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The American Tragedy of Our Troops Held Hostage
Written by Glenn W. Smith, Senior Fellow of the Rockridge Institute .
Rockridge 08/31/2007 27 56 3 21
The Framers Got It Right: Congress is the Decider
Written by George Lakoff and Glenn Smith, Senior Fellows of the Rockridge Institute . Research Assistant Christina M. Smith contributed to ...
Rockridge 05/30/2007 82 40 2 11
"Progressive Taxation: Some Hidden Truths" by George Lakoff and Bruce Budner
At this time of year it seems there are only two things certain in life, taxes and anxiety about taxes. Instead of the perennial talk of a simplified tax form, how about a simplified understanding ...
Rockridge 04/16/2007 40 37 3 9
"Making Accountability Accountable" By George Lakoff and Glenn W. Smith
"I'm trying not to say that I'm not accountable." —...
Rockridge 03/15/2007 32 16 3 18
The Narrow View: Bush's Prosperity for the Few
Under the policies of the Bush administration, income gains in our economy enrich military contractors in the Washington, D.C. beltway disproportionately. These policies fail to advance a goal of ...
Rockridge 03/09/2007 11 8 9 178
Schwarzenegger Diagnosed with Post-Partisan Depression
Mort Kondracke, who has spent much of his career playing a liberal on TV, has a new column out today that portrays California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a "post-partisan" model of the ...
Rockridge 03/01/2007 16 6 - -
"The Words None Dare Say: Nuclear War" By George Lakoff
A familiar means of denying a reality is to refuse to use the words that describe that reality. A common form of propaganda is to keep reality from being described. In such circumstances, ...
Rockridge 02/27/2007 42 53 4 16
Reading Iraqi Bloggers (and Redstate)
If I told you about a blog written by Iraqis working for an American news service, you would probably be interested in the glimpses it provides into the lives of ordinary Iraqis. After all, ...
Rockridge 02/22/2007 11 22 3 140
New Video: George Lakoff on Family Values
Conservatives have long invoked family values to promote wedge issues and win elections, but the implications of family values on our politics and society run far deeper than campaigns and elections.
Rockridge 02/15/2007 8 11 1 1
"Escalating Truth" By George Lakoff
The U.S. House of Representatives today began debating a non-binding resolution opposing President Bush’s decision to send more troops to Iraq. Democrats pushing the measure deserve ...
Rockridge 02/14/2007 10 22 1 2
Test a Nuke, Receive a Free Gift Basket!
In his 2002 State of the Union address, George W. Bush referred to Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as an "axis of evil." Four years later, North Korea tested a nuclear weapon. Now, the Bush ...
Rockridge 02/13/2007 9 5 - -
Jonah Goldberg: Emboldening Our Enemies
As members of the reality-based community, progressives recognize the unprecedented threat facing our world, as well as our responsibility to protect our common future. In a column today ...
Rockridge 02/09/2007 6 7 1 -
"Spiral of Death": How the Right Uses You to Attack PBS & NPR
The $2.9 trillion budget that the Bush administration proposed this week cuts the budget for public broadcasting by nearly 25 percent. The cuts have already prompted the reaction that the Bush ...
Rockridge 02/08/2007 26 18 2 145
Two Takes on the 'Firing' of the Edwards Two
Yesterday, a conservative Christian group demanded the firing of two bloggers hired by John Edwards' campaign based on claims that their past writings were vulgar and bigoted. Today, John Edwards ...
Rockridge 02/07/2007 109 20 - 9
Microsoft, Google, and the "Entitlement Mentality"
A member of Rockridge Nation recently alerted me to a column on assailing the "entitlement mentality." Its author, a hedge fund manager, ...
Rockridge 02/06/2007 27 43 2 90
Who will hire the next Molly Ivins?
As we mourn the passing this week of Molly Ivins, let us consider a young woman starting out today with the talent and promise that Molly showed when she began her career. In this time of media ...
