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Elizabeth Warren Podcast
Today on LeftAhead, we had the honor and privilege of hosting special guest and Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren . It was a full show, but we ...
Ryepower12 10/14/2011 3 8 1 77
Questions Media Didn't Ask about #OccupyBoston
Sometimes it's not just about what the media asks -- what they cover -- but what they don't cover and don't ask. Most of the issues over the coverage we saw, of what little coverage there was, ...
Ryepower12 10/11/2011 10 8 2 61
#OccupyBoston's Most Critical Night
Today, though you wouldn't know it from watching the MSM, 10,000 strong marched in solidarity across Boston and shut down the Charlestown Bridge. The people there were students, unions, seniors, the ...
Ryepower12 10/10/2011 21 121 4 538
A Picture Speaks: Nuclear Disaster in Boston?
Now, wait, I know what you're saying -- not another disaster post? This is not "disasterbation," as one commenter I read elsewhere call it. I do not enjoy the fact that we have a serious problem here,
Ryepower12 03/26/2011 15 15 - 165
Dear Parents, Please Save Your Freaking Kids From Massive Debt
One thing I never get about our country is why we don't make kids and teenagers truly know what things really cost. When I grew up -- and I don't think I was anywhere near alone -- I'd get thrown a $...
Ryepower12 01/11/2011 28 1 - 39
My cousin was killed by a concealed weapon
I used to hate admitting this happened to my family: My precious cousin, Laura, was murdered, her life taken before she ever really had the chance to live it -- at only 19 years old. To be truthful, ...
Ryepower12 07/05/2010 1432 271 2 62
Draft Harmony Wu; Ditch HCR-Backstabbing Rep. Lynch
For those who don't know me, I'm a political blogger and podcaster who covers Massachusetts politics. I thought I'd pop ...
Ryepower12 03/22/2010 23 23 1 54
Just Words: Obama Signs His Gay-Bone-Throw
Ryepower12 06/17/2009 156 10 - 16
Apologia: The Fierce Advocate Brigade
Like many, I found the opinion pushed by President Obama's Department of Justice re: ...
Ryepower12 06/16/2009 32 8 1 -
Help Me Attend Netroots Nation!
Hey everyone, I'm a trying to attend Netroots Nation and I need your help! I'm one of the 100 or so people trying to get a scholarship through Democracy for America as I can't otherwise afford to ...
Ryepower12 05/10/2009 7 5 - 7
Mooninites Admit to Causing Swine Flu
Claim to have brought pig back from homeworld BOSTON - Ignignokt and Err, the Mooninites responsible for ...
Ryepower12 05/01/2009 12 4 - 4
Craigslist CEO favors illegal sex! Moral panic!
The Globe's at it again . This time,
Ryepower12 04/23/2009 17 9 - 22
Craigslist is Very, Very Scary
According to the Boston Globe , if you use Craigslist, you may get hacked up into ...
Ryepower12 04/22/2009 106 28 1 46
Congressman Tierney (D-MA) on Government
Every progressive should watch this video. I went to a public forum that my (progressive) congressman, John Tierney, hosted in Lynn, Massachusetts -- formerly the nation's Shoe City, now clinging ...
Ryepower12 03/29/2009 2 1 1 18
Obama's Civil Union Stance Officially a Gimmick
There is a reason why President-Elect Obama has never offered up a good excuse as to why he doesn't support marriage equality for same-sex couples. Why? He supported full marriage equality for same-...
Ryepower12 01/13/2009 227 22 - 18
Yo, Reid, Senate: Go Nuclear
Years ago, the Republicans threatened to undo the ancient filibuster rules in the Senate. Back then, less informed and more traditional, such a notion seemed absurd to this blogger. How could the US ...
Ryepower12 10/31/2008 51 3 - 4
Ugh, Lou Dobbs on the Barbara West Biden Attack
Live on TV right now, Dobbs and his on-air minions are criticizing Biden for not answering Barbara West's "fair" and "professional" questions, and the minion was talking about 'well, why didn't he ...
Ryepower12 10/27/2008 84 13 1 25
Video: McCain's First Palin VP Interview!
It took a lot of effort to dig this up, but I found McCane's first live interview with Governor Palin, when he asked her to serve as his Vice Presidential Nominee. Without further ado...
Ryepower12 09/09/2008 5 4 - -
Podcast: Bikes for Your Transportation
Mike , Lynne and I yakked it up ...
