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Fiscal Cliff My Ass, The "Shock" is Worth The Drop! In this article I describe the real genesis behind the so called nonsense of The Fiscal Cliff and its ...
Sabre11 12/31/2012 3 1 - -
The Republican Presidential Debates, A Parody
No time like the present to bring a little MORE levity to the campaign just now getting underway. It is difficult to imagine a more outrageous bunch of klowns, each of whom believing that they ...
Sabre11 12/26/2011 3 1 - 36
TeaBagger Violence Directed At Counter Protesters
The Tea Party people and their esteemed list of speakers and of course CORPORATE AND LOBBYIST Sponsors were not without opposition. My wife who displayed tremendous courage in standing fast against ...
Sabre11 04/18/2011 15 15 1 363
 A National Nursing Leader's Position On National Health Reform Legislation
A validating article by nationally known nursing leader Rose Ann DeMoro on the recently passed health reform (so-called), legislation with comments by ARNP, former congressional candidate and Single ...
Sabre11 03/27/2010 11 1 2 39
Health INSURANCE Faux Reform Vote And Political Pretenses
Press Release 21March 2010 John Russell, 2006-08 Democratic Nominee U.S. House Dist. 5, Fl. So How Does "THIS" Benefit ME? I have no inside knowledge as to just how this ...
Sabre11 03/21/2010 68 4 1 34
St. Petersburg Voters Elect "Establishment Puppet" for Mayor Bill Foster "Flintstone" did not need to go negative in view of the St. Petersburg Times, WMNF, ...
Sabre11 11/05/2009 8 1 - 17
Rep. Alan Grayson Under Fire Again For Speaking The TRUTH!
Rep. Alan Grayson was again under fire from the St. Petersburg Times this week for once more speaking the TRUTH about the sordid state of affairs that is our Health Insurance Industry and the ...
Sabre11 10/22/2009 6 9 1 135
Tampa! "A Health Care Event to Inspire..."Action Over Hope!"
Dear Friends in Tampa, Florida and vicinity, (From John Russell on FaceBook) You are hereby invited to participate in... "A Health Care Event to Inspire..."Action Over Hope!" Organized by the ...
Sabre11 10/06/2009 5 9 1 25
TAMPA Counter Protest Anti_Health Reform Nuts Rep. Castor's Office Sat 8/22/09 10:30
A recently formed group, (a "Think Tank" according to Tom Jackson Tampa Tribune) has organized a protest against Health Reform Tomorrow, Saturday 8/22/09 beginning at 11:00 AM John Russell a leader ...
Sabre11 08/21/2009 10 9 - 15
Rep. Kathy Castor Fl 11 "Could" Be A Leader On Health Reform If?
John Russell attempted to reach Congresswoman Castor several times over the past few days with his emailed reply to her attempt to use the Health Care Town Hall antics of this past week as a means ...
Sabre11 08/10/2009 12 - - 157
Progressive Democrat John Russell Addresses Teabaggers
Tea Party Video: Progressive Democrat John Russell Addresses New Port Richey Fl Conservative Rally! John Russell, 2006 and 2008 Democratic nominee for ...
Sabre11 04/16/2009 7 - - 21
Tampa PBS Affiliate WEDU Bows To Protect Incumbency
Let the voters decide... whether they want to listen to congressional candidates UNFILTERED... or listen to a bunch of establishment pundits give their opinion in an effort directed at manipulating ...
Sabre11 10/13/2008 4 4 - 82
The Singing Congressman Is A Com'n November4, 2008
West Central Florida is key to victory in Florida for the Democratic ticket in 2008. In Florida's sprawling 5th Congressional District we have a true progressive candidate who is intelligent, well ...
Sabre11 09/23/2008 - 2 - 5
John Russell, (D) FL 5th CD On ENERGY, Chronicle Editorial Board Video
John Russell a populist progressive is running to unseat NeoCon Moron Ginny Brown-Waite in 2008... John was the Democratic nominee in 2006 and with the dramatic shift in public opinion due to all ...
Sabre11 08/07/2008 3 - - 12
Dr Martin Luther King Jr. III Letter to John Edwards
John Edwards had a private meeting with the late Dr. Martin Luther King's eldest son this past Saturday. I believe that all people interested in the future of this nation should take a moment, ...
Sabre11 01/22/2008 9 12 1 68
The Master Plan
Obama is a distraction... Always has been , from the getgo. So have Dodd, Biden, Richardson and Kucinich for that matter also. The Establishment put Barack up to give that speech at the 2004 ...
Sabre11 01/05/2008 18 1 - -
Nations Leading Economists Endorse John Edwards For President
Leading Economists are endorsing John Edwards in a Press Release from the Edwards Campaign dated today. Economists pick Edwards because ...
Sabre11 01/02/2008 174 330 10 58
"Rise Up America" With John Edwards Winning Message for Working Americans
Edwards Making Closing Argument in Iowa--And Why The Media Doesn't Get It John Edwards is making his closing argument with the voters of Iowa--and the media elites are having a hard time trying to ...
Sabre11 12/20/2007 10 21 - 9
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