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Mesa Az. Fire Department taking medical first response to a new level
I am an ex volunteer/paid firefighter and, like many things it gets in the blood. Although not active, on occasion I still look at "industry" news. Today I came across this interesting article ...
SQD35R 02/21/2014 22 25 - -
Any ideas to help stop a small community from being annexed by a city for a developer's profit?
A small, but growing unincorporated community in Riverside County, California is being threatened by annexation by a neighboring city in order for a developer to get lower cost permits and quicker ...
SQD35R 10/09/2013 11 5 - -
McDonalds workers in NYC on strike
McDonalds and Yum brands (KFC, PaPa Johns, and Burger King) went on strike today for union formation and better pay. Union is a good idea but I am not sure if 15 dollars an hour is aiming a bit too ...
SQD35R 04/04/2013 5 4 1 -
Firefighters describe the Tucson Shooting
As some of you know I was in the fire department for a short time. I still get emails from one of the "industry" magazines. Right now the magazine (Firehouse) is sponsoring a fire service ...
SQD35R 02/21/2013 9 28 - -
A History of Coal Museum is installing 200 solar panel to save costs. Of course it is not in the US but in Britian. The museum manager stated that it will save over 650,000 in energy cost in the 25 ...
SQD35R 12/19/2012 2 - - -
An interesting example of a neo-con fire department
I found this comment on an old comment thread regarding firefighting aircraft. The discussion leading to this comment was concerning how firefighting aircraft (the tankers you see dropping water ...
SQD35R 05/15/2012 3 7 - 145
Remember the early birth control fighters
I just ran across this article and thought it important with all the discussion of limiting access (actually removing access) to birth control: early fighter I honestly never heard of Mr. Baird, ...
SQD35R 04/09/2012 9 5 1 81
Yes, let's cut Fire Services!!!
Scary video that was shot in Michigan at a burning cleaners. (after the wonderful commerical, sorry)
SQD35R 03/30/2012 13 6 - 96
White Supremacist for sheriff in Idaho
Just a quick note, this came up on the internet a couple of hours ago. get out the vote against. I am sure that he "won't discriminate on the job". He will just make sure that the criminals he ...
SQD35R 03/20/2012 12 1 - 59
New video found of Challenger explosion
Ran across this and thought the DKos community may want to see this. I remember being a senior in high school and working in the library for a morning class period and watching this on a tv. Very ...
SQD35R 03/09/2012 25 12 - 384
Skynet is almost here.
I just got sent this link to a Washington Post blog. The video is cool in a technology sense, but scary in a "Terminator" kind of way.
SQD35R 02/02/2012 15 8 - 207
private citizian using "drone" finds river of blood
An person flying a remote control plane equipped with a camera found a "river of blood" flowing out of a meat packing plant in Texas. The pilot ended up calling the Texas Environmental Crimes Task ...
SQD35R 01/24/2012 54 38 - 380
Firefighters = Police at 4 AM
This may be old news and discussed here before but I found this interesting article in, a website (from the magazine of that name) that is an "industry" magazine for fire departments. ...
SQD35R 07/20/2011 5 - - 85
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