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Ruby's Dream House
I first wrote about Ruby Corado on June 8, 2013...well, after a shorter mention of her in August of 2012 ...
rserven 05/23/2015 7
Tough Times in the Hate Business
I guess when you run a hate organization, you have to keep the perceived horrors involving what you hate in the news in order to keep those donations rolling in. I mean, the hate don't pay for ...
rserven 05/22/2015 28
Boulder mom steps up for her kids
Kai Mackenzie has two children. Both were assigned male at birth...but that didn't take. As a parent, Kai McKenzie admits it took years to understand what it meant to raise a transgender child. Kai´┐Ż
rserven 05/20/2015 15
A small but important detail
Last week the Senate Judiciary Committee in Illinois unanimously passed HB 3552, which is an amendment to the Disposition of Remains Act which would allow transgender people to provide written ...
rserven 05/19/2015 10
Barnes and Noble sued for wrongful termination
Victoria Ramirez put herself through college working for Barnes & Noble. She worked herself up the ladder from bookseller to merchandise manager at a store in Irvine, CA. But when she began ...
rserven 05/18/2015 19
Middle Schoolers will never get to Middle College if they think gender isn't binary
In a breakneck race with so many stupid folks, that scion of minor-league hate radio, Todd Starnes continues to suck up to the RW via his DIY psychological lemonade stand at Fox News to prop up pre-
annieli 05/17/2015 7
Transgender students and eating disorders
For the first time ever the American Health Association-National College Health Assessment survey allowed students to identify as transgender. Out of this effort emerged Gender Identity, Sexual ...
rserven 05/17/2015 12
Transgender Health Care
The American College of Physicians (ACP) is the second largest group pf medical doctors in the nation, behind the AMA. This past week the ACP has issued its positions on how best to support and ...
rserven 05/16/2015 17
PBS: The science of being our authentic selves
It is not unusual during the course of the day to discover someone who is totally invested in the idea that gender is totally determined by chromosomes and therefore accepting trans people for who ...
rserven 05/15/2015 15
PBS Newshour doing some excellent reporting on what it means to be transgender.
Regular watchers of PBS Newshour are accustomed to some excellent reporting, and I'd just like to draw attention to 2 recent examples. In my opinion, these are "must see" TV for anyone wanting to ...
ProgressiveDanNY 05/14/2015 5
Transgender women sue to donate plasma
Jasmine Kaiser has filed suit in King County, WA, Superior Court against CSL Plasma, Inc., a for profit company that pays donors for plasma as much as $200 a month because the company refused to let ...
rserven 05/13/2015 15
Miley Cyrus? Really?
Perhaps I should start off with a personal note. When I was living in Arkansas after my transition, I used to run a LGBT group out of my home: Conway Prism. Although the group was mainly ...
rserven 05/12/2015 86
SAVE Champion of Equality Awards
Last Friday, SAVE , a South Florida LGBT Equality group, presented its 2015 Campions of Equality recipients. This years recipients were Rodrigo, Heng-Lehtinen, donor services director for GLAAD, ...
rserven 05/11/2015 6

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