Rockridge 02/02/2007 18 18 - 7
Fighting Words on Iraq and Climate Crisis
In recent years, many progressives have been learning that facts alone — without framing that conveys their context — are not enough. This lesson is forcefully demonstrated in cases in ...
Rockridge 02/01/2007 4 8 1 -
Must-Read Chalmers Johnson on 'Empire v. Democracy'
In an article published today, Chalmers Johnson, a former professor of Asian Studies and one-time consultant to the CIA, makes a persuasive argument that, "We are on the brink of losing our ...
Rockridge 01/31/2007 17 34 8 163
Your Top Concerns: Health Care Edition
With the changes in the leadership and priorities of Congress and with new health care plans emerging at the state level, there appears to be more room for discussion of what we should do to address ...
Rockridge 01/30/2007 25 12 - 8
A Truth Too Inconvenient for Schools?
What does an evangelical Christian in Federal Way, Washington have in common with the world's largest oil companies? Their influence on the public education curriculum, as demonstrated in two recent ...
Rockridge 01/26/2007 17 11 - 11
A Failure of Imagination?
Today, I would like to ask you to consider investing in a project that would create create two to four million jobs in the United States. The project I have in mind would also make our air and ...
Rockridge 01/25/2007 4 8 - -
Bush: "Still got some maturation to do"
No, that's not how the elder Bush describes W. It's how George W. Bush describes the government of Iraq in his interview with Jim Lehrer tonight on PBS. That remark is the latest of several recent ...
Rockridge 01/16/2007 10 13 1 -
"Framing, Death, and Democracy" by George Lakoff
We live in a time when comedians outdo pundits. Here's Jay Leno: "President Bush is expected to announce that he is now sending more troops to Iraq, despite the fact that ...
Rockridge 01/13/2007 10 22 2 7
Breaking! Our Armed Forces.
For decades, conservatives have railed against liberals as "weak on defense," content to let U.S. military readiness decline to dangerous levels. Such accusations over the nation's military readiness,
Rockridge 01/12/2007 14 23 1 6
Beyond the First 100 Hours: New George Lakoff Video
The Rockridge Institute has just released the first episode of our new Rockridge Nation Video Series, featuring George Lakoff and others discussing a progressive vision for America. ...
Rockridge 01/08/2007 6 20 1 7
"Building on the Progressive Victory" by George Lakoff
As the 110th Congress prepares to take office, the post-election tug-of-war for the soul of the Democratic Party continues, with DLC folks spinning the election as a victory for centrism and others ...
Rockridge 12/13/2006 104 244 34 48
"Staying the Course Right Over a Cliff" By George Lakoff
Rockridge 10/27/2006 14 15 1 21
"Reframing: Words to Reclaim" by George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute
Rockridge 10/24/2006 17 16 2 9
A Call for Progressive Unity By George Lakoff
Rockridge 10/12/2006 12 17 2 12
"Biconceptualism" By George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute
Rockridge 09/27/2006 10 4 2 -
They sent her son to Iraq and took away her right to vote
Rockridge 09/26/2006 30 36 2 7
What Would Real Election Integrity Mean?
Rockridge 09/25/2006 7 6 1 -
"Twelve Traps to Avoid" By George Lakoff and the Rockridge Institute
Rockridge 09/18/2006 197 203 44 15
The Rumsfeld Dilemma: Demand an Exit Strategy, Not a Facelift
Rockridge 09/15/2006 3 1 - 20
Five Years After 9/11: Drop the War Metaphor, by George Lakoff
Rockridge 09/11/2006 22 41 5 11
Whose Idea of Freedom Will Shape America's Future? By George Lakoff
Rockridge 07/06/2006 23 17 - 5
The Inconvenient Truth About Iraq, by George Lakoff
Rockridge 07/04/2006 182 230 16 52
George Bush is Not Incompetent!
by George Lakoff, Marc Ettlinger and Sam Ferguson
Rockridge 06/25/2006 414 520 102 145
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