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Appropriate response: No civilian flights in or out of Moscow
Wow! What a concept! This morning, Tom Ricks put up a guest column that suggests the appropriate sanction for Russia and Putin would be to stop flights to Moscow from participating nations' airports ...
Roadette 07/23/2014 34 5 - -
HuffPost ! Remove those cruel videos of "Cat Fails"
It's bad enough that our culture has been coarsened by militarization, official torture and all the rest. But for even a mediocre publication like the Huffington Post to have a series of videos of ...
Roadette 03/01/2014 11 2 - -
Whisper has had enough Christmas
Roadette 12/25/2012 15 16 - -
Oh-oh: Flashbang Exploding in Foreign Policy Debate
Get ready. An inflammatory article is likely to provide the ammunition for Romney's attack on Obama in the next debate. Surprisingly (or maybe not), the heavy weapons have been deployed by an Obama ...
Roadette 10/20/2012 69 11 - -
Let's keep our eyes on the prize, people. Are we in this election to win a debate...and what does "winning" it mean, anyway? That we revel in a white-faced and shaking Romney, dissolving into a ...
Roadette 10/04/2012 3 - - 34
A day with David Gregory
Self-centered. Self-serving. Smug. Fawning. Incurious. Back in 2006, I was a video tracker for the Jim Webb senatorial campaign in Virginia against George "Macaca" Allen. I spent many days with ...
Roadette 10/02/2012 21 40 - 207
Elizabeth Warren's weak debate
I take no pleasure in writing this, but I'd like to provide honest feedback from a supporter, a huge fan. I know it might not sound like it, but hear me out, because I think it is important for ...
Roadette 09/20/2012 143 44 - 1234
Made in the USA button
I have an email from the Obama campaign, asking me to donate $5 to the campaign to the the button. I think it's great, and would like to have a badge for my Facebook page. Does anyone know who I ...
Roadette 08/25/2012 7 7 - 82
S**t Romney says...
I read a diary here about Harry Truman 's stump speech and was stunned at how well it fit this election cycle. Wow! It made me think about how a little rewrite would make a perfect platform for ...
Roadette 08/24/2012 4 2 - 79
Obama message on Curiosity - Thank Bush
Believe me, I'm no Bush lover, but I hope Obama 1) invites the JPL Curiosity rover to the White House for a celebration and 2) when he does that, expresses thanks to the Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41......
Roadette 08/05/2012 10 7 - 248
Romney’s Taxes & Negative Capability
The long-running, multi-episode story of the Republican presumptive nominee’s taxes has burst back into flame with Harry Reid’s incendiary announcement that he was informed that Romney didn’t ...
Roadette 08/03/2012 6 3 1 58
Please help me volunteer as video tracker for Elizabeth Warren
In 2006, I volunteered as a video tracker for the senatorial campaign of Jim Webb in Virginia. I took leave from my teaching job in October of that year, went to Virginia (from California), and ...
Roadette 04/03/2012 3 2 - 38
My Repub uncle: "You can't beat someone with no one"
Last week, I had dinner with my ultra-conservative uncle. We tiptoe around politics because both of us can get pretty ugly. When I was young, it really used to bother me - in the early '70s, he said,
Roadette 01/07/2012 219 311 2 2353's continues its record of stunning incompetence
Today i received an email from Jim Messina at After such a deliciously clever communication strategy in 2008, has the Obama strategy team been smoking, drinking, or just mainlining ...
Roadette 11/07/2011 22 14 - 376
Mainstream Media: Stop covering Michelle Bachmann!
I just finished watching CNN's Don Lemon's report about being shoved and dumped into a golf cart by Michelle Bachmann's staff and ...
Roadette 08/14/2011 14 - - 68
Rawesome -- Doesn't the Govt Have Something Better To Do?
I remember back in the mid-70s, a patrol car stopped my mother for a "California stop," not stopping completely at a stop sign. There were four of us kids in the car, and I guess we all expected her ...
Roadette 08/06/2011 18 1 - 60
How both parties (but mostly Republicans) amassed the deficit
Honestly, I'm not that interested in the deficit at all; in my view, it's just more Rethug talking points. However, for those people who think it needs addressing, the Economist has a bar graph that ...
