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Palin spent $50,000 to re-do Wasilla Mayor's Office - illegally
In light of some older stories, no one should be surprised that Palin hearts spending sprees.
RobertoW 10/22/2008 15 10 1 24
A Modest Proposal to Make the Bailout Plan Fair (and Maybe even Profitable)
Buying illiquid mortgage-backed securities from financial firms might make sense - if the institutions are forced to include equity positions or stock options as part of a package deal.
RobertoW 09/21/2008 4 - - 3
The Wall Street Journal Covers (and Covers Up) Palin’s Matanuska Maid Dairy Closing
MSM, in the form of the Wall Street Journal, presents a slanted, deceptive, much abridged version of Palin's shutdown of a state-owned dairy.
RobertoW 09/19/2008 10 15 1 -
Activists in Battleground States – What Impact has Sarah Palin had?
There's been a lot of chatter here about how much focus should be given to Sarah Palin, ranging from "she should be mercilessly attacked on every front" to "she should be ignored". What's the ...
RobertoW 09/14/2008 5 1 - -
Sarah Palin Must Release Her Tax Returns Now - Obama gets it!
Sarah Palin turned over more than 7 years worth of tax returns to the McCain camp during the vetting process. Why haven't those tax returns been released to the public? ...
RobertoW 09/11/2008 24 24 - 8
Commander-in-Chef:Palin never "fired" chef, only worked part-time herself
The chef Palin takes credit for firing was simply moved to other assignments, while Palin managed to rack up most of her "impressive" executive experience 567 miles away from Alaska's capital.
RobertoW 09/07/2008 58 57 4 254
da Plane - Much, Much More on the eBay Jet sale (and buyer Larry Reynolds)
Mysterious third parties, very helpful politicians, terrible eBay salesmanship, chartered $10,000 hunting trips to Russia, and stuffed Elephants in Valdez(really) - just another day in ...
RobertoW 09/06/2008 51 56 1 171
Mayor Palin Used City Resources for Lt. Gov's run
A real nugget from the Vetting Roundup that shouldn't be missed - Palin used substantial Wasilla resources to run for Lt. Governor in 2002, after accusing her mayoral opponent in 1996 of ...
RobertoW 09/04/2008 9 22 - 3
Why Sarah Palin's Mat Maid Scandal Matters
An unpublicized scandal in Alaska is something voters should know about.
RobertoW 09/03/2008 361 1304 63 934
Sarah Palin - Reformer or Vengeful Insider?
An examination of Sarah Palin's conversion to the cause of good government suggests more personal motives.
RobertoW 09/02/2008 5 3 - 28
Mayor Sarah Palin - hater of libraries and museums, booster of earmarks and skating
What does Sarah Palin's executive experience at Wasilla City Hall tell us about her management style and political philosophy?
RobertoW 09/01/2008 10 16 1 24
Dairygate 2: More on Palin and the Matanuska Maid scandal
Further research has revealed just how blatantly sleazy Alaskan politics can be.
RobertoW 08/31/2008 23 42 7 203
DairyGate: Palin and the Mystery of Matanuska Maid
A follow-up/re-telling of my post from yesterday, with actual links at the bottom.
RobertoW 08/30/2008 14 22 - 317
Palin's Dairygate
Why did Sarah Palin fire the entire Alaska state Board of Agriculture and Conservation in order to "save" a money-losing, state-run Dairy she closed three months later?
RobertoW 08/29/2008 19 46 3 167
The Dream Team of Rivals and the Ultimate Campaign
Why not make your prospective cabinet your campaign dream team?
RobertoW 06/04/2008 3 - 1 -
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