the ...
RoCali 07/16/2009 63 23 1 25
Child Abuse; An Historical Perspective
Children. They are our future. One of our societal blights I take most deeply to heart is the neglect and abuse of children. We see it in our Family Courts, our media headlines, our classrooms, ...
RoCali 04/30/2009 14 12 - 3
Child Sexual Abuse; Some of the Myths and Facts
Another child is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
RoCali 04/14/2009 214 227 6 103
My Momma Left Us
I haven't been around much. Yep, I lost my TU status, I've been unable to post more than the extremely rare comment. I've missed this place, you good people, the stimulation, the exchanges, and ...
RoCali 01/31/2009 105 66 3 17
The Road Home and How McCain Lost His Way
I just returned from a visit home to see my elderly parents on their 61st wedding anniversary. I won't pretend it wasn't a very difficult five days. My mother is an end-stage ASL patient and will ...
RoCali 10/31/2008 5 2 - -
With a Lump In My Throat
When my vote-by-mail ballot arrived, I opened it carefully. For a few minutes, I just held it, savoring it. For more than five decades, I've always had reverence for voting. It's the closest I ...
RoCali 10/14/2008 34 43 - 19
Smart and Informed Kossacks: Can you help me answer this?
Normally, I address this type of thing myself. I'm totally swamped right now and don't have the time to research this. A friend sent me this email and asked if it could be rebutted. She is ...
RoCali 10/09/2008 27 2 4 11
Echos That Chill Our Souls
My parents were young during the Great Depression. I grew up hearing the tales of the hardships they endured. I've heard these memories for over fifty years now. Years ago, my Grandparents told ...
RoCali 09/25/2008 42 9 1 -
Nation of Service Liveblog IV: Obama!
Because we are filling these up, here we go... audiored's liveblog is the mothership. Please recommend that ...
RoCali 09/11/2008 330 16 - 18
"Do I Deserve to Die For That?"
Once in a while, you see it, they try to be sneaky and spring it, hoping you will stutter, stumble, or go blank. They ask the question, in a snide fashion "Why are you voting for Obama?" I've ...
RoCali 09/05/2008 37 41 3 16
The Man's Character
I understand, the stakes couldn't be higher. After all, the future of America, even the world, is on the line this November. The contrasts are stark and the differences couldn't be clearer. ...
RoCali 09/04/2008 6 3 - -
Homeless Buddy and the Foreclosure Crisis
Yesterday, I diaried about a homeless pup, Buddy, referred to the lousy economy and it's effects on pets, and my old trevails as a dog rescuer.
RoCali 08/13/2008 3 10 - 8
I Wasn't Supposed To Do This Again (Support Your Local NoKill Shelter, Please)
I used to run a dog rescue out of my home. Over the years, more than 400 dogs passed through my place, most of them had been abandoned out in the country to "live free" when their owners tired of ...
RoCali 08/12/2008 47 13 - -
"The Hunting of the Snark" at Gitmo
Now, I know this will come as a rude shock to us all, so brace yourselves here: "a federal appeals court found that accusations against a Muslim from western China held for more than six years ...
RoCali 07/01/2008 10 2 1 3
My Heart Broke Today
My heart broke today. I know many of you are busy celebrating unity but my heart broke with such a resounding crack that I cannot be quiet about it. I found out today that I'll never again hear my ...
RoCali 06/07/2008 56 59 - 34
Son, Are You Sure You're Mine?
I just spent an hour and a half talking to my son. I love my kids, and you won't find a more devoted mother, but sometimes I wonder if they are really of my DNA. My daughter, 25, loves Sinatra and ...
RoCali 06/04/2008 25 18 - -
Gov. Paterson: Clinton Showing "Desperation"
NY Gov. David Paterson, a Clinton supporter, stated in an interview that he disagrees sharply with her action regarding the seating of FL and MI delegates. However, he continues to support her in ...
RoCali 05/22/2008 26 15 1 -
"I See Your Guy Did Well, Congrats"
said a colleague of mine yesterday. He's a nice enough young man, (for a Republican) and he's heavily involved in local politics, with an eye on running for a national office in his hopeful future.
RoCali 05/08/2008 23 31 1 16
Obama, Instead of Advice, I'm Sending a Donation
Sen. Obama, I choose to reflect upon what you have accomplished, rather then what has not yet occurred. Yet, I am confounded. As has happened before, and will happen again, the campaign was not ...
RoCali 04/23/2008 7 3 - -
Getting Sick in America
Most of us know there is a problem. We see the headlines now and then, like the recent sickening tragedy where a young girl died after a struggle to get a transplant covered by insurance. What we ...
RoCali 04/18/2008 37 16 6 194
"'For a White Girl,
you know, you have funny eyes.' I was shocked he said that to me, Mom, really surprised by that." My 25 year old daughter came over to my place so we could watch the David Wilson film on MSNBC ...
RoCali 04/12/2008 39 49 2 194
Suffer the Little Children, and How They Suffer
A recent report shows that 1 in 50 infants will be abused or neglected in the first year of life, many in the first weeks.
RoCali 04/04/2008 20 15 - 230
Health Care, or lack of it, and Insurance Companies.
I'm venting some angst here because I'm fully aware how many Americans are in similar or worse situations. Frankly, I think it's criminal that in this nation, these events occur. We NEED some ...
RoCali 03/23/2008 10 4 2 4
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