Ryepower12 07/16/2008 14 6 - 5
Dragging Businesses, Kicking, Screaming, on Health Care
We'll call this a Massachusetts Case Study. Here's a little background info before we get to today's main point: dragging the business community along with us kicking and screaming. When ...
Ryepower12 07/15/2008 22 3 - 2
Why are Casinos like the Borg?
A) They both think resistance is futile. B) Their aims are so devious that they make you feel dirty inside. C) They both pick on easy targets. D) All of the above. Answers below the fold...
Ryepower12 07/09/2008 23 3 1 6
Ending Greyhound Racing Podcast
Listen live at 2:30 today, or over at LeftAhead anytime after the show. Here's the promo, from Mike:
Ryepower12 07/08/2008 11 3 - 4
The Dangers of Bottled Water
Environmental havoc, they wreak . Since ...
Ryepower12 07/07/2008 57 13 - 33
Listen in to Massachusetts Politics!
Two of the best bloggers in the Bay State Blogosphere - and I - have endeavored to bring the great people of Massachusetts and everyone else (whether they like it or not!) the best progressive ...
Ryepower12 05/08/2007 8 6 - 1
Let's REALLY draft Al Gore!
I've been a huge proponent of Al Gore for a while now. I think he's learned a lot since his defeat in 2000 and, more importantly, has become a person who transcends himself and truly represents an ...
Ryepower12 02/24/2007 127 22 - 7
Anthro at its Finest: Talking with College Republicans
One of the curious phenomenons of being a student at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth is the fact that, like most of the country, Young Republicans tend to outnumber the official college ...
Ryepower12 02/14/2007 10 5 - 3
MA - Let the People Vote... Or ELSE!
Note: this is mostly cross-posted at Ryan's Take , my blog that focuses on Bay State politics. However, it has national implications, especially in ...
Ryepower12 12/17/2006 49 8 - 62
If Mitt Romney Only Had a Heart
When a man's an empty kettle He should be on his mettle And yet I'm torn apart Just because I'm presumin' That I could be kind of human If I only had a heart ...
Ryepower12 12/01/2006 5 - - 12
The Boston Herald on Kerry's Joke: Laugable!!
Ryepower12 11/01/2006 15 1 - 12
Ma-Gov: Kerry Healey, "I'll Get You, My Pretty!"
Ryepower12 10/11/2006 3 2 - 10
Ma-Gov: Nasty Attacks Hypocritical (as Usual)
Ryepower12 10/10/2006 13 3 - 8
MA-Gov: Hope for Progressives Everywhere!
Ryepower12 09/12/2006 7 9 - 24
MA-SoS: My Interview with a Real Democrat
Ryepower12 09/06/2006 5 5 - 15
The Boston Globe Targets Deval Patrick
Ryepower12 08/20/2006 8 7 - 2
Democrats Swiftboating Democrats: Just Say No!
Ryepower12 08/10/2006 13 8 - 5
Democrats Swiftboating Democrats
Ryepower12 08/08/2006 26 25 1 56
Joe Lieberman and a Little Metaphor
Ryepower12 08/05/2006 16 1 - 3
MA-9: Media IGNORES the Race!! Outrageous!
Ryepower12 07/11/2006 13 8 1 11
One More Reason Massachusetts > New York (Gay Marriage!)
Ryepower12 07/06/2006 31 4 - 5
Why Do I Read Larry Sabato? Corruption ISN'T Bi-Partisan!!
Ryepower12 05/10/2006 6 2 - -
The Power of Words and Articulation in Winning Elections
Ryepower12 05/04/2006 55 28 10 152
New Evidence on Iran: Helping President Bush Declare War
Ryepower12 04/12/2006 23 20 - -
Deval Patrick, a true progressive candidate, at UMASS Dartmouth
Ryepower12 04/11/2006 8 5 - 1
Freaky Friday: The Gay Cure Website!
Ryepower12 04/07/2006 2 7 - -
US Beware: Mitt Romney Finally Has Something (Meaningful) to Talk About
Ryepower12 04/06/2006 23 1 1 -
New Bay State Ruling: Gay Marriage vs. Archaic Law.. Guess Which Wins?
Ryepower12 03/30/2006 9 2 - 1
Karl Rove Backstabbing Cheney's Office: What's Really Going On?
Ryepower12 03/27/2006 32 8 - -
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