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The racist Donald Trump and the PGA of America
Robs Rant 04/28/2015 9 2 - -
47 GOP Senators just violated federal law but please tell me more about Hillary's emails
I know I just took quite a bit of push back in my previous diary about the treasonous acts of Speaker Boehner inviting Bibi to speak to Congress behind the Presidents' back but now 47 Gop Senators ...
Robs Rant 03/10/2015 9 12 - -
The Likudian Candidate
John Boehner is the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA , Not the Israeli Knesset. In my opinion Mr. Boehner has violated his oath of office and should be ...
Robs Rant 01/22/2015 34 8 - -
Why can't we all just get along
Like many of you I am absolutely outraged about the racist attitude that seems to be endemic in our society. This attitude results in the violent end of young black men's lives with an all too ...
Robs Rant 11/26/2014 1 4 - -
Is America a failed state?
I haven't written in a while because my Mother passed away 3 weeks ago. For many years I was her sole caretaker and I have been through Cancer with her, then a stroke and a broken hip and now she ...
Robs Rant 09/23/2014 25 5 - -
A follow-up to naming names...Rep Huizenga
Yesterday I wrote a diary that placed the blame for the tragic incident of a young girl accidentally killing a shooting instructor with an UZI handheld sub machine gun on full automatic. (I can't ...
Robs Rant 08/28/2014 6 12 1 -
I'm naming names...I will tell you exactly who is responsible
On Monday a 9 year old girl shot and killed a man with an UZI in what is being described as a horrible ACCIDENT! This was not an accident. This was an act of moral and criminal STUPIDITY. Now, ...
Robs Rant 08/27/2014 150 358 3 -
You might find this story interesting...with a point in mind
I was a cop in the Air Force when I was young, too young to be carrying a gun. For 5 years I had a gun strapped to my waist every day. Now I'm sure you can imagine that there is not a lot of crime ...
Robs Rant 08/16/2014 25 113 3 -
Putin...not on my links
I like golf...I watch it every week whether it is the PGA, the European Tour,, the Champions tour or the LPGA. I watch all 4 days of coverage Thursday-Sunday of 2 or three tournaments. The ...
Robs Rant 07/24/2014 6 4 - -
Lord of the Flies...Arizona
When I heard the story of this teabag congressional candidate in Arizona mistaking a bus full of YMCA children with immigration bringing central American refugee children into their community, it ...
Robs Rant 07/16/2014 9 9 - -
It's a good day in Michigan politics
For the first time since I have been voting in Michigan Pete Hoekstra, former congressman in the Michigan 2nd congressional district, and the former Neo-con head of the Republican Intelligence ...
Robs Rant 07/13/2014 8 10 - -
I would argue that 37% is a great number
Given that the neo-cons want nothing more than to get right back into Iraq, start a new war in Syria and get involved with Russia in Ukraine and let's not forget "bomb bomb bomb. bomb-Iran", and ...
Robs Rant 06/20/2014 6 - - -
Republican policy on gun control is working just fine thank you
Make no mistake about it what is happening with mass shootings in America is the successful implementation of Republican policy. Make sure that any unstable person has access to guns. Check...any ...
Robs Rant 06/10/2014 2 7 - -
Rand Paul should be held to account
Why does it seem that any right wing goofball can say any damn thing he wants and never be held to account for it. According to Politico as reported on the Huffington Post this is what he said... ��
Robs Rant 06/06/2014 98 132 1 -
Marco Rubio reminds me of...
************************Happy Mothers Day********************* ...a child who used to be very good in school. Was really bright, got good grades was a real pleasure to be around. And then he fell ...
Robs Rant 05/11/2014 9 6 - -
What's with Tiger and China
I sell stuff on Ebay for a living, the other day I scored a great shirt to resell. My advisors tell me it is the number 1 primo Golf shirt there is. A Nike Dri Fit Tiger Woods Collection golf shirt,
Robs Rant 04/15/2014 2 1 - -
Is the U.S. Senate part of the PGA
If Phil Mickelson shoots a 56 and Tiger Woods shoots a 59 then Mickelson is the winner because he has the lower score. In a democracy it is the other way the higher score (is supposed to) wins.
