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Dear Debbie... A note to the DNC Chair
Seriously, you can't ask that question like this:
SBucher 12/19/2014 274 545 13 -
Frameshop: The Ryan Budget - How to Talk About it
Every time we casually speak of the Ryan budget without including framing language, we miss an opportunity to mold public opinion. We can all cite facts and figures about the budget, but what ...
SBucher 09/15/2012 27 6 - 120
An Open Letter to My Surly Republican Friends
I am the regular co-host on the Nancy Nelson show on Wednesdays on AM950, broadcasting in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area of Minnesota. What follows is an open letter I wrote to Republicans,
SBucher 01/25/2012 185 902 45 3389
Frameshop: An Experiment in Crowd-Sourcing a Progressive Message
This diary is about framing, and about how Republicans do it well and Democrats do not. More importantly, it is about understanding why this is the case, why attempts to replicate GOP success do ...
SBucher 06/13/2011 10 21 2 122
How to Hit a Billion Dollar Curve Ball
Yesterday's party affiliation announcement by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has sent the blogs, the MSM, and political junkies everywhere into a frenzy of speculation. Having been a life-long ...
SBucher 06/20/2007 6 3 - 10
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