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The Mosque Offends Me (and that's MY problem)
Secular reflections on Islam, the Cordoba Mosque, and the meaning of liberty.
SCOTT IN DC 08/12/2010 202 11 - 56
"Because we are Democrats" A dispatch from the Gay DNC Protest (now with links to photos)
This is a dispatch from tonight's protest at the infamous Gay DNC fundraiser.
SCOTT IN DC 06/25/2009 39 30 1 58
An Open Letter to Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin
This open letter makes a straightforward appeal to Representatives Barney Frank and Tammy Baldwin, asking them to desist from lending their imprimatur, as our nation's most prominent gay officials, ...
SCOTT IN DC 06/22/2009 14 3 1 2
This is an action alert on the upcoming protest at the gay DNC fundraiser to take place this Thursday at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It includes a couple of useful links and, most importantly, a ...
SCOTT IN DC 06/21/2009 125 22 1 46
From Anger to Action on Gay Civil Rights
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a diary entry in the strictest sense - in that it is my private musing and somewhat self-indulgent for relating entirely to my own feelings. I am writing it to gain ...
SCOTT IN DC 06/16/2009 13 12 - 2
The best alternative to CNN for Convention Coverage
Great convention coverage by PBS.
SCOTT IN DC 08/26/2008 54 18 1 17
Hillary's Passion and Obama's 4 AM Call to Action
I really enjoyed alegre's recent diary, in which she makes a great point: that, underneath that poll-tested, carefully-managed and driven persona of La Clinton, there lies the beating heart of a ...
SCOTT IN DC 01/08/2008 34 13 - -
In Which Obama Stands up to Osama, and I go Weak in the Knees
Obama sent a thrill up this liberal's spine when he talked tough against Pakistan. The spastic sputtering by lefty bloggers makes me wonder if the right wing demagogues don't actually have a point ...
SCOTT IN DC 08/05/2007 62 13 - 1
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