Roadette 07/27/2011 2 1 - 23
The power of resentment
A great recent diary by a gilas girl has me thinking about the changes that have occurred in ...
Roadette 03/29/2011 2 - - 25
U.S. Gov contractors ruining my sex life!
See, our Congress Critters have allowed the civilian contractor company that takes in $24 Billion in revenues, Express Scripts , to decide that my man (...
Roadette 07/09/2010 31 11 - 34
Journey to Jeddah
Roadette 03/01/2010 5 4 1 7
Why Obama Gave Lukewarm Support to HCR
Let me start by saying I completely understand why progressives are upset with the Obama administration, why they feel used, ignored, dissed, and angry. Sometimes I feel that way too, so I've spent ...
Roadette 12/20/2009 43 7 - 49
Time for better Democrats
It's time to get organized for 2010. First up is to get a strategy in place. In the 2008 election cycle, there was agreement that we need more Democrats. And we did it. Now we need better Democrats.
Roadette 12/11/2009 7 3 - 17
Swinging at Dick...a hit and a miss
So yesterday my sister Jane forwarded an email to me, one of those typically vicious viral messages with 10 to 15 pictures of foreign cemeteries where U.S. soldiers are buried, mostly in Europe from ...
Roadette 11/12/2009 14 8 - 9
A Doctor Out of Patience
Dr. Daniel Vicario, an oncologist who practices in Carlsbad, California (near San Diego) is out of patience with health insurance companies. This video captures a moving account of the problem of ...
Roadette 10/12/2009 11 29 1 42
Report: OFA visit to Dianne Feinstein's office
I phoned ahead for my 1:00 appointment at the Senator's San Diego Office, scheduled through OFA. Her office is in the downtown Symphony Towers -- I was lucky enough to find nearby street parking. I ...
Roadette 08/10/2009 18 25 - 39
Sudan women: 40 lashes for wearing pants
Raw Story is carrying a story from AFP about Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein who may receive as many as 40 lashes ...
Roadette 08/03/2009 53 18 - 39
The Torture Trail: Who did (knew) what, when
I've been reading the Senate Armed Services Committee Report on Detainee Abuse and other news reports. I find it difficult to keep track of the various people who created the torture program, ...
Roadette 04/24/2009 2 2 - 2
Obama Campaign's Secret Turbo Techs
First, thanks to several people on DKos who were very helpful in my endeavors, as I will describe below. As were so many of us, I was mesmerized by the Obama campaign. I knew about community ...
Roadette 03/23/2009 6 9 3 16
Re-thinking CA Prop 8
This issue is so red-hot that it is with some trepidation that I am even writing about it. But I am doing so with the intention of trying to understand and to contribute to a wider understanding of ...
Roadette 11/08/2008 58 3 2 -
Prediction: Seniors surge to Obama by Saturday
Any number of pundits have pointed to the age-related skew of Obama supporters. When I look at the internals of the DKos Daily Tracking Poll, it seems as if there may be more of a problem in the 30-...
Roadette 10/21/2008 46 11 - 9
Surge of violence in northern Iraq
I went to Iraq in 2003, about a week after U.S. troops entered Baghdad. I was there about 6 weeks, reporting on the Iraqi health system. It was before there was systematic violence against Westerners,
Roadette 10/19/2008 6 8 - 30
An inconvenient christian
So I can't really call myself a christian, since I've been hoping for a long time that Christ didn't die for me--a few lies, casual sexual encounters, adolescent flakiness, occasional ice cream-...
Roadette 10/12/2008 16 11 - 2
Debate Observer: What if McCain doesn't make it until November?
I watched the ...
Roadette 10/08/2008 130 7 - 9
NO BAILOUT! Flow up, not trickle just down
The October Surprise (!), engineered by the Republicans, arrived early in mid-September. It's the last great heist before Bush leaves office. ...
Roadette 09/20/2008 6 5 1 13
Sean & Brett's Excellent Adventure...
