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2016 U.S. Senate Elections and Beyond: Compete Everywhere
This is a diary regarding potential Democratic candidates for the 2016 U.S. Senate elections and future cycles. It is my belief that we need to compete everywhere if for no other reason than to ...
SCDem4 01/17/2015 26 8 1 -
2014 State Executive Races to Send Your Campaign Dollars
Each election cycle, the main focus is on federal and gubernatorial races. But people often neglect to contribute to state executive offices because of so many other important races. These races are ...
SCDem4 08/23/2014 3 10 - -
South Carolina Democratic Party Rising Stars
A few weeks ago, someone in the DKE page asked who we thought were future higher office holders. I thought to instead make a diary of it so others can use it for future reference. I would ...
SCDem4 07/18/2014 33 25 - -
Potential Democratic Candidates in the 2016 Senate Elections
2016 is expected to be a great Democratic year, especially if Hillary Clinton is the party's Presidential nominee and the Republicans nominate a flawed candidate like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. In ...
SCDem4 05/25/2014 51 9 1 -
Complete Guide to South Carolina Races in 2014
This is your complete guide to South Carolina races in 2014. With two U.S Senate seats, the Governors chair, other statewide offices, and the State House all on the ballot, you can expect this to ...
SCDem4 04/06/2014 32 11 - -
Complete Analysis of the 2014 Senate Elections
This is the last diary of my analysis series. In this diary I cover the entire 2014 Senate elections. Analyzing each states potential of turning, or remaining Democratic. This year Democrats are ...
SCDem4 02/22/2014 134 31 2 -
Complete Analysis of the 2014 Gubernatorial Elections
In 2010 the Democratic Party lost many of its governorships due to the large Tea Party Wave. The Tea Party, however, has since lost its spark. People across the country are realizing that Tea Party ...
SCDem4 01/30/2014 46 30 2 -
First Diary- House Races to Watch in 2014
Hi! This is my first diary on DK. I'm an 18 year old gay democrat from SC-04. I've taken an interest in House races this year. I of course think we can take back the house if we fight hard like we ...
SCDem4 01/02/2014 15 14 - -
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