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Blueprint to Flip Red States, AND Attitudes-Kossers Won't Like It
As many of you have asked about my purpose here, I thought I should share some wisdom and experience from a hardcore traditional Democrat, and the thoughts of my people.
Rock Da Casbah 10/05/2014 208 7 - -
There IS No Magic Ban The Africans Button
The Republicans, as Republicans do, are trying to use a national health threat to bolster their chances in the midterms. This may actually work, as the low informed voter may line up to vote in ...
Rock Da Casbah 10/04/2014 46 1 - -
The Truth About What Daily Kos Has Become
When the HR gangs attack, they do so hypocritically. It is ok for Allison Lundergan Grimes to throw the children of Newtown under the bus, climate, and green jobs along with it. That is fine. For ...
Rock Da Casbah 09/26/2014 264 5 1 -
Team Blue Will Hold the Senate, Gain in House-Here is Why
Short but to the point. Most public polls are as much as ten points off. President Obama is said to be unpopular, but the man took the country from about 10 percent unemployment to 6.1, has been a ...
Rock Da Casbah 09/21/2014 15 19 - -
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