They need a place to sleep overnight in the cities/towns listed below, over the next week. To all Kossacks living there who have a spare bedroom or a couple of comfortable couches: Can you help out?
Roadette 09/19/2008 - 3 - 2
Police arrest 100-300 people after (not during) peace march
There had been problems, widely reported, during the Peace March, apparently from masked anarchists, detailed in another diary, here .
Roadette 09/01/2008 79 52 3 23
The Palin Pick: Funds, fervor & feet
I know -- another Palin diary. However, I want to emphasize and discuss the underlying meaning of the phrase 'solidify the base.' It is one of those generalizations that obscures the strategic ...
Roadette 08/30/2008 4 1 - 1
Hunting Sean Hannity in Denver
I landed in Denver late on the 27th. Armed with a Flipvideo cam, I looked for Sean Hannity to see if he was, as he had threatened, making trouble at the DNC. I searched the streets and restaurants ...
Roadette 08/28/2008 10 5 1 4
Before the solution, what's the problem?
So every day I check into and watch Obama's numbers go down...can't tell you how much I hate it. At the same time, I read DK a few times a day and see lots of diaries crowing ...
Roadette 08/22/2008 10 - - 2
Live (video)blogging today from Obama/McCain debate at Saddleback Church
It's about an hour up the road from me. ANSWER/LA sent me a flyer to tell me about the planned demonstration. So I'm heading up there, to arrive about 2:00 to get a sense of how the crowd builds. I'...
Roadette 08/16/2008 42 21 1 16
My Iraqi refugee is coming to San Diego!
I've worked to bring Dr. Mona Nasir to the US for two years.
Roadette 07/24/2008 21 18 1 7
Smackin' down in the Politico comment forum
An article today by Ben Smith, Obama Asserts His Americanness , tries to make the case that a too rapturous reception in Europe could hurt Obama politically in the US general election. I ...
Roadette 07/21/2008 24 8 1 -
What should Barack Obama do in Iowa tomorrow?
While the president is overseas taking his lameduck Grand Tour, beating the bushes against Iran, Barack Obama should be seen to do what a good president does: Inspires, heartens, and lifts up people.
Roadette 06/10/2008 31 9 1 4
Porked-hash: A dish served cold
I just watched the Fox News Special Porked: Earmarks for Profit , which aired tonight at 8:00 pm (EDT). The 60 Minutes-style 3-segment documentary program, hosted by Chris Wallace and ...
Roadette 05/31/2008 6 2 - 2
Leading edge (DK) vs trailing edge (WVA)
I've been reading the posts on WVA and find them all interesting. I'd like to consider the messaging implications for communicating with a coalition's leading edge and its trailing edge. For the ...
Roadette 05/13/2008 4 3 - 3
Repub e-blast
So I got this email on my work account with the subject: John McCain's remarks about the Pledge of Allegiance. It had passed through several hands. My short response is on top, below the fold......
Roadette 04/12/2008 12 - - -
McCain-Huckabee ticket?
Right after confirmation of Huckabee's win, McCain was on the phone to congratulate him. And no wonder...the huckster opened a pathway for the old POW to deliver a pow of his own: Now that Huckabee ...
Roadette 01/03/2008 29 1 - -
The Long March (to settling on a Dem prez candidate)
This is an account of my personal journey towards deciding which primary candidate to support for the Democratic nomination. I do not belong to any faction now and have not joined one at any time ...
Roadette 12/28/2007 5 1 - 1
Surge Report: Letter from the Last Iraqi Dr in Baghdad
She is an exceptionally capable individual who was engaged in a nationwide effort to reduce infection among women giving birth. Her work saved thousands of lives. Now she is gone. I have word she ...
Roadette 12/13/2007 7 10 - 4
Breaking: MSNBC Airs Tape of Interrogation of Sen. Craig by police officer
MSNBC played the tape twice at 1:00 pm (PDT). USN&WR reporter Ken Walsh pointed to the contentious and he said-he said nature of the exchange, concluding that it left the situation open to ...