Robs Rant 01/15/2014 3 4 - -
It's official: Rick Santorum is an idiot
Rick Santorum went on Fox and compared Nelson Mandela's fight against injustice to be the same as the Rethugs fight against Obamacare...Jeez the quote ...
Robs Rant 12/06/2013 27 11 - -
Thank you President Obama
For at least trying to resolve our differences with Iran without starting World War 3. Sincerely Rob cc: Sen. Bob Corker Sen. Lindsay Graham Sen. Chuck Shumer Sen. John Cornyn Rep. Mike Rogers PM ...
Robs Rant 11/25/2013 11 7 - -
Nuclear Option? more like a firecracker
Today as you know Harry Reid finally moved to strip the Republicans of their ability to willy nilly filibuster Presidential appointments and federal judges, except Supreme Court Judges. This is a ...
Robs Rant 11/21/2013 19 1 - -
Rand Paul wants to kill Rachael Maddow?
For many decades I have been a student of the body politic and it never ceases to amaze me the lengths that these self important, self glorifying, narcissistic politicians will go to avoid simply ...
Robs Rant 11/04/2013 50 18 - -
Maybe some movement
I just got off of the phone with my Congressman's Washington office. Republican Bill Huizenga, MI-02. I told him that I would be spending all of my time, energy and money to try as hard as I ...
Robs Rant 10/09/2013 13 6 - -
Shutdown: Blame Rick Snyder
I was struck by an article from AP in which the Midwest Republican Governors, among them Michigan's Rick Snyder, were pleading with the electorate not to blame them for the government shutdown.
Robs Rant 10/08/2013 5 13 - -
The worst kind of representative
Here in the 2nd Congressional District of Michigan all of us progressive liberals are neatly gerrymandered into a reliably 10+ Republican district. I'm sure many of you also find yourself in ...
Robs Rant 10/01/2013 5 1 - -
Chris Kelly
I read the news today and learned that rapper Chris Kelley had passed away due to a drug overdose. I myself am not a fan of this genre of music, but that is not the point of this rant. The point ...
Robs Rant 05/02/2013 1 1 - -
Beyond Outrage
I haven't posted here in a very long time. I was pouting because I got pretty beat up for switching my support from John Edwards to Barack Obama in the 2008 campaign but... I guess I was right! ...
Robs Rant 04/18/2013 2 1 - -
Time to make a deal John
At the risk of further enraging the die-hard Edwards supporters, and truley I mean no disrespect to John Edwards, a man I admire, I would advise John Edwards to get out of the race.
Robs Rant 01/10/2008 148 4 - 16
Apologies to John Edwards
I think you are brilliant and you are for sure my first choice...but, time for pragmatism. Obama has caught fire nd clearly has the momentum.
Robs Rant 01/07/2008 85 9 - 7
Political obituaries
And a cautinary tale to Hillary Clinton. Many political obituaries were written last night in Iowa. Chief among them was that of the Republican Party. Amazingly Mike Huckabee came from obscurity ...
Robs Rant 01/04/2008 20 2 1 -
Today we can begin to change the world
Today the dysfunctional Republican party's corrupt and criminal rule over this country is effectively finished...if.
Robs Rant 01/03/2008 1 1 - 2
Robs Rant endorses John Edwards
My absentee ballot for the Presidential primary in Michigan is sitting on the kitchen table. I havn't marked it yet because I don't know what is going to happen tommorrow in Iowa. Only Hillary ...
Robs Rant 01/02/2008 12 14 - -
Tell me again MSNBC - Why does Monica Crowley still have a job?
I thought it would be nice to start off the New Year by blasting MSNBC daytime for the ridiculous way they present the news. I woke up late this morning to the annoying voice of Monica Crowley "...
Robs Rant 01/01/2008 21 10 - 14
Eliot Ness, where are you?
Robs Rant 12/28/2007 6 1 - -
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