Roadette 08/30/2007 171 16 - -
liveblogging from Washington Hilton: Clinton, Kucinich, Pelosi
She was introduced by founder of Emily's List and took the stage to a rousing welcome. Clearly pleased by her reception (far different than the boos she received last year), her speech is cadenced ...
Roadette 06/20/2007 50 17 - -
Rock the Houses...the databases
PLF515 has created another diary of needed political action for the '08 election cycle, here I've taken the info and created a ...
Roadette 05/28/2007 11 11 3 12
Rock the House...The Database
Kossacks have been considering action to take to help Democrats be Democrats, to make good on their campaign promises -- or at least function as a real alternative to BushCo. See: http://www.dailykos.
Roadette 05/27/2007 13 37 4 10
Live Blog #10 - Testimony of Monica Goodling Before House Judiciary
C-Span3 with Links to View or Listen Drational's Goodling Testimony Preview. Some great analysis by drational, as always. http://www.dailykos.
Roadette 05/23/2007 313 5 - 23
Meta-DK adserver
Recently I've noticed just how long it is taking DK pages to load. I timed the wait time duration that the Google adserver is taking to to connect and allow the page to complete loading: #1: 24 ...
Roadette 05/11/2007 10 - - -
The Republican Fast Bleed Strategy
The Republicans have accused the Democrats of proposing a 'slow bleed' strategy: 1) "designed to gradually limit the administration's options" and 2) "to block further relief and reinforcement for ...
Roadette 04/24/2007 - 2 - -
We won the war -- and lost the peace
Watching the Beltway Boys (and they truly are far more inane and childish than most 9-year olds) discuss Harry Reid's statement that "the administration leadership knows that we have lost the war," ...
Roadette 04/21/2007 51 9 - 9
Excellent Snark in Reno-Gazette Journal
I linked to from the page with headline, "Gov. Gibbons cites WSJ 'payola' rumor." The story details the whining of ...
Roadette 04/10/2007 6 - - 3
Can you meet me and help livestream the Wash DC Impeachment March tomorrow?
I'm in Washington DC for the march tomorrow. I'll be shooting high quality video for a later documentary and will edit and put short pieces on YouTube on Sunday. But I also brought a webcam and I ...
Roadette 03/16/2007 1 3 - -
Live coverage: Cmte of Washington State legislature considers resolution to impeach Bush/Cheney
I will post a clip of an interview I shot this morning (Mar 1) with teacher Gail J., one of the Olympia WA impeachment activists on YouTube in about an hour. She describes why she is involved in ...
Roadette 03/01/2007 8 9 - 2
Need help with Net docu on Impeach Bush/Cheney Movement
Colleagues, I am a professor of Communication at National University in La Jolla CA. I have a month of academic leave in April and I’m planning to shoot a Net docu about the movement to ...
Roadette 02/22/2007 10 1 1 -
Rape and Plunder of the U.S. Treasury
On this morning's C-SPAN Washington Journal show, an Iraqi women's movement activist, Ms. Mishkat Mounmin, pointed out several practical strategies that would have useful effects in Iraq. They are ...
Roadette 01/16/2007 6 5 - 3
New Jim Webb Video - Washington VA
Roadette 10/15/2006 10 7 - 1
Tracker Torture, Day 2
Roadette 10/06/2006 - 3 - 1
Tracker torture -- middle school antics of Allen staffer
Roadette 10/04/2006 7 5 - 2
Cliff Notes of Jim Webb-John Edwards Event at Univ of Mary Washington 9/26
Roadette 09/27/2006 1 3 - 10
New Webb Web spot
Roadette 09/10/2006 2 4 - -
Whistleblower posts on YouTube: Story on Rawstory
Roadette 08/29/2006 15 25 - 16
New Web spot for James Webb on YouTube
Roadette 08/27/2006 6 3 - 10
Web spot for Webb (D-VA), running for Senate against George Allen
Roadette 08/26/2006 12 11 - -
Three Targets for Webb: Youth, yellow dog Dems and Love-and-Service Christians
Roadette 08/25/2006 7 4 - -
Roadette 08/22/2006 4 24 - 17
Wal-Mart and those wacky loser Dems
Roadette 08/17/2006 36 1 - -
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